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Hoimei and Shaomei with Yun and Yang in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Hoimei (ホイメイ?) and Shaomei (シャオメイ?) are two young sisters from Hong Kong who are Yun and Yang's girlfriends. Hoimei first appeared in Yun and Yang's ending in Street Fighter III: New Generation, where she is seen attending her father's vegetable stand, while Shaomei appears in Yang's ending in 2nd Impact. The two also appear in Yang's ending in 3rd Strike.

Hoimei reappears in Yun's Super Street Fighter IV ending; angry that they didn't tell anyone where they were going, she grabs Yun by the ear and drags him with her. Hoimei also appears in The Half Pipe stage from Street Fighter × Tekken and Ultra Street Fighter IV.


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