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The Inazuma Kick (稲妻かかと割り, Inazuma Kakato Wari, "Lightning Flash Heel Splitter") is one of Ken's Unique Attacks. Introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series. In the EX games, this acts as his Guard Break in the first two games, and as his Surprise Blow in the third.

All appearances Arcade Stick Left + Sf3 kick medium


Executed by holding backward and pressing medium kick, Ken performs an overhead following-legged axe kick that hits the opponent two times. This attack is one of the many that can also be performed during any of Ken's unique kick specials in some of the other games, but can also be done as a command normal as well.


Unlike Ryu's Collarbone Breaker, it leaves Ken at frame disadvantage on hit, meaning that the player has to be careful not to get counter-hit out of a followup attack.[1]

However, unlike the Collarbone Breaker, it has much more range while also keeping Ken stationary, allowing him to safely poke at his opponent in-and-out if when spaced properly.







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