The Galactic Tornado (銀河トルネード Ginga Toruneedo?, "Galaxy Tornado") is one of Rufus's special attacks, introduced along with him in Street Fighter IV. It has a much more powerful version that serves as his second Ultra Combo, and serves as the Super Charge for the move in Street Fighter X Tekken.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch


Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Rufus will spin like a top, going towards his opponent, while calling the attack's name. He will then finish off by throwing an elegant palm strike at the opponent's midsection at the end of the spin, knocking them down.

The horizontal distance and duration of the spin are determined by the punch button pressed: light punch version causes a very brief spin while medium and heavy punch versions allow Rufus to move toward his opponent while spinning by holding forward. The move has Armor Break properties as well.

The EX Special version is stationary but creates a "vacuum effect" which drags the opponent towards Rufus, no matter the horizontal distance; he also performs its final palmstrike with a different pose that inflicts more damage ("This is gonna smart!"). Street Fighter X Tekken grants the attack wall bounce properties as well.


Each spin of the move can negate projectiles and hit as well as the palmstrike, which can also be chained into a Space Opera Symphony. This move is mainly used for approach against zoners, as well as applying a good form of pressure during blockstrings, due to its multiple-hit nature.




Street Fighter 4 Rufus - Galactic Tornado00:19

Street Fighter 4 Rufus - Galactic Tornado

A demonstration of the Galactic Tornado.

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