I-ism is a unique ism exclusive to the Dreamcast and PSP versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3. I-ism can be used by characters in World Tour mode, where the player selects a character and travels around the world, defeating opponents with various types of conditions; Reverse Dramatic Battle, Stun Attack, etc. The I-ism gauge allows the player to use X-ism, A-ism or V-ism via the customization menu. However, the I-ism gauge does not change in appearance. It simply reflects the abilities the character is given when using A-ism, X-ism or V-ism.

When the I-ism gauge is full the words 'go', 'for' and 'broke' flash across it.

I-ism can also be used by characters that have finished World Tour mode, and have been registered by the player to be used in other game modes. The last ism the player used will be the same ism the player will be stuck with if the character is registered for other game modes.

If the player uses a character from World Tour mode to complete certain game modes, they are given power-ups for their character. These are known as Ism Plus.

In the Dreamcast version, I-ism characters can access the Saikyo Dojo and face super strong opponents (challenges 4 to 30 must be downloaded to the VMU).

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