This is a list of quotes used by Hugo.

Final Fight RevengeEdit

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Street Fighter III seriesEdit

Street Fighter III: 2nd ImpactEdit

Rival DialoguesEdit

Vs. ElenaEdit

Hugo: Could you be my partner, perhaps? I'm not so sure...

Elena: Either way, we could still be friends! Now let's spar!

Vs. GillEdit

Hugo: You are in good shape.... Would you like to be my partner?

Gill: I will show no mercy toward an idiot such as yourself...

Vs. NecroEdit

Hugo: How about teaming up with me? You've got a lot of potential!

Necro: Ha! You expect me to trust you? You're a real funny guy!

Vs. RyuEdit

Hugo: Hey, Karateka! How about becoming my partner?

Ryu: Partner? I walk this path alone. But if you wish to fight...

Vs. YunEdit

Yun: You look like a strong one. Care to try out my Kung Fu?

Hugo: Sounds like fun. Let's do it!


Defeated ElenaEdit

Announcer: "CWA tag tournament, the first qualifying match! In the red corner... the Slam Masters, B. Widow and Mike Haggar! In the blue corner! The century's mightiest giant, Hugo, and his partner Elena, the Wilderness Warrior! Together they form the team, "Beauty and the Beast!"

Hugo: "All right! Let's go, partner!"

Elena: "Professional wrestling is really popular! I'd love to perform for my fans! Let's go!"

Defeated GillEdit

Announcer: "CWA tag tournament, the first qualifying match! In the red corner! Biff and Gunloc as Hyper Cannon! In the blue corner, the century's mightiest giant, Hugo, and his partner Gill, the fire-and-ice resurrection man, form the team, "Ragnarok Winners!"

Hugo: "OK, partner! ...Are you ready?"

Gill: "Another format, but the rules are similar.... This shall be most enjoyable!"

Defeated NecroEdit

Announcer: "CWA tag tournament, the first qualifying match! In the red corner! Biff and Gunloc as Hyper Cannon! In the blue corner, the century's mightiest giant, Hugo, and his partner Necro, the super electro-magnetic alien, as Thunderbolt!"

Hugo: "It's party time, partner!"

Necro: "I'll electrify both the audience and the referee!"

Defeated RyuEdit

Announcer: "CWA tag tournament, the first qualifying match! In the red corner! Biff and Gunloc as Hyper Cannon! In the blue corner, the century's mightiest giant, Hugo, and his partner Ryu, the wandering warrior, as the Soul Brothers!"

Hugo: "Let's do it!"

Ryu: "Yeah!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "There's something about you I don't like... Maybe... everything?"
  • "Behave yourself in the krankenhaus!"
  • "I am the strongest! Perfektion!"
  • "I'll take you on anytime, anywhere... Wiedersehen!"
  • "Wrestling is all about power! I am power!"
  • "To win is my freude!"
  • "EIN ZWEI DREI!!! ENDE!!!!"

Super Arts Quotes Edit

Hammer MountainEdit

  • "Craaaaash!"
  • "Behold my real power!"

Win Quotes (character specific) Edit

  • "I thought you were wearing a mask, but that's your real face! Try to be more careful next time!"
  • "You're so serious, but I understand! It was fun, danke!"
  • "You can only tickle me with your punches. A professional wrestler can withstand much more."
  • "My manager is much stronger than you... So is my baker... And my dentist..."
  • "We now know who's the real one... It's the winner! And that's me!"
  • "Whoa, what is this stuck in me? Thanks for the gift!"
  • "BRAVO! You would make a magnificent training partner."
  • "Maybe it's not such a bad idea teaming up with a freak like you. What do you say?"
  • "Think about your age... If you want to be in a grave that badly there are easier ways."
  • "Good moves... Might make a good balance! How about teaming up with me?"
  • "That was about as fun as kicking a soda can, but a soda can is recyclable. You are worthless."
  • "Your size does have its advantages... But not against me."
  • "I feel like stomping on someone today... You'll have to do."

Street Fighter III: Third StrikeEdit

Rival DialoguesEdit

Vs. RyuEdit

Hugo: So, you must be the one that Poison has been talking about. We're recruiting those who have the potential to become great wrestlers. Now, let's make a deal. Promise me that you will join us if you lose!

Ryu: That's fine... Maybe I can learn something worthwhile from wrestling. However, I won't lose! I'll show you what true strength is!

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Strange... Is suicide a popular activity where you come from?"
  • "I held back. If I used any more force, there would be a huge mess!"
  • "The force of your body smashed the pavement! Help me fix it!"
  • "Would you be able to get up if I sat down on you? Let's find out!"
  • "The bigger I am, the harder they fall!"
  • "It's a natural instinct for you to fear my size and strength!"
  • "You enjoyed that, didn't you? Let's do it again!"
  • "I am number one!"

SVC ChaosEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "What was that? You look tougher than you really are."
  • "As you promised, now you must join up with us!"
  • "I hold back for no one! I always bash full force!"

Win Quotes (character specific)Edit

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit

Character SelectEdit

  • "I will never lose!"


  • "I'll fight you little one."


  • "I lost!"

Win QuotesEdit


  • "Of course I won. Why would I lose?"
  • "Hey, Poison! I won!"
  • "You'd need a steel pipe to start making me nervous."

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit

Street FighterEdit

  • "What a stupid, worthless brat!"
  • "What are ya lookin’ at? You wanna fight?"
  • "Your girly punches will never break my bones!"
  • "Bite me all you want, my body is made of iron!"
  • "Your attacks are too weak to stand up against my power."
  • "Did you do something just now? I can’t feel your kicks at all."
  • "Did you borrow those handcuffs from Poison?"
  • "Miracle of yoga? Dunno what you're talking about."
  • "I don't need rhythm to pound you into the ground!"
  • "Do all soldiers have such weird hair?"
  • "If you don’t wanna fight, then just go home!"
  • "A little twerp like you could never beat me!"
  • "My moves are way stronger than yours."
  • "From now on, you are my henchman. I’m gonna work you to the bone!"
  • "I won, Poison! You're treating me to Chinese food for lunch tomorrow! All you can eat!"
  • "Bring your army next time. I'll take you ALL on!"
  • "Hadoken? Felt like a mosquito bite."
  • "You can do Shoryuken too? Damn, I hate that move!"
  • "Jumpin' around like a stupid little grasshopper! Where's my newspaper?"
  • "Your muscle isn't enough to throw me around!"


  • "All you’re good for is punching around! Aren’t there any bigger opponents?!"
  • "Sorry I broke your face. Don't think you need it."
  • "I hate it when the bugs I have to crush don't stand still!"
  • "I’m tired of all you small-time chumps. Where are the real fighters?"
  • "Try making a robot based off me!"
  • "Next time, bring one of your tanks."
  • "You got power, but I don't like your attitude!"
  • "Now I am the center of the world's attention! Not you!"
  • "I am the real deal! Get lost, poser!"
  • "I won't lose to a bear!"
  • "You little brats aren't even good enough to kick around."
  • "I could knock you out with one finger!"
  • "I don't care if you're a cop! Anyone who gets in my way gets smashed!"
  • "I thought you’d be stronger! I’m pissed you lost so easily!"
  • "Fight for real! That didn’t even tickle!"
  • "You could make 10 of you, and you still couldn’t beat me!"
  • "I am the strongest there is! Your punches don't work against me!"
  • "Shut yer yap, or I’ll shut it for ya!"


  • "An electric massage? Turn up the power!"
  • "You’re too strong for a cat! I think I’m angry about this."
  • "This is a fight! No time for playing with toys."
  • "What are ya smiling at? I’ll knock that grin off yer stupid face!"
  • "I just met a talking black cat. You two friends?"

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edit


"You are so small! Aren't you scared?"

Personal ActionsEdit

  • "I'll snap you in half like a twig!"
  • "Why do I have to fight tiny people?"
  • "Für die Kartoffel!" (German = "For the potatoes!")
  • "Maybe you should call for help!"
  • "Your head... Does it have brain inside?"
  • "I'll beat you in one hit!"
  • "Are you waiting for a call?"
  • "I bet that your mother's cooking is terrible."
  • "You can't beat me with such tiny hands."
  • "If you want to run away, I'll let you go."


  • "Mama!"
  • "Dammit..."

Round Won QuotesEdit

  • "You are too weak. Is there anyone stronger?"
  • "I won! I am the strongest!"

Victory Quotes Edit

Versus mode Edit

  • "Soon I'll be number one in the world! Not you!"
  • "Eins, Zwei, Drei, Ende!"
  • "I'll crush you!"
  • "Pipsqueak!"
  • "You could get a bit stronger if you eat more potatoes"
  • "Keine Chance! You can't win!"
  • "I am number one! Fur Immer! (Forever!)"
  • "That was close. I could go a bit more."
  • "Are you alright? I may have overdone it..."
  • "You can't fight me with that puny strength of yours!"
  • "Weak and small! You look like an ant from up here!"

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "Quite strong for a tiny man! You even singed my hair!"
  • "And pro wrestling triumphs over boxing yet again!"
  • "The power of the wild isn’t enough to defeat the number one wrestler!"
  • "You can't arrest me! I've done nothing wrong... At least not recently, that is."
  • "Those days are behind me. Now, I work to become the best wrestler in the world!"
  • "Laughing even though you lost? Did you hit your head?"
  • "Start your preaching again, and I’ll launch you like a rubber band!"
  • "What kind of fighter brings a rose into the ring?"
  • "Pro wrestling is stronger than sumo!"
  • "The sound of nature? I can’t hear anything."
  • "You should treat potatoes with more respect!"
  • "Nice try, but I don't scare so easily!"
  • "You looked so much bigger in the movies."
  • "Your strange techniques are no match for me! Consider yourself retired!"
  • "So you're his Leher! (teacher) Teach Shuruken to me too!"
  • "Combing your hair like that to look bigger won't fool me."
  • "Puny ninjas are no match for me. Had you forgotten?"
  • "Dart around all you like. It's all over when I get my mitts on you."
  • "Poison is much better than you!"
  • "Looks like I'm number one in America now too!"
  • "Nice punch for someone so small! You lack weight though."
  • "I take orders from no one! Now you listen to me!"
  • "No hard feelings, Poison. I was just stronger."
  • "I’ll be number one in the world! I won’t follow your orders!"
  • "Your round figure reminds me of my mother's potato dishes"
  • "Your Shoryuken hurt more than the Hadoken. But even that wasn't enough!"
  • "Got it now? Pro wresting is stronger than Muay Thai!"
  • "Nothing frightening about such puny shurukens as yours"
  • "Will you look at that! I’m the strongest in the woooorld!"
  • "You may be big like me, but you lack muskel (muscle)!"
  • "The winner is the Schon (prettiest) one! That word is seldom directed at me."
  • "Sorry I broke you skateboard, kid. I guess we need to try a bigger one."
  • "Not even the Red Cyclone can stand in the way of my greatness!"

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