Hishou Kyaku is one Chun-Li's special attacks introduced in Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix.

Description Edit

Executed by performing a "Shoryuken" motion (forward, downward then down-forward) and pressing kick, Chun-Li will perform a Spinning Bird Kick. The difference is that Hishou Kyaku up and down. The level determines the height, the strength and the amount of hits that the attack will have during the fight. The gem amending the level of Hishou Kyaku is the yellow gem.

Tactics Edit

Hishou Kyaku is perfect to be used as anti-air and to punish opponents. Depending on the level that Hishou Kyaku is, the player can punish an opponent on the ground and in the air at the same time.

Gallery Edit

Sprites Edit

Similar Moves Edit

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