A glitch is a programming error in which lines of coding get mixed up and cause weird things to happen in-game. More often than not, a glitch can cause a game freeze or crash. One notable example of a glitch was the Golden Stance.

Guile's Invisible ThrowEdit

In Street Fighter II, if the player is able to time a grab in the middle of a backwards-forward charge Fierce and Roundhouse attack, Guile becomes capable of throwing opponents even if the target is not in range of grabbing. When the actual toss animation is executed, the target will act as thrown.

Handcuff GlitchEdit

In early arcade versions of Street Fighter II, Guile could freeze the target in front of him using the throw command, and hold them there until they are thrown again. This was removed in later versions.

Rose's Time FreezeEdit

In Street Fighter Alpha 2, Rose must throw a Soul Spark or reflect a projectile. Using the Aura Soul Spark at the right time will effectively freeze time in the game. Timing is vital, as the Aura Soul Spark must be executed just as the opponent is hit by the projectile; once it does hit, however, the player is free to do whatever they want to the opponent. If the player no longer wants time frozen, they must simply use another Super Combo.

Minor GlitchesEdit

Akuma's SeizureEdit

Akuma must first throw a Zanku Hadoken and Seth must use the Lightning Kick while Akuma is coming down. This will cause Akuma to assume the position that he would take as if he were on the receiving end of said attack for a second before falling back to the ground as normal.

Machinegun Slide Edit

The Machinegun Slide is a glitch that occurs with Dudley in Super Street Fighter IV.