"Try this on for size! Illusion spark! (耐える事が出来て? イリュージョンスパーク! Taeru koto ga dekite? Iryuujon Supaaku!?)"

The Illusion Spark (イリュージョンスパーク Iryuujon Supaaku?) is Rose's Ultra Combo in Street Fighter IV, and her first Ultra in Super Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch x3
Rose 498


Executed by pressing two quarter-circle forward motions and all 3 punch buttons, Rose proceeds to extend her scarf towards the opponent. If it hits, the scarf will wrap around the opponent's arm. Rose then sends a massive surge of Soul Power through the enemy while shouting the Ultra Combo's name, dealing a large amount of damage.


It has a very long range and high priority, especially against jump in attacks. If the attack is performed with the right timing, it can catch the opponent while passing through a projectile they previously may have thrown. 

Despite being a "grabbing" attack (by wrapping Rose's scarf around the opponent's arm) that can break armor, the move is not unblockable, and is in fact easily avoided as well. It is more suitable as a counterattack, especially against other Ultra Combos.


Video Edit

Super Street Fighter 4 - Rose Ultra 1 Illusion Spark00:15

Super Street Fighter 4 - Rose Ultra 1 Illusion Spark

Illusion Spark (Japanese voices).

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