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Extra Joy, also known as Super Attack (必殺技 Hissatsu Waza?), Super Move, and Mega Crash (メガクラッシュ?), is a gameplay mechanic in the Final Fight games.

Description Edit

In Final Fight, all the characters have an attack that consumes part of their life, but which in turn makes a special attack that hits either direction.

By pressing the B button, the character will make a single attack that can attack enemies in any direction.

Many characters from Final Fight who appear playable in the Street Fighter games bring their Extra Joy as a Special Attack (e.g. Guy's Bushin Senpukyaku, Cody's Double Kick).

Extra Joys Edit

Tactics Edit

All Extra Joys serve to do the same thing: escape from enemy pressure. However, if the attack connects, the character will lose a small amount of life.

If a character's life is at the end of the lifebar, Extra Joys cannot be used.

Trivia Edit

Usfiv-omega-cody-3 mega crash

Cody's Mega Crash.

Gallery Edit

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