The Hundred Hand Slap (百裂張り手 Hyakuretsuharite?, "Hundred Rending Hand Slaps") is one of E. Honda's signature special attacks, introduced along with him in the Street Fighter II series.

Early Street Fighter II series Arcade Modifier Tap Arcade Button Punch (Arcade Stick Left and Arcade Stick Right to move)
All other appearances Arcade Modifier Tap Arcade Button Punch



Artwork of the Hundred Hand Slap from the Street Fighter II series.

Sumo Hand Slap

Hundred Hand Slap, as seen in Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival.

Executed by rapidly and repeatedly pressing any punch button, Honda launches a flurry of thrusting palmstrikes which move faster than the eye can see.

In early versions of Street Fighter II, the Hundred Hand Slap did a lot of damage per hit - in Street Fighter II Turbo, each hit of the Hundred Hand Slap was worth 1/6th of an opponent's health bar. This, coupled with the ability to move in those games, made him into something of a "steamroller" (which also applied to other moves similar in nature in future games). In such application, the move could be performed infinitely, as long as the Honda player kept tapping the punch button without being hit at all.

Later games abandoned this in favor of a strength-based distance mechanic:

Version Effect
Arcade-Button-LPunch Lasts the longest and deals most blows, but Honda does not move forwards at all.
Arcade-Button-MPunch Shorter and hits fewer times, but Honda rapidly moves a short distance forwards.
Arcade-Button-HPunch Has the shortest duration and deals the fewest blows, although Honda moves even faster forwards.
EX (in Street Fighter IV) Retains the original "steamroller" ability and hits more times.


This move is very useful for both ending combos and approaching the opponent safely due to Honda moving forward a bit during the move's execution in all appearances, though it leaves Honda widely vulnerable to counterattack if missed or blocked.

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