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This is a list of quotes used by F.A.N.G.

Street Fighter VEdit

Character Selection Edit

  • "How about a double dose of poison?!"

Intro Edit

  • "Two minutes! I'll finish you in two minutes!"
  • "Nye, heh, heh! I've found the perfect test subject!" (Training Mode)
  • "Today I will work hard for Lord Bison!" (Training Mode)

Round Victory Edit

  • "This is how number two rolls!"
  • (with 20% of health or less) "Nrgh... Well, we passed round two."

Round Loss Edit

  • "My Lord Bison!"
  • "Uwahhh!!!" (M. Bison, story mode)
  • "How...dare you..." (crumple KO)

Taunt Edit

  • "Oh, my my! It looks like you're already choking!"

Stunned Edit

  • "...dizzy...dizzy...dizzy..."

Personal Actions Edit

  • "You're an eyesore!"
  • "Take the poison!"

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "Don't underestimate my poison! But I guess it's a little too late to say that... Hee, hee!"
  • "This is all for Lord Bison! Any who stand in my way will die to my posion!"
  • "Not bad for a small fry. Perhaps some reconditioning will strenghten you!"
  • "I didn't even get to use my better moves! I could have won with only one finger!"
  • "Nye, he, he, he!"

Versus Mode (character-specific) Edit

  • "What's this? Not even a legendary fighter like you can match the great F.A.N.G's poison! How amusing!"
  • "Well, you're not exactly ideal, but you'll make fine fodder for my next experiment."
  • "Well, if it isn't the deserter! Just in time for his execution!"
  • "I caught myself a killer bee! My experiments are about to get a lot more interesting!"
  • "If you plan on taking revenge on Lord Bison, I'll kill you again!"
  • "You'll make a fun experiment! I must test how far can you stretch!"
  • "Nothing but a poorly made impostor! You're 2 millimeters too short!"
  • "You still don't get it, do you? There's nothing you fools can do!"
  • "A solitary, ill-fated ninja... Maybe I can "repurpose" you into something a little stronger!"
  • "What a coincidence! I love to see people suffering, too!"
  • "Ugly Kanzuki brat! Now you can't run that little mouth of yours again!"
  • "Fear not! The Masters estate belongs to Shadaloo now!"
  • "You're not Lord Bison, you're an imposter! Did you think I wouldn't realize?!"
  • "Want to know where your friend is? Try asking around in hell!"
  • "You dare to defy my poison fist? You're just as mindless as you look!"
  • "Finally, I have obtained a vessel capable of enduring Lord Bison's power!"
  • "You don't deserve to stand by Lord Bison's side! Get out of here!"
  • "You'll never stand a chance against me with your big body and muscles alone!"

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