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Hit confirmation, often shortened to hit confirm, is a term used in fighting games to refer to the process of discovering if a combo is safe to continue.

The yellow flash idicating it is safe to move or combo into another hit.


When hit confirming, a player must essentially pay attention to whether or not a given move at a certain point in the combo they are attempting to put together hits; from there, the player will know whether or not to break out of the combo and re-position themselves.

Generally, the 'confirming' move is one that is safe on block. This is necessary because that move 'confirms', via the opponent's reaction, whether or not the player should finish out the combo. An ideal confirm, if blocked, gives the player enough time to react defensively.

Tutorial Edit

3-Minute Fundamentals- Hit-Confirming03:17

3-Minute Fundamentals- Hit-Confirming

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