This is a list of quotes used by Ingrid.

Capcom Fighting Jam Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Good job! I needed some practice in holding back my strength anyway!"
  • "What were you doing? It was supposed to be a fight, but all I felt was tickling!"
  • "Ah, the bitter taste of victory..."

Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "That wasn't exciting at all! I can't believe this is the end!"
  • "Oh my... that was too boring! Now what am I supposed to do?"
  • "I'm going to tickle you now... You ready? Tickle. Tickle."
  • "Aww... too tough? You should go home. It's alright to cry."
  • "You'll have to excuse me... After all, this is just work..."

Rival DialoguesEdit

vs. Evil RyuEdit

Evil Ryu: "Destruction... I'll destroy anything and everything!"

Ingrid: "And just what did you expect to happen here? Where did you get that power? It is beyond your control!"

Evil Ryu: "Silence!! Prepare to meet your utter destruction!"

Ingrid: "I guess I have no choice but to teach you a lesson..."

After Ryu is released from the Satsui no Hado's influence

Ryu: "Unghh... Huh?! Wha... Where am I? You... you saved me... Thank you."

Ingrid: "It seems someone was controlling you like an evil puppet. Do you have any idea who it is? An evil like that is dangerous."

Ryu: "Yes... something strange happened after I met Bison."

Ingrid: "Bison?! I was told to look out for him. I bet he's the one using that piece for his own purposes. Farewell Ryu. Good luck in your pursuit of knowledge."

Ryu: "What?! You know who I am?! How do you know so much?!"

vs. RoseEdit

Rose: "I can't see your future, or your past. All I see is a white haze. Who are you? And why are you after Bison?"

Ingrid: "You have the power to read the streams of time, don't you? If that is the case then wake up! The power he holds is dangerous. That power has always been mine. I have to get it back!"

Rose: "That power is yours...?! We'll just have to see about that! My mission is to seal his power away forever! Stand aside!"

After defeating Rose

Ingrid: "You shouldn't worry. We'll keep that power in our custody. It shouldn't take me more than 15 minutes to get rid of Bison. So don't worry, Rose. You can enjoy yourself now."

Rose: "Who... who are you?! I still can't see what's in your future."

Ingrid: "Remember me as a messenger from the stars... Farewell, Rose."

vs. M. BisonEdit

Ingrid: "That uniform... and that twisted face! There's no mistaken him! Bison!! I'm going to seal away your Psycho Power forever! So return that power now! You can't just take what you please!"

M. Bison: "You! Your seal! Your fate is linked to the Psycho Drive!"

Ingrid: "Psycho... what?! You've even given it a ridiculous name! You can never master that power! Return it before you get hurt!"

M. Bison: "Haha... who do you think you are? You've just sealed your fate! There won't be a trace left after you meet my Psycho Power!"

Ingrid: "Your power!?!? Is there no limit to your shamelessness?"

After beating M. Bison

Ingrid: "Done and done! You can give it back to me now!"

M. Bison: "Arrgghhh! How did you track me down all the way here!? I'll never give up my power! I'll never give up Psycho Drive!"

Ingrid: "How many times do I have to say it? It has always been my power!"


M. Bison suddenly rises flying away.

Ingrid: "...there sure is no reasoning with him, is there?"

Ingrid proceeds to follow him. Rose appears following their trails.

Rose: "The power... It's gathering! An unbelievably sinister energy... What are you going to do? This is critical!"

Ingrid descends into Shadaloo's secret base hidden inside a reclining Buddha statue, where she faces M. Bison in its interiors.

M. Bison: "Hahahaha! You're too late! Human hatred and fear all feed into my Psycho Drive! I'll never stop receiving this limitless and never-ending evil! i have conquered death! No one can threaten me now."

Ingrid: "...say what you like! I show you the very end of life itself!"

M. Bison: "Is that a last request?! Dieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!"

The seal in the center of the Psycho Drive seems to overload the equipment, throwing terrible lightning bolts in all directions.

M. Bison: "Huh!? This can't be... How can this be? I can never be defeated! Impossible!!!!!!!"

The body of Bison itself begins to suffer the consequences of the malfunction, crumbling at first and then exploding from inside with energies released in the form of blinding light beams.

Ingrid: "The catalyst you used was too strong for a machine like that! This power has always been mine. No ordinary human can control it! I have spent too much time on this one! Time to get back to work! While I'm at it, I'll get rid of this terrible machine as well!"

The entire giant statue which camouflaged the secret base rises into the air, apparently under the influence of Ingrid's powers. Rose continued in the immediate area when detected the recent events.

Rose: "Bison power is extinguished. It's finally over now... But I have no idea who that girl really was..."

Ingrid with the statue continue traveling at amazing speeds, as she comfortably sitting cross-legged flips through a small notebook in her right hand, apparently checking the planned agenda.

Ingrid: "Let's see... next up is the year 201X, and I'll be up against... What!? That monk who just passed by!?... Wasn't Ryu!? He sure is up to something interesting now! Hahahahaha!"

"Shadaloo is destroyed... and its leader M. Bison has vanished has Ingrid, the Psycho Power back in her hands."

Project X Zone 2Edit

Solo Attack Opening QuotesEdit

  • "Hustle, hustle!"
  • "Here I am!"
  • "Out of my way!"
  • "This is my true power!"
  • "Now you see me, now you don't!"

Solo Attack Ending QuotesEdit

  • "In the name of heaven, I'll punish you!"
  • "Dance of the Heat Haze!"
  • "I'm still young and sprightly!"
  • "Mine's the real deal you know"
  • "Sure about this? Here I come!"

Intro QuotesEdit

  • Pull yourself together! I don't want to see that.
  • That's odd. Why is my head throbbing?

Victory QuotesEdit

  • "Well, everything in moderation, as they say."
  • "Ah, the bitter taste of victory..."
  • "Hmm. I need more spirit, finishing moves, and variety. In that order."

Paired Character DialogueEdit

Akira Yuki & Kage-MaruEdit


  • Ingrid: Isn't calling out your move names like that kind of childish, really?
    Akira: It's kind of addictive once you start doing it. Right, Kage Maru?
    Kage-Maru: ...It's not bad.


  • Ingrid: Well, that was over fast. And I'm still pumped up, too!
    Kage-Maru: Restraining your emotions in battle is another facet of training.
    Akira: Very true, Ingrid. Let's begin by training you to stop fidgeting.

Chris Redfield & Jill ValentineEdit


  • Chris: Ingrid... She's strong, but something about her is shady.
    Jill: Ingrid, mind if we scan you with the Genesis later?
    Ingrid: S-Stay away. I don't want you looking at my insides.

Chrom & LucinaEdit


  • Ingrid: Ngh! My Code Holder blood... It's burning! Can I no longer control the power of the seal!?
    Lucina: Do people in other worlds suffer like Owain under uncontrollable impulses?!
    Chrom: I wonder who made Lissa's son the way he was in the first place...

Chun-Li & Ling XiaoyuEdit


  • Ingrid: 4000 years of Chinese history, huh? My, how quickly the days pass.
    Xiaoyu: You sound like an old woman, Ingrid.
    Chun-Li: A woman's age is a mystery. You'll learn that someday.


  • Xiaoyu: Hahaha, I did it! I'm the strongest woman in the world!
    Ingrid: How sweet. Remember your own young and carefree days, Chun-Li?
    Chun-Li: Remember when you chose your words more carefully, Ingrid?

Ciel Alencon & Nana KouzukiEdit


  • Ingrid: You youngsters probably wouldn't pick up on the pheromones I exude!
    Nana: Hah! You think I'm gonna let your weird pheromones overcome mine?
    Ciel: Nana, that's a severe misuse of your blood power.

Dante & VergilEdit


  • Ingrid: A memento from the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda, eh.
    Vergil: You... What do you know of it?
    Dante: Women have many mysteries. Better be careful with her.


  • Ingrid: So it's the hero dressed in red this time, not this rival. That's a change.
    Vergil: I have no idea what you're babbling about.
    Dante: Huh, yeah, I get it. Never thought of that before.

Demitri Maximoff & Morrigan AenslandEdit


  • Ingrid: This is so much like the rebellion in the Makai World.
    Demitri: Ingrid, what exactly are you? How much do you know?
    Morrigan: Her background and personality... Everything's a mystery.


  • Morrigan: Huh. I'd give that about a 60.
    Ingrid: Between the red eyes and those gross tights, I'd say more like a 45.
    Demitri: Erm? You... You aren't talking about me, are you?

Ichiro Ogami & Erica FontaineEdit


  • Ingrid: The heavens see right through you! Front and back!
    Ichiro: Eep! F-Front and back? What's theat mean, Ingrid?
    Erica: It means the heavens know just like I do... Know who you really like the best!

Jin Kazama & Kazuya MishimaEdit


  • Ingrid: The Devil Gene, hm? That's far too much power for one person to have.
    Kazuya: Heh heh... But now it's under my full control!
    Jin: Someday I'll end you... You and that accursed power...

Kazuma Kiryu & Goro MajimaEdit


  • Majima: I know chicks like you. We call 'em "flibbertigibbets".
    Ingrid: You're one to talk, youngster. Isn't he, Kazzy?
    Kiryu: I don't know who you are, but you've sure got a lot of attitude.

Kite & HaseoEdit


  • Ingrid: The World, huh? Games sure have changed from the boopy-beep days.
    Haseo: That what? Sheesh, how old are you, lady?
    Kite: You shouldn't ask a woman her age, Haseo.

KOS-MOS & FioraEdit


  • Ingrid: A mech-girl and a girl-mech, eh? I can hardly tell you folks apart. Shall we begin?
    Fiora: What? Really? You think KOS-MOS and I look anything alike?
    KOS-MOS: Unknown. However, I believe the fault lies with Ingrid's abnormal personality.

Reiji Arisu & XiaomuEdit


  • Ingrid: I may not look it, but I've got a lot of experience.
    Xiaomu: Oh yeah? What's your THAC0?
    Reiji: She doesn't speak your weird gamer language, Xiaomu.


  • Ingrid: For a youngster like you, Reiji, you're a huge disappointment.
    Xiaomu: Hey, don't blame him for being such a hopeless romantic.
    Reiji: You're both asking for a spanking...

Ryu and Ken MastersEdit


  • Ryu: You and me, right here, right now! Let's do this!
    Ingrid: We got your back, Ryu!
    Ken: They're not getting away now!

Sakura Shinguji & Gemini SunriseEdit


  • Gemini: I'll handle this. Gemini is under my protection!
    Sakura: Oh, Gemini! Is this your other personality?
    Ingrid: Multiple personalities? I guess everyone needs a gimmick.

Strider Hiryu & HotsumaEdit


  • Ingrid: Hmm. A Strider and a Shadow Dancer, was it?
    Hotsuma: I am a Shinobi.
    Hiryu: My affiliation is unimportant. All that matters is my mission.

X & ZeroEdit


  • Zero: What are you staring at, Ingrid?
    Ingrid: If I used some of your spare parts, I could become a fashionable mecha-girl!
    X: Oh! Are we-- Are we fashionable?

Yuri Lowell & Flynn ScifoEdit


  • Flynn: We could use someone like you in Dahngrest, Ingrid. It's a dark place.
    Ingrid: Hmph. Is there a great evil there born of mortals' lust for power?
    Yuri: Nah, we're just saying all your sun moves could really brighten the town up.


  • Flynn: Yuri, you sure you're OK?
    Yuri: More nagging? You don't have to worry about me, Flynn.
    Ingrid: Ah, friendship is a beautiful thing!

Zephyr & VashyronEdit


  • Vashyron: Huh. Another young girl to babysit? Or wait, maybe you're not so young after all.
    Ingrid: Of course I'm young! I'm in the flower of my youth! See?
    Zephyr: I wouldn't bother dealing with her, Vashyron.

Cutscene DialogueEdit

Chapter 10: The Code holderEdit

M. Bison: "The power to magnify power itself. The key to my new Psycho Drive!"

Leon: "Psycho Drive?"

Ingrid: "Hoooh-hoh-hoh-hoh! I heard that!"

Bison: "Ngh"


Ingrid: "Oh hey Morrigan. I see your showing yourself off as much as ever."

Akira: "Do you know this strange girl?"

Demitri: "She's seen quite often in Makai... Though I've no idea who she is."

Ingrid: "It's not gentlemanly to go prying into a woman's identity. Let's just say I have a certain mission that keeps me on the move an awful lot. The rest is on a need-to-know basis, as in, I bet you think it'd be neat to know! Hooh-hoh-hoh-hoh!"


Ingrid: "Hm? Say, aren't you agents for that Japanese special ops unit, Shinra?"

Xiaomu: : "How did you know that? And who are you, anyway? Are you trying to pilfer my cool-mystical-girl-vibe?"

Reiji: "Easy now. There's room for two."

Ingrid: "Me, swiping from you? That's a laugh, you silly fox-girl. I've been around as long as you have. Probably longer."

Xiaomu: "Oh, that does it, missy. If it's war you want, it's war you'll get!"


Reiji: "Here he comes! Ingrid, you better fill us in on what's going on later!"

Ingrid: "Very well. A girl needs some secrets... But I'll tell you a few things."


Ingrid: "In other words, your "Psycho Drivel" isn't here, is it."

M. Bison: "..."

Ingrid: "Which means neither is what you took from me. I'll just have to catch you and make you cough up where they are. While I'm at it, I think I'll turn you over to the constabulary. Hooh-hoh-hoh!"


Ingrid: "I know everything, kid. As for why I know everything... Well, we'll leave that a mystery."

Xiaomu: "So cryptic! So intriguing? No wonder she's so popular. Well, I'll show her! With... With something from my DARK PAST THAT I CAN'T DISCUSS--"

Reiji: "You really don't need to compete with her, Xiaomu."


Kiryu: "You've heard of us, too? You're craftier than you let on, little girl."

Ingrid: "Hoooh-ho-ho... I'll take that as a compliment. (Although I'll thank you not to call me a "little girl", kid, given that you're barely 40 years old...)"


Miyuki: "So Ms. Ingrid, about the bill..."

Ingrid: "Hm? Oh, right. I'm afraid I can't actually pay. But I got you some great exposure, didn't I?"

Miyuki: "..."

Chapter 14: Renaissance of FateEdit

Ingrid: "Oho, so this is The World! Pretty. I see the appeal now."


Ingrid: "Damn you, Sylphie... There's such a thing as being too neutral."

Chapter 15: Echoes in EternityEdit

Ingrid: "Well, isn't she cute! Not as much as I am... But close! Is this Aura, then?"

Chapter 17: Road CombatantsEdit

Alisa: "You there! It's dangerous here! You need to evacuate immed-- Huh?"

Ingrid: "Hmm. Is everyone else seeing a girl in a lamentable state of undress?"

Ryo: "Can't you at least close you shirt?"

Alisa: "Th-this is the only size they had that-- Hold on, I know some of you!"


M. Bison: "I am immortal. And in order to stay that way... I need you, Ryu."

Ryu: "What?!"

Ingrid: "Well, that was unexpected. The Ryu/Bison shippers are going to be thrilled, though."


Xiaomu: "Well, that's unexpected. Bet the Ryu/Bison shippers will be thrilled, though!"

Ingrid: "For the record I already made that joke."

Chapter 18: Escape from the Gangs of New YorkEdit

Ulala: "It's a dance battle!"

Ciel: "This has to do with that Dance Energy we were talking about, correct? What exactly do we have to do?"

Ingrid: "Really? What a pity. I was all set to show off my belly-dancing finesse."

Chapter 19: The Call of the EveningEdit

Vashyron: "Heh... Count yourselves lucky, ladies. You're about to get a ride on the Trusty Magnum"

Ingrid: "Whats that supposed to mean? Need I remind you that many of us are members of the constabulary?"

Axel: "Man, you're going on SO many lists."

Dante: "Put the handcuffs down buddy"

Chapter 20: The Power to Change FateEdit

Ingrid: "Evil French bunnies, Ouma's talking livestock, and now a demon? Way to challenge the non-human stereotype, guys."

Chapter 26: The Terror of Death ApproachesEdit

Urashima: "Oh there was never any danger. I've got mad skills, driving-wise"

Ingrid: "Skills? All you did was aim straight ahead and floor it"

Chapter 31: Turnabout DanceEdit

Ingrid: "Looks like we'll just have to ask Bison ourselves"

Ryo: "Yes. We'll do everything we can to set this right... And then return to our own times, Ingrid"

Ingrid: "Heh, little brat. A few battlers under your belt and you're already talking like a grown-up."

Chapter 35: Justice EnforcedEdit

Ryo: "Wait, that girl's not even human? And she's thousands of years old?!"

Tiki: "Zzz... Thousands of years YOUNG... Zzz..."

Ingrid: "What does Shadaloo want with an oracle who can't even be honest about her age?"


Ingrid: "You little scamps. I guess i'd better come along, be your adult chaperon. Besides, I've got something I need to take back too... Take care of things down here, everyone."

Chapter 42: Arisu in DestinylandEdit

Urashima: "The next problem is what to do about those of us from a few years in the past or future..."

Reiji: "Not to mention those from a more distant alternate past, like Ogami and Gemini."

Ingrid: "Leave that to me. Now that I've got my crest back, that kind of temporal fiddling is a timepiece of cake."

Ryo: "You can really do that? Who are you anyway, Ingrid?"

Ingrid: "All this time and you're only just asking, Ryo? Well... Best to just think of me as a mysterious beauty who briefly graced your life."

Xiaomu: "Oh no, please, go on. We're all just DYING to hear your rich, complicated backstory that TOTALLY exists for real."

Reiji: "I don't think there's time, Xiaomu. Ingrid, thanks, we appreciate the help."


Before sending everyone back to their own time

Ingrid: "This took up more time than I thought. I need to get back to my real job. Perhaps I'll show up again someday, if you're lucky! Hooh-hoh-hoh!"