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The Handcuff Glitch is a glitch that occurs with Guile in early arcade versions of Street Fighter II.


The easiest way to do this move when the enemy is dizzy. Execute the motion for a Flash Kick (charging down and then pressing up and kick) and hit the strong and forward buttons, while trying to hit strong a spilt second before hitting forward.

If done correctly, Guile's throw should execute and damage the foe; however, the opponent will be frozen and stuck (or "handcuffed") in front of Guile until the player uses the Invisible Throw to "unlock" them.

If the foe is stuck until the round timer runs out, the timer will remain on zero, and Guile can still move around with the "handcuffed" player. Using the Invisible Throw to free them will cause the round to end as usual. The game may occasionally crash after executing this glitch.

The glitch inspired a special attack, and was referenced in one of Guile's Street Fighter Alpha 3 win quotes. In a Street Fighter IV animation, Guile dangles a pair of handcuffs, suggesting that Chun-Li use them to restrain two criminals she had subdued.


Street Figher 2 Handcuff Glitch00:45

Street Figher 2 Handcuff Glitch

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