This is a list of quotes used by Guile.

Street Fighter II series Edit

Street Fighter IIEdit

  • "Go home and be a family man."
  • "Are you man enough to fight with me?"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD RemixEdit

  • "Easy operation."
  • "Those sloppy techniques will never get the job done, soldier!"

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Edit

  • "You fought all-out. But for me, this was just training."
  • "I will not stop until my friend is avenged."
  • "There's no place for emotion in battle. So dry your tears, and leave!"
  • "Your style is straight out of the training manual... no innovation."
  • "Why did you lose? Because you still value survival more than victory."

Street Fighter: The MovieEdit

  • "Never mess with a man who has his own army."
  • "Maybe it's about time for you to learn how to fight."
  • "I'm the repo man and your butt is mine!"
  • "Next time, try and hit me back."
  • "You're worthless and weak!"

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Do you want tougher training, Private?"
  • "I came. I saw. I destroyed! Power. Skill. Strength. Period."
  • "I soar to destroy... I dive and am deadly...!"
  • "Man enough to fight with me, but not man enough to defeat me!"
  • "Motivation is sometimes a greater asset than power!"
  • "No Handcuffs!? Fighting isn't what it used to be!"
  • "That was a Sonic Boom that hit you, not a tank!"
  • "You're qualified for combat, but not for victory!"

Rival DialoguesEdit

vs. Chun-LiEdit


Chun-Li: Nice to meet you, Commander Guile...

Guile: Who are you? How did you know who I am?

Chun-Li: You were ordered to stop Charlie and bring him back, right? I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to do that.

Guile: I'm sorry, too, sweetheart... But, you can't stop me...


Guile: Charlie is too determined. I'm the only one who can stop him!

Chun-Li: PLEASE! Leave him alone! There is too much at stake!

Guile: Don't worry... I'll take care of the enemy, too. As a soldier and a friend... I also can't let the enemy go.

vs. CharlieEdit


Guile: Charlie... I found you, at last!

Charlie: Guile...?! I take it that you're not here to help me...

Guile: They'll start the bombardment in an hour. Get out of here, NOW! A chopper is ready to take you out of here. Leave them to me!

Charlie: Why should I? If I leave now, he will surely escape again!! You can't stop me this time! I won't retreat! If you insist... I'll dispose of you so that I may proceed!


Charlie: Gu... Guile...

Guile: Take it easy... I know about them and what must be done. I'm not a hero like you, but I still cannot tolerate injustice!

vs. M. BisonEdit

Bison: What a heartbreaker... A hero dies in vain... Then, his friend sacrifices himself in the name of honor! Ha ha ha! Enjoy this! I, Master Bison, will finish you now!

Guile: Nice speech. You should have been a politician... It goes without saying... Evil will perish...

Capcom Fighting Evolution Edit

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  • "Make no mistake. I'm always the last one standing."
  • "I can't remember the last time a victory made me feel so good."
  • "If you don't keep your eyes on the prize, you'll never win!"
  • "Give it up. You're not good enough to compete at this level."
  • "No one is invincible."
  • "Giving up already? It's just as well, you have no chance at winning anyway."
  • "Don't expect any mercy from me."
  • "Fighting is gambling with your life. Go home now if you can't take that risk."

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit

  • "For bad seafood, I had plenty during my soldier training regimen period!"

SNK vs. Capcom seriesEdit

Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "It was a shame that it had to come to this..."
  • "Have you ever hungered for revenge?"
  • "I suggest you learn how to win."
  • "Learn to move faster than the speed of sound..."
  • "The strong will survive. The weak will perish."
  • "You were good... I was better."
  • "You are even a waste of my precious time!"
  • "You should've thought twice before joining the battle!"

Ending Quotes Edit

  • "I just fought and won..."

Street Fighter EX series Edit

Win QuotesEdit

Street Fighter EXEdit

  • 「止まって見えるぜ!」
  • 「手えのない野郎だぜ!」
  • 「くたばるには早すぎるぜ!」

Street Fighter EX2/EX3Edit

  • 「どうした、もうおしまいか?」
  • 「そろそろ本気を出したらどうだ?」
  • 「勝負に油断は禁物だ。
  • 「なかなかやるじゃないか。」
  • 「ナッシュ。ベガ!」

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Street Fighter IVEdit


  • "Mission start!"


Rival DialogueEdit


Abel: "That move... I've seen it before."

Guile: "Who did you see? Where is he now?"

Abel: "A stranger has no business asking me that!'"


  • (Guile is in the S.I.N building, which is falling apart)
  • Guile: "Chun-Li, come in! I got the data! Chun-Li? Chun-Li!"
  • (The data is dropped next to Seth's feet)
  • Seth: "You almost got away.."
  • (Just as Seth reaches down to get the data, Abel tackles Seth to the ground and hold him in an armlock)
  • Abel: "Chun-Li is straight ahead! Hurry!"
  • (Guile runs through the building. It cuts to black as more rubble comes in. He makes it out with Chun-Li unconscious and Abel. They watch as the S.I.N building burns in flames.)
  • (Later, Guile is dropped off in front of his home. As the car leaves, he looks at a newspaper)
  • (He turns around and is greeted by Julia and Amy at the front door)

Personal ActionEdit

  • "You okay there?"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Bring it!"
  • "Too easy."
  • "Show me what you've got!"
  • "You're all talk."
  • "Take it easy."
  • "Hmph."
  • "Come on, rookie!"
  • "Easier than R&R."


  • "Mission complete."
  • "That was nothing."
  • "You call that a fight?"
  • "Nice try!" (Time Over)

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "If you set a goal for yourself, only you know what you need to do next."
  • "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Let this beating be a lesson."
  • "Titles are useless. A man's true worth is spoken by his power, not his words!"
  • "Go home and sleep this off! Don't ever try to face me again!"
  • "Don't feel bad about your cowardice. It saved your life today!"
  • "You wouldn't last 30 seconds on the battlefield."
  • "I've got nothing to say to a loser like you."
  • "Now you know you don't have what it takes to fight a pro like me."
  • "That was too easy!"
  • "Waging combat with you has made me stronger. For that, I thank you."
  • "This isn't a contest of philosophy or doctrine. Strength determines victory."

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "It's time to start talking, boy. Tell me about this man who uses my moves."
  • "Blindly chasing after power will get you nothing in the end."
  • "You need brains to win against me. Brawn just isn't enough."
  • "You're fast, but not fast enough to cause Sonic Booms like yours truly."
  • "In the ring, missions are meaningless. It's a battle of wills. Nothing more."
  • "Your cooking is a cut above rations, but still nothing to write home about."
  • "I respect Japanese sumo and all, but I just don't get the whole raw fish thing."
  • "It's not my mission, but the world would be better off if I put an end to you..."
  • "That was one tough battle. You're no ordinary man, are you?"
  • "If you doubt yourself, then go home. No shame in running if you have to."
  • "I have my revenge, but your life alone isn't enough to make up for your sins."
  • "Real fighters know to leave showboating at the door."
  • "I owe you my gratitude. Your fists awoke something inside me..."
  • "You call yourself the king, yet here you are at my feet. Not exactly regal..."
  • "You're fast, but not fast enough to beat me. Go home and nurse these wounds."
  • "If your muscles are only for show, then what's the point?"

Super Street Fighter IVEdit


  • "How many years have you been gone, friend? I thought I'd avenged you, but the men who killed you have returned. And me... I'm still stuck in the cycle of causing others grief thanks to my own selfish quest. That organization has cost more lives than anyone can count on their rise to power. They've killed cops, soldiers... God only knows how many civilians have fallen due to their actions. Not to mention all the martial artists that were kidnapped and murdered at the hands of Shadaloo's pet organization, S.I.N. Those men and women had children... They had families... They had friends... I'll make those bastards pay, Charlie! I'll destroy every last branch of their organization! I'll expose every evil act they've committed on this Earth! I promise, Charlie - Their days are numbered!"

Rival DialogueEdit

M. BisonEdit

Guile: "Bison!"

M. Bison: "Hmpf! Your presence annoys me, worm!"

Guile: "This time, I'll send you straight to hell!'"

M. Bison: "Hmpf!"


  • "It's been a while since I've been here, Charlie. Sorry. I hope this makes you feel better. We managed to put an end to S.I.N.'s plans. But still, something tells me we haven't seen the last of Shadaloo just yet. It's not time for a toast just yet, old friend. The day will come when our mission is complete."

Win QuotesEdit

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "The man who saved you used this move? You must be talking about my friend!"
    • "I think you and I should have a talk. I need to ask you some questions, too."
  • "Winning takes more then just instinct and brute force! Try harder!"
  • "You've grown strong. You're shaping up to be quite the soldier!"
  • "Is something bothering you? Has the investigation taken a bad turn?"
  • "You broke a wall to escape prison? I'd hate to be your warden."
  • "You don't want to spill your secrets? Whatever. I know more than you think."
  • "Your beats don't interest me. I only listen to country music."
  • "Not bad! I could use a few of those moves on the battlefield!"
  • "I can't lose to a sumo wrestler. The battlefield knows no rules."
  • "A man like you, who can't control himself is no enemy of mine."
  • "In my line of work you have to keep a cool head. You couldn't handle it!"
  • "You say you are an assassin? I ougtta haul you in!"
  • "You fight like those two, but I had to change up my strategy to win."
  • "You fight for your ideals? You're a man out of your time, friend."
  • "Your oil is no match for my battle instincts!"
  • "Go home and be a schoolgirl. I don't have time for games."
  • "Looks like I won this time. And believe me, there won't be a next time!"
  • "You don't have what it takes. Go home and be a family man."
  • "Keep losing like that and you'll ruin your dojo's image, kid."
  • "Control your rage and turn it into a weapon. That's real strength!"
  • "I'm not interested in possibilities. What I need are cold, hard facts!"
  • "On the battlefield, actions speak louder than words!"
  • "That was quite a fight. I can see why you have so many imitators."
  • "Not bad, kid. Before long, you'll be a pro like the rest of us!"
  • "You'll need to get stronger if you want to fight for your beloved, friend."
  • "If you can't put your money where your mouth is, I suggest you keep it shut!"
  • "True fighters don't just read their opponent's moves, but also their state of mind."

Ultra Street Fighter IVEdit

  • "This is no place for a kid. Leave it to the pros from here on in."
  • "You rely on your size so much, you don't even watch your opponent! Piece of cake!"
  • "Sorry, but I’m working here. I don’t have time for childish games."
  • "A good soldier can tell the difference between reality and an impossible ideal."

Versus ModeEdit

  • "Fighting you has brought out my true strength.
  • "What an easy mission!"
  • "Your moves are well-executed and strong. You have a bright future ahead of you."
  • "That was too easy!"
  • "In war, the loser doesn't get a second chance. You're lucky this isn't war."
  • "I could really go for a cup of coffee right about now..."
  • "I don't enjoy fighting. If the other guy starts it, though, I'll do what it takes."
  • "If you can't dodge, just take your licks and throw the fight. No use trying."
  • "My arms and legs cut like blades! You can't compare!"
  • "The only way to win is to keep a cool head and stay focused."
  • "Knowing when to give up is nothing to be ashamed of."
  • "Easy Operation" (Japanese version only)

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

Character Select Edit

  • "Leave it to a professional."
  • "Come on!"

Intro Edit

  • "Continuing Mission!" (when paired with Abel)
  • "Let's fight!"

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit

Street FighterEdit

  • "Come back after you're a bit wiser. Right now, you would only slow me down."
  • "So this is the power of a Demon? I thought Japanese monsters were tougher than that."
  • "Just shut up! Did you think you could beat a professional with brute force alone?"
  • "Hmph. Attacks that rely solely on instinct are easiest to predict."
  • "You look tired. Take a breather here."
  • "The only thing a soldier can believe in on the battlefield is himself."
  • "There's no such thing as etiquette in a fight. Leave the boxing ring, and you'd understand that."
  • "I know my moves better then anyone else. Both my strengths and weaknesses."
  • "Your clothes aren't suited for covert operations. Atleast wear a pair of combat fatigues."
  • "No matter how big they are, everyone has the same weak spots. You overestimate yourself."
  • "It's time for kids to go back home. Your family is worried about you."
  • "Your problem is that you don't take the battlefield seriously. Until you do, you'll never win."
  • "I won't kill you, you heartless bastard. I've learned that revenge is meaningless."
  • "If you're looking to attract new fans, then you probably shouldn't have challenged me."
  • "I've seen countless madmen like you over the years. Sorry, I can't support your baseless insanity."
  • "Guys who blabber on endlessly have no place on the battlefield."
  • "I can feel your dedication in all of your attacks. I'm looking forward to challenging you again."
  • "Thanks for the match, king. Your defense was good overall, but a pro will utilize any opportunity."
  • "You've got a pretty good head on your shoulders. With a little more experience you'll be top class!"
  • "Take your circus act elsewhere. Clowns like you have no place on the battlefield."
  • "Youve trained yourself well, but there's a big difference between muscles for show and strength."


  • "You've definitely got guts, kid. Unfortunately, that's all you've got."
  • "You're much faster than I thought you'd be. No stamina, though."
  • "There's no way an amateur like you could defeat a professional like me."
  • "This is the result of the difference in our abilities. You need to get out and rack up more experience."
  • "Sometimes things are just unpredictable, like nature. You of all people should understand that."
  • "The Devil Gene... It certainly is as fearsome as it sounds. Nothing a pro can't handle, though."
  • "You can understand human speech? Huh, I guess any animal can be trained."
  • "Super Cop...I've heard of you. Your commitment to justice and your beliefs are commendable."
  • "I don't have time to play around with children. Don't you have any cookies to sell somewhere?"
  • "There's no one watching, so trying to put on a performance is a big waste of time."
  • "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."
  • "So you specialize in covert operations? Too bad for you, I'm pretty good at taking lucky shots."


  • "Electric powers... Your abilities were dangerous, but you're obviously still just an amateur."
  • "Now what should I do with this guy…? I heard Cammy likes cats…"
  • "Amateurs shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns of that caliber. I’m going to have to destroy that."
  • "Just what the hell are you anyway? I’ll be keeping my eye on you."
  • "...A cat? Or is this some kind of new military weapon?"

Street Fighter V Edit

Character SelectEdit

  • "Come on!"
  • "Always be cool. That's the prime rule." (Story Mode)

Other Edit

  • "I'll clean up this mess." (Language Change)
  • "Mission start!"
  • "The game is on!"
  • "Hmph. let's go!"
  • "You'll see my sonic fists."
  • "You scared?"
  • "The result was obvious."
  • "You're pathetic."
  • "Take it easy."
  • "You're all talk."
  • "Cowards don't interest me."
  • "Mission complete."
  • "Can't break me!"
  • "Is that the extent of your moves?"
  • "Check and mate."
  • "You let me down."
  • "Another one trick pony."
  • "A rookie would be a tougher challenge."
  • "I'm sorry... But I also can't lose!"
  • "You got nice moves."
  • "You're tough... But, that's all you've got!"
  • "Hmph. Prepare to fight again."
  • "Were you making a joke?"
  • "Well done."
  • "I guess this is one type of victory."
  • "It was a battle of endurance."
  • "Come on, revenger!"
  • "Sorry but I won't hold back."
  • "I don't make the same mistake twice!"
  • "There are things I've learned since my defeat."
  • "Ready. Get set!"
  • "Don't underestimate me!"
  • "Now or never!"
  • "Smash!"
  • "What was that?"
  • "What the-?!"
  • "That was dumb!"
  • "Right there!"
  • "I'll blast you!"
  • "Get down!"
  • "Rip you apart!"
  • "Shooting!"
  • "Reload!"
  • "Fire!"
  • "One! Two! Finish!"
  • "Strike!"
  • "Attack!"
  • "Outclassed!"
  • "What you looking at?"
  • "Surprise!"
  • "Shifting power up!"
  • "Top speed!"
  • "Break through!"
  • "Sweep through!"
  • "Let's settle this now!"
  • "Bring it!"
  • "Weak!"
  • "Ignition ready!"
  • "Overtake!"
  • "Predicted that!"
  • "You're done!"
  • "This is easy!"
  • "Too late now!"
  • "It's the end."
  • "So is that all?"
  • "Move it!"
  • "I won't show mercy."
  • "Give up now!"
  • "Got you!"
  • "This isn't a playground."
  • "Not bad!"
  • "Your moves aren't sharp."
  • "Time's up!"
  • "Just calm down."
  • "That's how a pro does it."
  • "A pro doesn't waste his energy."
  • "You better go back home."
  • "So there's no time limit..."

Intro Edit

  • "No need for talk. Let's do this!"
  • "Enough with the chit-chat. Let's begin!"
  • "No problem. Begin training!" (Practice Mode)

V-Trigger I Edit

  • "Let's go!"

V-Trigger II Edit

  • "I'm air-tight!"

Round Win Edit

  • "Easy operation."
  • "You got nice moves." (20% of health and less)

Taunt Edit

  • "You won't win just standing there."

Throw Escape Edit

  • "Saw that."

Missed Grab Edit

  • "What?"

KO Edit

  • "Guhaah!"
  • "NO!"
  • "Did I" (crumple KO)
  • "How could I...lose this battle?" (crumple KO)
  • "Can't be..." (crumple KO)

Critical Art Edit

  • "Move it! Sonic Hurricane!"
  • "Move it! Sonic Tempest!"


  • "You have technique and power. All that's left is to keep your cool."
  • "The battlefield has no rules, just life and death. That's all."
  • "I'm not here to make idle chitchat. I'm a professional."
  • "I like your moves. You've got all the markings of a pro."
  • "Too easy."

Win-Quotes (character-specific)Edit

  • "You're tough, I'll give you that. It's all you've got though."
  • "You've got a knack for finding openings. Work hard and you can become a first-class soldier."
  • "Your slow movements make you nothing more than a stationary target."
  • "Controlling your primal instincts in the heat of combat is what separates man from beast."
  • "Your speed still keeps me on my toes, just like always."
  • "The precision of your kicks is unrivaled. You're as good as ever."
  • "Being a public servent can get you into some real trouble. Trust me, I would know."
  • "I've grown tired of your bizarre fighting techniques."
  • "Those moves are...! Seems you're not just some bratty kid."
  • "I couldn't let power like yours go unchecked."
  • "Poison or not, you can't hurt me if you can't get near me."
  • "I know my own moves better than anyone. That includes my weaknesses."
  • "A true professional would never go in unprepared for a mission."
  • "You're in my custody now. What are you planning this time?"
  • "You use your moves well. You could go pretty far in the Army."
  • "Your combos have improved, but your guard is still full of holes."
  • "So we meet again... Now tell me--who are you exactly?"
  • "It seems you're not all talk. However, your combos are all over the place."
  • "I'm going to make you pay here and now for all the crimes you've committed!"
  • "Charlie... What on earth happened to you?"
  • "My techniques are too powerful to be eaten by the likes of you."
  • "Don't think your fighting spirit alone will carry you. You need more than just guts on the battlefield."
  • "Your speed means nothing if you use it on wasted movements."
  • "You're better than I expected, but you should still leave the fighting to the professionals."
  • "Carelessness will only get you shot down. You should know that by now."
  • "Your muscles cannot protect you against my techniques."
  • "Your techniques are definitely battle-hardened. But you're still not on my level."