The Flying Power Bomb (フライングパワーボム Furaingu Pawaa Bomu?) is one of Zangief's special attacks, introduced in Super Street Fighter II.

All appearances Arcade Stick 360 + Arcade Button Kick


Executed by performing a full-circle motion and pressing kick, Zangief performs one of two different grabs depending on his distance from the opponent. At most distances, Zangief stretches his arms out like a bear, then rushes a short distance towards his opponent, attempting to grab them. If successful, Zangief grabs the opponent by the shoulders and jumps, then slams them head-first into the ground. In the Street Fighter IV series, its visual execution is somewhat changed, in which upon reaching his opponent, Zangief slaps the opponent's head in a downwards motion (causing no damage at all) in order to force them into kneeling before the actual move happens.

If the input is executed while Zangief is close to the opponent, he instead performs the Atomic Suplex (アトミックスープレックス Atomikku Suupurekkusu?). Stepping behind his opponent, he grabs them around the waist and lifts them up ("Too late!"), falling backwards while he does in order to drive them head-first into the ground; still holding onto his opponent's waist, he then flips and jumps, repeating the maneuver from mid-air. Despite its name, this move more closely resembles a German/Belly-To-Back Suplex. The name may have been changed to associate with Zangief's Russian ethnicity. Guile has a similar throw.

Both inflict large amounts of damage, and are also unblockable grab attacks. The EX Special version has Zangief run faster, with Super Armor, and cover almost half of the screen; the EX Atomic Suplex has longer reach, no startup time, and executes faster. Both throws deal double their normal damage.

In Street Fighter EX2 and EX3, Zangief can also perform the Bear Hug by doing the input while far from the opponent, and pressing Punch as he gets close. If he's successful, he'll grab the opponent and hold them while crushing them against his body.


The Flying Power Bomb should be used intelligently, as it can easily be avoided and puts Zangief at high risk of being countered (unless the EX Special is used); it is a useful option against a cornered or dizzy opponent. The Atomic Suplex, in a similar fashion to his Spinning Piledriver, can be used to beat most incoming close-range attacks.


MZAtomic Suplex

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