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The Grand Izuna Drop (グランドイズナドロップ Gurando Izuna Doroppu?) is one of Vega's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick HCB+Arcade Button Punch (Near opponent)(Bare-handed attack)



Vega slamming Cammy to the ground while performing his Grand Izuna Drop.

Executed by performing a half-circle backward motion and pressing punch without the claw, Vega first leaps behind his opponent and wraps his arms around their waist. With the opponent is his grasp, Vega does his Flying Barcelona Special, bringing them up the wall and into the air. Suspended upside-down in midair, Vega drops to the groud, slamming his opponent on their upper back. In the EX version, Vega rotates his body around on its axis, spinning his opponent several times as they drop to the ground.


Because this move is a command grab, it cannot be blocked. Vega can use the Grand Izuna Drop to open up the opponent's defenses if they are constantly guarding. He can also use this move to intercept the opponent's attack, grabbing them before their move can be thrown out. This makes it possible to stop any kind of pressure or to interrupt them when they are about to activate their Critical Art.. The range of the Grand Izuna Drop is far greater than that of a standard throw, meaning Vega can surprise opponents by grabbing them from a distance as they are performing another move.

The command grab is mainly used to suffocate the opponents, giving Vega good mixups and pressure tools when he is up close. Unlike the regular Izuna Drop, this move does not require Vega to perform hid Flying Barcelona Special, making it harder to predict, as well as defend.

This move can only be performed when Vega is in bare-handed stance. If he is in claw stance, then the command grab cannot be used. Also, Vega will be defenseless if the command grab whiffs, due to having a long recovery time.