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The Hanagashi (葉流し Hangashi?, lit. "Leaf Flowing") is one of Ryu's special attacks, introduced in the OMEGA Mode of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Input (all appearances)
Initial: Hanagashi Arcade Stick Right + (Arcade-Button-HPunch + Arcade-Button-HKick)
Followup: Tesshin Punchx3
Followup: Isshin Punchx3 after absorbing a hit



Ryu 'parrying' Ken's attack.

Executed by moving forward and pressing both heavy buttons, the move replicates the parry mechanic from the Street Fighter III series; Ryu even assumes his parrying pose from the series, granting him Super Armor for its duration.

While performing the move, pressing 3 punch buttons will execute a follow-up strike known as the Tesshin (徹心 Tesshin?, lit. "Piercing Heart"); doing so after successfully absorbing a hit will instead perform the Isshin (一心 Isshin?, lit. "One Mind").

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