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This is a list of quotes used by Fei Long.

Street Fighter II series Edit

Super Street Fighter II Edit

  • "You must learn to block or my speed will always overcome you!"
  • "You trained to be a great loser! Now you must learn to fight!"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival Edit

  • "You are also strong...but not strong enough!"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Edit

  • "Water can flow, or it crash! Be water, my friend!"
  • "Remembering why you lost is sometimes more important than winning."
  • "If you reach the top of the mountain, find yet another."
  • "We're equals in skill, but I had luck on my side!"

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

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Street Fighter IV series Edit

Street Fighter IVEdit

Rival DialogueEdit

Abel: "Hey, you're Fei Long! Would you fight me?"

Fei Long: "If you insist."

Abel: "Seriously?"

Fei Long: "I won't repeat myself!"


  • "I lost..."

Personal ActionEdit

  • "You can't handle the Kung Fu!"
  • "Hoooo-ah!"
  • "Who wants some 'Fu?"
  • "Hmph... Weak."
  • "That's it?"
  • "I'll show you what I can do."
  • "Tsk, tsk, tsk."
  • "This'll be quick."
  • "Boring!"


  • "There is no way you can ever knock me out!"

Round Win QuotesEdit

  • "Never had a chance!"
  • "The limits you feel are all in your head. Ignore them!"
  • "Don't contemplate, perceive."
  • "Hitenryu's invincible!"
  • "And that's that!"

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "Are you really that slow or are you just messing around?"
  • "My Kung Fu is invincible!"
  • "A true genius makes use of their natural abilities! You just can't compete!"
  • "Float like a moth! Sting like a hornet!"
  • "You don't even have the skills to work as an extra!"
  • "Hurry up and get back on your feet! I'm not done with you yet!"
  • "You just don't have the fighting spirit!"
  • "Life's too short to waste time making excuses!"
  • "Not even close!"
  • "You'd better sharpen your skills! At this rate, you'll never beat me!"
  • "Quit holding back! Let out your inner strength!"

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "That was a tough one! You actually made me break out in a cold sweat!"
  • "Surely, you didn't become a champion with weak punches like that!"
  • "Your kicks are serious business!"
  • "Leave your toys at home and come at me with your real fists next time!"
  • "For an old man, you sure are one heck of a foe!"
  • "Hmm... You resemble someone I know..."
  • "What they say about you is true! Your moves cut through the air like a knife!"
  • "It'll take more than a thick layer of body fat to protect you from my kicks!"
  • "What do you think of my flame technique?"
  • "Your mockery of true power isn't enough to beat me, evil one!"
  • "Maybe you should go see a psychiatrist if you're such a worrywart."
  • "You're huge, man! Huge!"
  • "You could be even stronger if you adopted my technique!"
  • "I hope I taught you a lesson! Evil never pays!"
  • "There are more important things in this world than a pretty face!"

Super Street Fighter IV Edit


"Let's see... We have the men who attacked our production crew... Someone pressuring the film's sponsors to pull out... And the scandal resulting from the script that hit a little too close to home... They all point to the same thing: The arms company S.I.N. and its devious CEO, Seth. You use intimidation and even murder to get your way. But I'll put a stop to that! I'm sorry, sir. Please don't worry about me. I simply cannot cower and hide in the shadows when I can do something about this. I promise I'll return in time for the shoot. Let the crew know I'll be back."


Abel: "Fei Long".

Fei Long: "It's you... Your name was Abel, right?"

Abel: "Listen, I had a talk with your manager. He told me you're investigating Seth and his recent demise."

Fei Long: "I am. Why? Do you have information for me?"

Abel: "That depends. I want to make sure you know what you're getting into. S.I.N.'s relationship with Shadaloo is dangerous. Deadly, even."

Fei Long: "Hmm. Not a problem."

Abel: "You know, I had a feeling you'd say that. So, let's get down to business. Where should I begin?"


Before using GekirinkenEdit

  • "Come at me from whatever direction you like!"

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "Too weak!"
  • "Maybe I should set up a dojo to promote Hitenryu..."
  • "When all's said and done, the winner is decided by the strength of one's spirit!"
  • "There's no time to stop! Gotta keep moving!"
  • "Don't make excuses for your loss! Go train and try again!"
  • "Life is too short to waste time not trying your best!"
  • "Kung fu is invincible!"
  • "Stand up! This is no time for a nap!"
  • "Too slow!"
  • "It takes more than that to satisfy me! Come back after some training!"
  • "We could both use some more training!"

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "Looks like I was just too fast for you!"
  • "You're nothing special. Just a run-of-the-mill street punk!"
  • "Keep your mind on the fight or don't bother stepping into the ring!"
  • "Can't fight me if you're too busy messing with those gadgets of yours!"
  • "Nice reach, but you just don't have the speed to back it up!"
  • "Thanks for showing me what a real boxer can do!"
  • "Looks like sumo just can't compare to my skills!"
  • "How can you be so strong at your age?"
  • "Just how many of you Hadoken-throwers are there, anyway?"
  • "You look calm and collected, but hide a raging beast inside! I'm impressed!"
  • "You're fast! And strong! You just don't have the spirit I do!"
  • "You've got nerve coming at me covered in oil when I've got fire moves!"
  • "Sorry, but I don't have time to mess around with kids!"
  • "I hope I taught you a lesson or two about fire safety!"
  • "I can't just let a villain like you walk away!"
  • "I'm impressed, kid! Keep training and you've got a bright future!"
  • "No need to worry about the future!"
  • "No need for words. In fact, shut up already, will ya?"
  • "Stay away from my film crew! Next time I won't let you off so easy!"
  • "If you've got something important to do, don't let me stop you!"
  • "If you're so handsome, why aren't you in the movies?"
  • "At the end of the day, all those muscles are nothing more than meat!"


  • "I've never fought someone so... cold."
  • "Flexibility is important in kicking. But you need power to back it up!"
  • "Not sure I agree with your message, but you get points for enthusiasm!"

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