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Hoimei (ホイメイ?) and Shaomei (シャオメイ?) are two young sisters from Hong Kong who are childhood friends of Yun and Yang. They live near the restaurant run by the brother's grandfather.


Hoimei is a vigorous girl that first appeared in Yun and Yang's ending in Street Fighter III: New Generation, where she is seen attending her father's vegetable stand. She also appears with her sister in Yang's ending from 3rd Strike.

Hoimei reappears in Yun's Super Street Fighter IV ending; angry that the brothers didn't tell anyone where they were going, she grabs Yun by the ear and drags him with her. Hoimei also appears in The Half Pipe stage from Street Fighter × Tekken and Ultra Street Fighter IV.


Shaomei is a docile and firm girl that first appeared in Yang's ending from Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, attending her father's vegetable stand like Hoimei in the previous game. She also appears with her sister in Yang's ending from 3rd Strike.

Shaomei also appears in the PlayStation Vita version of The Half Pipe stage from Street Fighter × Tekken.

Hoimei and Shaomei's FatherEdit

The father of Hoimei and Shaomei, called as Occhan (おっちゃん? lit. "uncle") by Yun and as Oyaji (オヤジ? lit. "old man") by Yang, is an old man who runs a food stand in Hong Kong. Like his daughters, he is also acquainted with Yun and Yang, appearing in their endings from Street Fighter III. He mocks the abilities of the brothers and is surprise when they jump over his stand.



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