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The Flying Barcelona Attack (フライングバルセロナアタック Furaingu Baruseronna Attaku?) and Izuna Drop (イズナドロップ Izuna Doroppu?) are two of Vega's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter II series.

Input (all appearances)
Initial: Flying Barcelona Attack Arcade Stick CDU + Arcade Button Kick
Follow-up: Follow-up Attack Arcade Button Punch
Follow-up: Izuna Drop Arcade Stick Left or Arcade Stick Right + Arcade Button Punch


Executed by charging down and then pressing up and kick, Vega will leap towards the edge of the screen and kick-jump off of it high into the air and towards his opponent. Which side of the screen Vega jumps to is also determined by the direction pressed for "up": diagonal up-right will take him to the righthand wall, while diagonal up-left will take him to the lefthand wall. Up alone will merely take him to the wall furthest from the opponent.

If no further input is entered, Vega lands harmlessly; however, if a punch button is pressed, Vega will perform one of the two attacks depicted below.

Follow-up AttackEdit

Vega flying barcelona attack

The Flying Barcelona Attack in the Street Fighter IV series.

If punch is pressed alone or at any sort of distance from the opponent, Vega executes a follow-up attack, in which he will angle himself upside-down and slash viciously at his opponent.

Izuna DropEdit


Izuna Drop sprite from the Street Fighter II series.

On the other hand, if punch AND a direction (left or right) is pressed, Vega proceeds to perform the Izuna Drop, where he will grab an nearby opponent (airborne or otherwise) around the waist and slam them head-first into the ground.

Additional DetailsEdit

In earlier games in the Street Fighter II series, if Vega performs this move on his own stage, he will jump and cling onto onto the cage positioned in the stage's background, instead of towards the edge of the screen. From here the player has (limited) control of the direction in which Vega climbs around the cage, before jumping off after a preset time and performing the move as normal. While attached to the cage, Vega is completely invulnerable to attack.

The EX Special version introduced in the Street Fighter IV series strikes the opponent if Vega touches them on the way up, The EX Special's follow up hits twice, and the initial hit sends the foe into the air for a surefire Izuna Drop if so desired.


The attack is somewhat predictable, but its long startup resembles that of the Sky High Claw up until Vega kicks off the edge of the screen. In addition to having two attacks to choose from, after he kick-jumps off the wall, his position can be controlled in order to fake out the opponent. Cross-ups are possible to perform with the slash follow-up.


  • Its name is based on the capital city of Catalonia, Barcelona.




Vega Barcelona Attack 00:18

Vega Barcelona Attack

Vega's Flying Barcelona Attack and its followups.

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