The Fuharenkyaku (風破連脚 Fuuharenkyaku?, "Wind Breaking Chain Leg") is one of Juri's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.


Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Kick

Description Edit

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Juri gathers some dark energy in her foot as she swings it. The move is similar to Fuhajin, one of Juri's special moves in Super Street Fighter IV that is actually executed performing the same input. However, in this game of Street Fighter Series, the move seems to have completely different properties. The move cannot be held as it used to and is immediately stored. Each Kick input stores a different kind of attack that is obvious on the bottom of the screen -next to the V-Trigger gauge. After storing, if the same move is performed, the character releases one of the stored attackes, depending on the kick input pressed. In addition, the stored attacks can be released in a string, by performing quickly the same attack with different kick inputs in the row, regardless of the row of the kick inputs .

All types of Fuharenkyaku are stored:

The light version of Fuharenkyaku releases a projectile that travels along the ground at a low height and allows it to get under any projectile (exactly the same way it used to act in SSF IV).

The medium kick version makes Juri jump and strike a vertical kick while landing.

The high kick version hits twice as Juri performes two horizontal kicks.

The EX special version hits four times and knocks down the opponent. It seems like Juri executes the Fuharenkyaku attacks as she does after storing, but in a particular row: LK-HK-MK.

During V-trigger, the Fuharenkyaku attacks cannot be stored, but are executed immediately, depending on the kick input pressed. The attacks seem to have the same animation. the LK version releases the projectile that travels along the ground; this time, it travels much farther and faster and it deals 2 hits of damage.

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