The Habanero Dash (アバネロダッシュ Abanero Dasshu?)  is one of El Fuerte's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter IV.



Habanero Dash.

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, El Fuerte dashes rapidly across the screen, towards the opponent. Allowing El Fuerte to reach the edge of the screen while using the Habanero Back Dash will cause him to Habanero Dash as well. The EX Special version grants him 2 hits of Super Armor and causes the ground to shake as he runs.

What happens next is determined by what button is pressed: El Fuerte will follow up with any of a number of specialized finishes, making the Dash wildly unpredictable for an opponent and difficult (though far from impossible) to block, dodge or counter reliably. The Dash is also useful for simply getting around the screen quickly. The various attacks are as follows:

Sudden StopEdit

Pressing light punch will execute a Sudden Stop (急停止 Kyuu Teishi?): as the name suggests, El Fuerte will simply stop dead in his tracks. While technically a fake-out (that is dupe the opponent into expecting a follow-up when none comes), it can be used in an advanced tactic called "Run-Stop-Fierce" where El Fuerte dashes, stops, and executes a close-standing Fierce punch, then dashes and does it again. If timed properly these repeated Fierce punches will combo together and can do significant damage.

Tostada PressEdit


Tostada Press.

Pressing medium punch will execute a Tostada Press (トスターダプレス Tosutaada Puresu?): El Fuerte will leap forward into the air and perform a body slam downwards. It is a high attack and bypasses crouching blocks. Worth noting is the fact that the attack is identical to the Fajitas Buster (detailed below) until the point where El Fuerte touches his opponent, whereupon he "pancakes" them. He can slightly change the trajectory of the move by holding left or right accordingly.

Another screenshot of Tostada Press.

Fajitas BusterEdit

Pressing heavy punch will execute a Fajitas Buster (ファヒータバスター Fahiita Basutaa?): El Fuerte will leap forward into the air and come down towards the opponent, grabbing onto their shoulders and using the momentum from his dash to quickly spin them around. He wraps his legs around their neck before performing a handstand on their shoulders, and then performs a somersault grab, similar to Guy's Bushin Izuna Otoshi, finishing with a piledriver. This sequence of moves happens in rapid succession.

Worth noting is the fact that the Fajitas Buster and Tostada Press are identical until the point where El Fuerte touches his opponent. This indistinguish property works in El Fuerte's favor, as an opponent who blocks high in the belief that a Tostada Press is imminent will instead be caught be a Fajitas Buster. However, if the opponent crouches, the Buster will miss, but a Tostada Press will hit a crouching opponent, meaning that an opponent MUST be able to predict the attack in order to block it. A more reliable way to avoid this dilemma is to dodge the attack instead of blocking.

Back StepEdit

Pressing light kick will execute a Back Step (バックステップ Bakku Suteppu?). El Fuerte will stop and twist into a brief backstep, moving a body's width away from the opponent. This can be used to bait counters and suddenly bring El Fuerte out of reach.

Gordita SobatEdit


Gordita Sobat.

Pressing medium kick will execute a Gordita Sobat (ゴルディータソバット Gorudiita Sobatto?). El Fuerte will perform a flying kick towards the opponent's mid-region.

Calamari SlideEdit

Calamari Slide

A shot of the Calamari Slide.

Pressing heavy kick will execute a Calamari Slide (カラマレスライディング Karamare Suraidingu?). El Fuerte will drop to the ground and slide feet first towards his opponent. It is a low attack that knocks down the opponent if it connects. This is the common ender option when the Run-Stop-Fierce tactic is employed.

Step Al Pastor Edit

Pressing light punch during EX Habanero Dash will execute a Step Al Pastor. El Fuerte will perform a short forward dash that bypasses the opponent, creating an opening for a cross-up. This move is exclusive to Omega Mode.

Enchilada Jump Edit

Pressing light punch during EX Habanero Dash will execute an Enchilada Jump. El Fuerte will perform a forward jump. This move is exclusive to Omega Mode.

Chorizo Stomp Edit

Pressing medium kick during EX Habanero Dash will execute a Chorizo Stomp. El Fuerte will perform a a lunging forward kick that comes out faster than Gordita Sobat. This move is exclusive to Omega Mode.

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