The Hyper Bomb is Alex's first Super Art in the Street Fighter III series.

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter III series
Capcom Fighting Evolution
Super Art I Arcade Stick 360 + Arcade Button Punch
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Hyper Combo Arcade Modifier (Max) Arcade Stick 360 + Attack button 2x
3rd Strike Super Gauge Information
No. of Stocks 1
No. of EX Specials 3.2[1]


Executed by performing a full-circle motion and pressing punch while Alex is near the opponent, the attack sees Alex preforming a waist-lock before backward rolling into two successive German suplexes, followed by a Power Bomb, calling out the attack's name. If used from behind or after a Flash Chop (due to said move's unique property of turning the opponent around), it becomes a series of Backdrop Suplexes which does slightly more damage. While the attack inflicts severe damage (roughly half of the opponent's total Health Bar depending on the character), it is difficult to use successfully, and only one can be stocked at a time.


Alex hyper bomb



Trivia Edit

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