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Hayate (ハヤテ?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter EX series, first appearing in Street Fighter EX2. He is a noble samurai attempting to follow the footsteps of his legendary missing father.



Hayate has very long brown hair and wears a white headband on his forehead.

In Street Fighter EX2, he wears a traditional Japanese attire; a light blue long Japanese vest with a white kimono shirt, underneath his shirt is a black turtleneck with a gold trim tucked into a white ribbon, purple and pale blue traditional pants, and black and gold open toed boots.

In his Shadaloo C.R.I. profile art, Hayate's appearance remains largely the same, his vest became blue, the ribbon belt is light blue and his traditional pants are dark blue.

In Fighting EX Layer, Hayate's hair is now black and cut into a shorter style, with loose bangs on his forehead. His eye color is amber.

He wears a dark blue bomber jacket with a gray trim and the collar with its crisscrossed design, a pink short sleeved shirt which shows his lower abs and a dark blue mini tank top underneath, dark blue pants with gray crisscrossed designs at the edge, a dark brown belt and brown shoes. He is also adorned with a white genji pauldron on the right with a royal blue magatama designs and matching genji gloves. Hayate also wears a necklace with three light blue magatama as a pendant.



Street Fighter EX seriesEdit

Hayate is a Japanese swordsman from the village of Kukunochi whose father was the legendary hero who sealed the beast of Orochi. When Orochi escapes from his imprisonment and kidnaps the local shrine maiden, Hayate slays the demon like his father did before him. Hayate and the maiden then become the new guardian deities of the village.

Hayate is notable for being the only character from the original Street Fighter EX2 not to return in the arcade version of Street Fighter EX2 Plus. He appears in the PlayStation version as a hidden character. According to the game's storyline, Hayate vanquishes the demon his father once sealed and saves the local shrine maiden, becoming the new guardian deity of Kukunoichi, which may explain this. He's also the only character in Street Fighter EX2 Plus who did not return in Street Fighter EX3.

Fighting EX LayerEdit

In Fighting EX Layer, Hayate became as one of the playable characters.

After he became a new guardian deity on his village, Hayate chooses to live a normal life and currently became a college student in a university. In the University League, He became unbeatable because of his swordsmanship skills while using his Sports Chanbara. After defeating Nanase at the Sports Festival, Hayate finally awakens his true purpose as a guardian deity and resolves his duty to seal Garuda.


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Hayate fights using a katana, although he only uses it in his command normals, special moves, super moves and throws. His katana also glows in red when he uses his special attacks or his Super Combo. In Fighting EX Layer, he retains most of his moves from Street FIghter EX2. He is fast and agile towards his opponent while wielding his katana to make a combo slash. His katana also glows in multiple colors instead of red in the Street Fighter EX series but in a flaming appearance.


Hayate appears in the Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS HK comic. There, he is based on Garuda before he wore the cursed mask.


  • His Tsumuji Kagero Kyoku Super Combo was nicknamed "UFO" by the developers.[1]
  • Though never officially stated, it is implied that Hayate and Garuda could be related, as they have some things in common. In his Street Fighter V profile, Garuda was said to have been a legendary swordsman and a hero to his village, before becoming a demon. Hayate's father was also a hero who had disappeared before Hayate was born, for unknown reasons. While Hayate seals demons, Garuda is a demon himself.
  • There are some similarities between Hayate and Kyo Kusanagi from The King of Fighters series. Both have brown hair, wear a white headband, and have antagonizing ties towards an entity based on the Yamata no Orochi. Though unlike Hayate, Kyo does not wield a weapon, has a personality and acts as one of the main protagonists of his home series. Kyo unlike Hayate, also hails from a clan based on one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan for added measure.
  • Hayate bears an uncanny resemblance to a fighting game character of the same name from the Dead or Alive series.
    • Additionally in Fighting EX Layer, Hayate incorporates both traditional and modern clothes as his main outfit is similar to both of Hayate's outfits in Dead or Alive between his ninja attire and his casual outfit from his alter-ego Ein.


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