Fat Jack

Artwork of Fat Jack

Fat Jack and Arby are Final Fight characters who first appeared in the Capcom game Final Fight 3. They are some of the minor enemy characters who face the player characters.


Fat Jack and Arby are heavily overweight thugs who wear fingerless gloves and sleeveless shirts with lighter jackets and shorts. Fat Jack has a mohawk (and a five o'clock shadow in promotional artwork), and Arby has a beard and mustache and wears a bandanna on his head. They prefer to go barefoot and are never seen wearing shoes.

Fighting styleEdit

Fat Jack and Arby usually move slowly and attack by slapping enemies at close range. However, they have a large amount of health and can close with enemies quickly when they charge in with a shoulder tackle.



Fat Jack (FF3) Model Arby (FF3) Model


  • The two are named after fast food chains; while Arby is named after the roast beef sandwich chain, Fat Jack is a take on the Australian chain Hungry Jack's, which is known elsewhere as Burger King.
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