Gorbachev (ゴロバチョフ Gorobachofu?, based on Mikhail Gorbachev) is the president of Russia. He appears in Zangief's ending from Street Fighter II.


When younger, Gorbachev was the captain of the wrestling section of a famous university. After graduating he began working as a politician, and he carried out a wrestling international exchange program in countries around the world, serving as its supreme leader.

As the president of Russia, Gorbachev runs the largest wrestling federation in the world. Seeing Zangief's performance at the Street Fighter tournament, he wanted to offer Zangief a lucrative contract. By joining the wrestling federation, Zangief would be able to show his power, and of his country, to millions of people. Zangief agrees, and they dance Hopak with three KGB agents to celebrate Zangief's victory. Zangief became one of the main wrestler from his federation, and Zangief sees Gorbachev as his senior.[1]



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