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Welcome to the watercooler. This is a place for community discussion about the Street Fighter Wiki. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "add new topic".

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TopicLast EditLast Author
NPCs and Capcom fighters tied to SF you would like playable03:53, November 24, 2016155.4.135.92
Streetfighter history questions23:16, June 25, 2015Mask no Oni
SFV Character Predictions04:08, June 16, 201537.123.160.46
How do I use costumes that I've purchased18:28, March 21, 2015Rare Hunter
Your wanted SFV fighters12:14, March 13, 20155.150.244.20
What does "C" stand for when you win a round?01:01, December 23, 2014Lord Grammaticus
Is there the slightest chance that Cammy killed Juri's parents?10:02, October 8, 2014DashXero
SSF2 beginner help, please.16:57, March 31, 2014Sindaruss
Alignment?00:21, March 19, 2014Lord Grammaticus
Kenpo23:18, April 23, 201272.172.26.180
T. Hawk's nationality23:18, October 2, 201194.70.97.90
Customizable skin17:33, November 7, 2010Angie Y.
Top 6 characters you would want in a third SFIV installment02:16, August 20, 2010TommygunAl
Guild18:34, August 16, 2010Marexl
SFA2 "Beginner" characters19:33, May 12, 2010HavocReaper48
M.Bison vs Juri question.00:41, May 11, 2010Dsimp669
"Beginner" characters?21:24, May 1, 2010HavocReaper48
If they made a 3rd Strike HD Remix...23:45, April 21, 2010HavocReaper48
Gouken's Denjin Hadouken09:24, January 29, 2010Evilsbane
Should the Final Fight series be incorporated into this Wiki?23:47, December 22, 2009SuperTiencha
Whoever's adding all these Marvel Vs Capcom characters...19:03, November 8, 2009Evilsbane
Can someone who speaks japanese tell me what this is saying?23:13, October 29, 2009Evilsbane
Why isnt T. Hawk, of all characters, in Street Fighter IV?18:04, October 29, 2009Evilsbane
Is it just me?22:09, July 31, 2009OutcastBOS
SF Movies21:23, June 18, 200985.144.149.125
Final/Ultra Atomic Buster not so hidden technique19:29, May 27, 2009Bloodabeast
Shin Goku Satsu-New Method?18:38, May 27, 2009Bloodabeast
Help in identifying a Street Fighter game...17:21, March 4, 2009Richard1990
New parser18:11, February 10, 2009Richard1990
Zero06:09, September 15, 2008Kaihedgie
Attention to all users who edit this Wiki22:01, July 3, 2008Phobos-Romulus
X-Women VS Street Fighter!16:21, June 29, 2008Marexl
Welcome to the watercooler05:11, November 14, 2007Default

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