The IJWPW Broadcast Station (鰯ヶ浜日本女子プロレス放送局?) is a Street Fighter V broadcast featuring R. Mika (Hiromi Igarashi) and Yamato Nadeshiko (Yuumi Hirota) talking about Twitter submissions.


  • "The 3 Strongest People!" (最強の3人!) - In this corner, fans tweet their questions and suggestions to the hashtag #最強3 for Mika and Nadeshiko decide which of them are the three strongest ones, like "What is the strongest rice cooker?" and "What is the most cute creature?".
  • "Street Fighter Laboratory" (ストリートファイター 研究所) - Mika and Nadeshika talk about fan-made characters sent to the #SF研究所 hashtag that the fan would like to see in a new Street Fighter game, some being selected to gain profiles in the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute illustrated by KIKI. Any kind of fighter is valid, examples given by IJWPW being a "Gothic Italian lolita stronger than Zangief" and a "futuristic ninja with ESP".
  • "The Ultimate Tag Partners" (目指せ!究極のタッグパートナー) - Mika and Nadeshiko see the #究極TAG hashtag to decide which would be the ultimate tag. Examples given are 「早口言葉対決で親睦を深めてほしい」 and "Dhalsimのモノマネ対決".

Fan ProfilesEdit

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Not to be confused with Kevin Straker, the protagonist of Street Fighter 2010.

Kevin (ケビン Kebin?) is the first character created in the "Street Fighter Laboratory" corner. He is a 13-year-old middle schooler. He uses a needle as a weapon, and has the ability to miniaturize himself, using his speed to his advantage. He also admires Japan and its culture.

Behind him, there's a Wadōkaichin, the oldest Japanese type of coin, roughly 2,4 cm in diameter.

Cuticle ToruEdit

Cuticle Toru (キューティクル透 Kyūtikuru Tōru?) is the second character created in the Street Fighter Laboratory corner. Toru is an idol with a very effeminate appearance, whose catchphrase is yelling out "Japaaan!" (「ジャパァン!」?)


Prince BroilerEdit

Prince Broiler (ブロイラー王子 Buroirā Ōji?), real name Muscle Broiler (マッスル・ブロイラー Massuru Buroirā?), is the third character created in the Street Fighter Laboratory corner. He is an idol, a fighter, and a prince. He is about 25 years old in terms of a human's lifespan.

Prince Broiler was once the prince (and idol) of the Broiler Empire (ブロイラー帝国 Buroirā Teikoku?), but the empire was destroyed by the neighboring Chabo Kingdom (チャボ王国 Chabo Ōkoku?). He aims to one day reinstate his empire's rule.

His special move is called Power Up with a Muscle Strengthening Agent + Laying an Egg (筋力増強剤によるパワーアップ+産卵 Kinryoku Zōkyō-zai ni Yoru Pawāappu + Sanran?), but must disregard his pride and heritage to perform it. His signature phrase is "Kokekokko!" (「コケコッコ!」?), the Japanese onomatopoeia for a rooster's crow, which echoes throughout the countryside

Prince Broiler also bears a tattoo on each arm, both of which read "muscle" (きんにく Kinniku?).

Satomi the Mad ScientistEdit

Satomi the Mad Scientist (マッドサイエンティストのさとみ Maddo Saientisuto no Satomi?) is the fourth character from the Street Fighter Laboratory corner. She is a 10-year-old scientist that fights using chemicals.

Her signature phrase is "I'm not a child!" (「子供じゃないもん!」 "Kodomo janai mon!"?)



Cage MatsudaEdit

Cage Matsuda (松田ケージ Matsuda Kēji?, Matsuda Cage) is the fifth character from the Street Fighter Laboratory corner. When young he was called Cage-kun (ケージ君 Kēji kun?), but 30 years later he became a heel known as Mr. Cage Matsuda (ケージ松田さん Kēji Matsuda san?).


「子供なのに刑事」という異色のギミックを持ったレスラーだ! 「ぼくは、おまわりさんでつ」という癒しのボイスで相手を油断させ、「チッ」という舌打ちで精神的ダメージを与えるのだ! うううむ!手ごわいな!そして30年...。ケージ君が育った姿ッス!だんだんヒール化してきたッスね...。

サディスティックな性格に育ってしまったケージ君!激しい言葉攻めとムチを使って戦うッス! しきりに頭部への攻撃を嫌がり試合中も帽子を脱がないッス。

Easy Kim 3Edit

Easy Kim 3 (イージー君3号?) is the sixth character from the Street Fighter Laboratory corner, a mecha wrestler.




最近のレスラーのギミックは良く考えられているな! 昔、ミイラ男でメカのレスラーがいてな水をかけると...体から煙が...

Endo NimanEdit

Endo Niman (エンドー ニマン Endō Niman?) is the seventh character from the Street Fighter Laboratory corner.


Haruo (はるお?) is the eighth character from the Street Fighter Laboratory corner.

Masako & NamamiEdit

Masako & Namami (かべぎわ まさこ & ナマみ?) are the ninth character(s) from the Street Fighter Laboratory corner. [9]

Nakagami YousukeEdit

Nakagami Yousuke (なかがみ ようすけ Nakagami Yousuke?) is the tenth character from the Street Fighter Laboratory corner.[10]

Turi & HanakoEdit


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