The Hooligan Combination (フーリガンコンビネーション Fūrigan Konbinēshon?) is one of Cammy's and Juni's special attacks, introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

All appearances Arcade Stick DHCF + Arcade Button Punch


Executed by performing a diagonal half-circle forward motion to up-forward and pressing punch, the user spins into the air while curled into a fetal position in an arc. While spinning through the air, various follow-up moves are available. The arc of Cammy's launch is determined by the punch button pressed. The Light version has Cammy launching into a higher vertical arc, rather than horizontal. The Heavy version has Cammy launching herself directly at the opponent. The Medium version has Cammy launching at an arc in between the Light and Heavy version. However, the EX version will automatically track the opponent at fast speeds.

Razor Edge SlicerEdit

All appearances Arcade Stick DHCF + Arcade Button Punch

If no follow-up command is pressed after the Hooligan Combination, the user will perform the Razor's Edge Slicer (レイザーエッジスライサー Reizā Ejji Suraisā?), also known as Lazer Edge Slicer, a sliding kick to trip their opponent. Razor Edge Slicer is also used by Decapre as a follow-up of Scramble. When the EX version is performed, the hits increase from one to three.

Fatal Leg TwisterEdit

All appearances Arcade Stick DHCF + Arcade Button Punch (near opponent Sf3 punch light + Sf3 kick light)

The Fatal Leg Twister (フェイタルレッグツイスター Feitaru Reggu Tsuisutā?) is executed by pressing light punch and light kick, (the throw command) near a grounded opponent. The user will perform a Frakensteiner on the opponent.

Cam7 (1)


Cross Scissors PressureEdit

All appearances Arcade Stick DHCF + Arcade Button Punch (near opponent in air Sf3 punch light + Sf3 kick light)

The Cross Scissors Pressure (クロスシザースプレッシャー Kurosu Shizāsu Puresshā?) is executed by pressing light punch and light kick when next to an airborne opponent. The user will grab the opponent from midair via hooking one of their legs over them and crossing them in between both of their legs as a result. Then they spin them through the air in an arc and finally pin them to the ground with a twin-legged stomp whilst rebounding off.


Cannon StrikeEdit

All appearances Arcade Stick DHCF + Arcade Button Punch (Arcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Kick)

The Cannon Strike (キャノンストライク Kyanon Sutoraiku?) is executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and kick. This can only be done in Ultra Street Fighter IV and many of her crossover appearances. Cannon Strike is also used by Decapre attack as a follow-up of Scramble. When the EX version is active, the EX version of Cannon Strike will be performed when the kick button is inputted. 

Assault Roll Edit

Assault Roll is one of follow-up attacks Hooligan Combination which can only be done on the Omega mode in Ultra Street Fighter IV. The player needs to press the kick button to cancel their attack. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Cammy also possessed this attack, which was called Cancel.


The Hooligan Combination is the first of its kind in the Street Fighter series, being a "flying variable" move, and is useful for either confusing an opponent, throwing if blocked against or striking if counter-attacked. This is often used in mindgames, mixup and pressure, and can especially be safe on okizeme setups. However, its "Tiger Knee"-style input makes it difficult to use on the fly, preventing it from being initially abused without enough practice. Players have to choose the right version of Hooligan Combination for the right situation to get the most out of Cammy's offensive pressure.  The Light version flies high and does not travel forward much. While it is slow and easy to react to, Cammy can create cross-up mixup situations with this version, thanks to the high arc and short distance.

The Medium version can leap over standing enemies, even in the corner. It is usually the recommended version for applying offensive pressure. If the opponent guesses wrong or too early, Cammy can take advantage and deal a lot of damage.

The Heavy version travels the furthest but also flies the lower. Unlike the Light and Medium versions, it does not vault over standing opponents. Still, it can be useful for covering great distances and closing the gap quickly.

The EX Special version introduced in the Street Fighter IV series has the user move faster and track the opponent, making it a good counter to projectiles.

In Street Fighter V the EX Version is very fast and hard to react to. It locks on to the opponent, no matter how close or far they are from Cammy. If she hits her opponent with EX Cannon Strike afterwards, it sends the enemy into spinning motion and switch sides in most cases, allowing for juggles or mix-ups.