Final Fight 2 (ファイナルファイト2 Fainaru Faito Tsū?), released in 1993, is the second game in the Final Fight series, set in the Street Fighter universe. Unlike the original Final Fight, Final Fight 2 was never released in the arcade and was instead developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Story Edit

After Belger's demise in the previous game, the Mad Gear Gang withdraws from Metro City, leading the heroes of Metro City to believe them finished. As a result, Cody and Jessica go on a vacation and Guy disappears to train, while Mayor Mike Haggar returns to his duties of office. However the Mad Gear reinvents itself as an international criminal ring and while Guy is away training, kidnaps Guy's girlfriend Rena and her father Genryusai. Rena's sister Maki calls Haggar for help, informing him that she has a lead that the Mad Gear are in Hong Kong. Mike agrees to meet her there and the martial artist currently studying under him, Carlos Miyamoto, volunteers to help as well, stating that he owes Haggar and Guy.[1]

The trio arrive in Hong Kong and soon smash the Mad Gear operation there, interrogating the local ringleader Won Won who informs them that Mad Gear's base of operations had been moved to Europe, and that Rena and Genryusai were taken there. They head to Europe and break up operations in several countries there until encountering Rolento in Italy. After being defeated, Rolento informs them that if they want Rena and Genryusai they must travel back to Japan to fight his master, however that master is the most powerful man in the world and they will surely die.[1]

They follow the trail to Japan where they finally confront the new head of Mad Gear, Retu, while Rena and Genryusai hang suspended from a rope. Maki kicks him out a window to his death, echoing Belger's fate. The two hostages thank their rescuers and Rena sends Guy a letter asking him to finish his training soon.[1]

Gameplay Edit

The game can be played by up to two players simultaneously, with each player controlling a different character. Before the game begins, the player chooses between the three main characters:

Each has his or her own fighting style and attributes. Maki is the weakest but has faster attacks, Haggar is the strongest but also the slowest, and Carlos has all-round attributes.

The controls consists of the d-pad and two buttons for attacking and jumping. The player character can move in any of the eight directions, but can only face and attack to the left or right like in most beat-'em-ups. Pressing both buttons simultaneously performs a special move that attacks in both directions, though it uses a little health. Players can also grab and throw opponents, as well as use various weapons such as 2x4s and nightsticks.

Rounds Edit

Final Fight consists of six stages or "rounds", as well as two bonus rounds. Each round takes place in a different country, with most rounds featuring more than one level. At the end of each round the player will face a boss character unique to that round. The rounds and bosses are:[1]

Differences Between Versions Edit

The game underwent changes for versions released outside of Japan. The list below addresses the major ones:

  • Won Won no longer wields a meat cleaver.
  • Mary and Eliza were replaced with Leon and Robert.

Trivia Edit

  • Chun-Li can be seen eating at a restaurant in the background of the first round.[1]
  • Guile can be seen watching the fighting in the background of the second round.[1]


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Official ArtEdit

To view all official character artwork, see: Official Art.



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