The Hien (飛燕? "Flying Swallow") is one of Ibuki's special attacks, introduced along with her in the Street Fighter III series.

All appearances Arcade Stick RS + Arcade Button Kick


Executed by performing a "reverse Shoryuken" motion (back, down and down-back) and pressing kick, Ibuki jumps forward, kicks out and (if it comes into contact with the opponent) kick-jumps away to a safe distance. The amount of distance the jump covers and damage done are determined by the kick button pressed: light kick version has the least, heavy kick version has the most, and medium kick version is somewhere in between.

The EX Special version auto-targets the opponent's head for her, can travel the entire width of the screen, does more damage, knocks the opponent down and causes Ibuki to land behind them. The attack is extremely safe, even on block, but only if it finds the opponent - otherwise Ibuki lands as usual and cannot kick-jump to safety. The kick-jump backwards can also be canceled into a Kunai or Kasumi Suzaku.




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