Fighting EX Layer is the working title for an upcoming fighting game being developed by Arika. The game is planned to be a spiritual successor to the company's previous fighting games, the Street Fighter EX series and Fighting Layer. The game will be released in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, with a limited beta test period at the end of 2017.


The gameplay retains many of the mechanics from Arika's previous fighting games, such as Super Cancels, with the addition of running and the ability to sidestep. The fights take place in closed arenas, which also vary in size and width.



A gameplay video was released on April 1st 2017 (April Fools' Day) as a way to hide the game's announcement.[1] It was later confirmed that the game is indeed in development, and an event was held where the game could be beta tested.[2] The current build is a proof-of-concept and it doesn't have a publisher yet. An official trailer was shown at EVO 2017.




【60fps動画版】2017年4月1日 そんなんアリカ公開配信会場にて『対戦会』実施!!02:01

【60fps動画版】2017年4月1日 そんなんアリカ公開配信会場にて『対戦会』実施!!

New EX Fighting Layer game test footage02:12

New EX Fighting Layer game test footage. Garuda vs Kairi

Fighting Layer EX - EVO 2017 Trailer feat01:50

Fighting Layer EX - EVO 2017 Trailer feat. Skulomania & Darun - PS4

The Mysterious Fighting Game (Title Still Undecided) Allen Snider00:22

The Mysterious Fighting Game (Title Still Undecided) Allen Snider



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