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Not to be confused with M. Bison's Street Fighter EX forms; Bison II and Shin-Bison.

Final Bison, known as Final Vega (ファイナルベガ Fainaru Bega?) in Japan, is the final boss of Street Fighter Alpha 3. This is the form M. Bison takes when his Psycho Power is at maximum level.


Final Bison is similar to regular M. Bison in terms of appearance. The most noticeable difference is the he emits far more of his purple Psycho Power aura.

He is playable only in the console versions of Alpha 3, however, like Shin Akuma, he does not have his own slot on the character select screen and instead can be selected by choosing regular M. Bison with the Select button.

In Street Fighter V, M. Bison's has a Final Bison alternate costume, depicting him completely consumed by Psycho Power.


In Street Fighter Alpha 3, the player will face against Final Bison in the end of the single-player mode (except when playing as Bison himself, Balrog, Juli, or Juni, in which case Ryu will be the last opponent, and Evil Ryu, who fights Shin Akuma instead). Final Bison differs from the regular version of M. Bison in that he uses a fighting style similar to X-ism dubbed Shadaloo-ism (or S-ism).

Final Bison has access to all of the special moves his regular self uses in A-ism, with more powerful basic moves and a new Super Combo dubbed Final Psycho Crusher (aside from the Knee Press Nightmare his regular self uses in A-ism mode), which fills the whole screen with a devastating streak of blue energy. It is also much faster and stronger than its normal counterpart, cannot be blocked in the air, and inflicts severe block damage; it is the most powerful move in the game.

In Arcade Mode, the player is not allowed to continue after losing a match against Final Bison; instead, the game will play a bad ending. He also has a different theme song compared to his regular counterpart, dubbed "Brave or Grave".

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