This is a list of quotes used by Ingrid.

Capcom Fighting Jam Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Good job! I needed some practice in holding back my strength anyway!"
  • "What were you doing? It was supposed to be a fight, but all I felt was tickling!"
  • "Ah, the bitter taste of victory..."

Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "That wasn't exciting at all! I can't believe this is the end!"
  • "Oh my... that was too boring! Now what am I supposed to do?"
  • "I'm going to tickle you now... You ready? Tickle. Tickle."
  • "Aww... too tough? You should go home. It's alright to cry."
  • "You'll have to excuse me... After all, this is just work..."

Rival DialoguesEdit

vs. Evil RyuEdit

Evil Ryu: "Destruction... I'll destroy anything and everything!"

Ingrid: "And just what did you expect to happen here? Where did you get that power? It is beyond your control!"

Evil Ryu: "Silence!! Prepare to meet your utter destruction!"

Ingrid: "I guess I have no choice but to teach you a lesson..."

After Ryu is released from the Satsui no Hado's influence

Ryu: "Unghh... Huh?! Wha... Where am I? You... you saved me... Thank you."

Ingrid: "It seems someone was controlling you like an evil puppet. Do you have any idea who it is? An evil like that is dangerous."

Ryu: "Yes... something strange happened after I met Bison."

Ingrid: "Bison?! I was told to look out for him. I bet he's the one using that piece for his own purposes. Farewell Ryu. Good luck in your pursuit of knowledge."

Ryu: "What?! You know who I am?! How do you know so much?!"

vs. RoseEdit

Rose: "I can't see your future, or your past. All I see is a white haze. Who are you? And why are you after Bison?"

Ingrid: "You have the power to read the streams of time, don't you? If that is the case then wake up! The power he holds is dangerous. That power has always been mine. I have to get it back!"

Rose: "That power is yours...?! We'll just have to see about that! My mission is to seal his power away forever! Stand aside!"

After defeating Rose

Ingrid: "You shouldn't worry. We'll keep that power in our custody. It shouldn't take me more than 15 minutes to get rid of Bison. So don't worry, Rose. You can enjoy yourself now."

Rose: "Who... who are you?! I still can't see what's in your future."

Ingrid: "Remember me as a messenger from the stars... Farewell, Rose."

vs. M. BisonEdit

Ingrid: "That uniform... and that twisted face! There's no mistaken him! Bison!! I'm going to seal away your Psycho Power forever! So return that power now! You can't just take what you please!"

M. Bison: "You! Your seal! Your fate is linked to the Psycho Drive!"

Ingrid: "Psycho... what?! You've even given it a ridiculous name! You can never master that power! Return it before you get hurt!"

M. Bison: "Haha... who do you think you are? You've just sealed your fate! There won't be a trace left after you meet my Psycho Power!"

Ingrid: "Your power!?!? Is there no limit to your shamelessness?"

After beating M. Bison

Ingrid: "Done and done! You can give it back to me now!"

M. Bison: "Arrgghhh! How did you track me down all the way here!? I'll never give up my power! I'll never give up Psycho Drive!"

Ingrid: "How many times do I have to say it? It has always been my power!"


M. Bison suddenly rises flying away.

Ingrid: "...there sure is no reasoning with him, is there?"

Ingrid proceeds to follow him. Rose appears following their trails.

Rose: "The power... It's gathering! An unbelievably sinister energy... What are you going to do? This is critical!"

Ingrid descends into Shadaloo's secret base hidden inside a reclining Buddha statue, where she faces M. Bison in its interiors.

M. Bison: "Hahahaha! You're too late! Human hatred and fear all feed into my Psycho Drive! I'll never stop receiving this limitless and never-ending evil! i have conquered death! No one can threaten me now."

Ingrid: "...say what you like! I show you the very end of life itself!"

M. Bison: "Is that a last request?! Dieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!"

The seal in the center of the Psycho Drive seems to overload the equipment, throwing terrible lightning bolts in all directions.

M. Bison: "Huh!? This can't be... How can this be? I can never be defeated! Impossible!!!!!!!"

The body of Bison itself begins to suffer the consequences of the malfunction, crumbling at first and then exploding from inside with energies released in the form of blinding light beams.

Ingrid: "The catalyst you used was too strong for a machine like that! This power has always been mine. No ordinary human can control it! I have spent too much time on this one! Time to get back to work! While I'm at it, I'll get rid of this terrible machine as well!"

The entire giant statue which camouflaged the secret base rises into the air, apparently under the influence of Ingrid's powers. Rose continued in the immediate area when detected the recent events.

Rose: "Bison power is extinguished. It's finally over now... But I have no idea who that girl really was..."

Ingrid with the statue continue traveling at amazing speeds, as she comfortably sitting cross-legged flips through a small notebook in her right hand, apparently checking the planned agenda.

Ingrid: "Let's see... next up is the year 201X, and I'll be up against... What!? That monk who just passed by!?... Wasn't Ryu!? He sure is up to something interesting now! Hahahahaha!"

"Shadaloo is destroyed... and its leader M. Bison has vanished has Ingrid, the Psycho Power back in her hands."

Project X Zone 2Edit

Solo Attack Opening QuotesEdit

  • "Here I am!"
  • "Hustle, hustle!"
  • "I'd say I've got a chance!"
  • "I'm adorable!"
  • "Now you see me, now you don't!"
  • "Out of my way!"
  • "Respect your elders!"
  • "Shall we play?"
  • "This is my true power!"
  • "You called?"

Solo Attack Ending QuotesEdit

  • "Dance of the Heat Haze!"
  • "Did I leave an impression?"
  • "Guess this is goodbye!"
  • "How do you like my moves?"
  • "I'll get you fired up! ♪"
  • "I'm still young and sprightly!"
  • "In the name of heaven, I'll punish you!"
  • "Mine's the real deal, you know."
  • "Sure about this? Here I come!"

Intro QuotesEdit

  • "Guess I need to get you fired up."
  • "Fine. I'll do it."
  • "You should be proud that you get to face me."
  • "How unenlightened."
  • "Pull yourself together! I don't want to see that.
  • "That's odd. Why is my head throbbing?"
  • "You're so eager to rush to your death?"
  • "That wasn't exciting at all. You're gonna make me fall asleep."
  • "What were you doing? All I felt was tickling!"

Victory QuotesEdit

  • "Ah, the bitter taste of victory..."
  • "I'm going to tickle you now... You ready? Tickle. Tickle."
  • "Would you like to know my secrets? Hooh-hoh-hoh."
  • "Hmph, kids these days."
  • "Hmm. I need more spirit, finishing moves, and variety. In that order."
  • "Well, everything in moderation, as they say."
  • "Hmph. It happens."
  • "I'll let you off easy this time."

Paired Character DialogueEdit

Akira Yuki & Kage-MaruEdit


  • Ingrid: Isn't calling out your move names like that kind of childish, really?
    Akira: It's kind of addictive once you start doing it. Right, Kage Maru?
    Kage-Maru: ...It's not bad.


  • Ingrid: Well, that was over fast. And I'm still pumped up, too!
    Kage-Maru: Restraining your emotions in battle is another facet of training.
    Akira: Very true, Ingrid. Let's begin by training you to stop fidgeting.

Chris Redfield & Jill ValentineEdit


  • Chris: Ingrid... She's strong, but something about her is shady.
    Jill: Ingrid, mind if we scan you with the Genesis later?
    Ingrid: S-Stay away. I don't want you looking at my insides.

Chrom & LucinaEdit


  • Ingrid: Ngh! My Code Holder blood... It's burning! Can I no longer control the power of the seal!?
    Lucina: Do people in other worlds suffer like Owain under uncontrollable impulses?!
    Chrom: I wonder who made Lissa's son the way he was in the first place...

Chun-Li & Ling XiaoyuEdit


  • Ingrid: 4000 years of Chinese history, huh? My, how quickly the days pass.
    Xiaoyu: You sound like an old woman, Ingrid.
    Chun-Li: A woman's age is a mystery. You'll learn that someday.


  • Xiaoyu: Hahaha, I did it! I'm the strongest woman in the world!
    Ingrid: How sweet. Remember your own young and carefree days, Chun-Li?
    Chun-Li: Remember when you chose your words more carefully, Ingrid?

Ciel Alencon & Nana KouzukiEdit


  • Ingrid: You youngsters probably wouldn't pick up on the pheromones I exude!
    Nana: Hah! You think I'm gonna let your weird pheromones overcome mine?
    Ciel: Nana, that's a severe misuse of your blood power.

Dante & VergilEdit


  • Ingrid: A memento from the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda, eh.
    Vergil: You... What do you know of it?
    Dante: Women have many mysteries. Better be careful with her.


  • Ingrid: So it's the hero dressed in red this time, not this rival. That's a change.
    Vergil: I have no idea what you're babbling about.
    Dante: Huh, yeah, I get it. Never thought of that before.

Demitri Maximoff & Morrigan AenslandEdit


  • Ingrid: This is so much like the rebellion in the Makai World.
    Demitri: Ingrid, what exactly are you? How much do you know?
    Morrigan: Her background and personality... Everything's a mystery.


  • Morrigan: Huh. I'd give that about a 60.
    Ingrid: Between the red eyes and those gross tights, I'd say more like a 45.
    Demitri: Erm? You... You aren't talking about me, are you?

Ichiro Ogami & Erica FontaineEdit


  • Ingrid: The heavens see right through you! Front and back!
    Ichiro: Eep! F-Front and back? What's theat mean, Ingrid?
    Erica: It means the heavens know just like I do... Know who you really like the best!

Jin Kazama & Kazuya MishimaEdit


  • Ingrid: The Devil Gene, hm? That's far too much power for one person to have.
    Kazuya: Heh heh... But now it's under my full control!
    Jin: Someday I'll end you... You and that accursed power...

Kazuma Kiryu & Goro MajimaEdit


  • Majima: I know chicks like you. We call 'em "flibbertigibbets".
    Ingrid: You're one to talk, youngster. Isn't he, Kazzy?
    Kiryu: I don't know who you are, but you've sure got a lot of attitude.

Kite & HaseoEdit


  • Ingrid: The World, huh? Games sure have changed from the boopy-beep days.
    Haseo: That what? Sheesh, how old are you, lady?
    Kite: You shouldn't ask a woman her age, Haseo.

KOS-MOS & FioraEdit


  • Ingrid: A mech-girl and a girl-mech, eh? I can hardly tell you folks apart. Shall we begin?
    Fiora: What? Really? You think KOS-MOS and I look anything alike?
    KOS-MOS: Unknown. However, I believe the fault lies with Ingrid's abnormal personality.

Reiji Arisu & XiaomuEdit


  • Ingrid: I may not look it, but I've got a lot of experience.
    Xiaomu: Oh yeah? What's your THAC0?
    Reiji: She doesn't speak your weird gamer language, Xiaomu.


  • Ingrid: For a youngster like you, Reiji, you're a huge disappointment.
    Xiaomu: Hey, don't blame him for being such a hopeless romantic.
    Reiji: You're both asking for a spanking...

Ryu and Ken MastersEdit


  • Ryu: You and me, right here, right now! Let's do this!
    Ingrid: We got your back, Ryu!
    Ken: They're not getting away now!

Sakura Shinguji & Gemini SunriseEdit


  • Gemini: I'll handle this. Gemini is under my protection!
    Sakura: Oh, Gemini! Is this your other personality?
    Ingrid: Multiple personalities? I guess everyone needs a gimmick.

Strider Hiryu & HotsumaEdit


  • Ingrid: Hmm. A Strider and a Shadow Dancer, was it?
    Hotsuma: I am a Shinobi.
    Hiryu: My affiliation is unimportant. All that matters is my mission.

X & ZeroEdit


  • Zero: What are you staring at, Ingrid?
    Ingrid: If I used some of your spare parts, I could become a fashionable mecha-girl!
    X: Oh! Are we-- Are we fashionable?

Yuri Lowell & Flynn ScifoEdit


  • Flynn: We could use someone like you in Dahngrest, Ingrid. It's a dark place.
    Ingrid: Hmph. Is there a great evil there born of mortals' lust for power?
    Yuri: Nah, we're just saying all your sun moves could really brighten the town up.


  • Flynn: Yuri, you sure you're OK?
    Yuri: More nagging? You don't have to worry about me, Flynn.
    Ingrid: Ah, friendship is a beautiful thing!

Zephyr & VashyronEdit


  • Vashyron: Huh. Another young girl to babysit? Or wait, maybe you're not so young after all.
    Ingrid: Of course I'm young! I'm in the flower of my youth! See?
    Zephyr: I wouldn't bother dealing with her, Vashyron.

Cutscene DialogueEdit

Chapter 10: The Code holderEdit

M. Bison: "The power to magnify power itself. The key to my new Psycho Drive!"

Leon: "Psycho Drive?"

Ingrid: "Hoooh-hoh-hoh-hoh! I heard that!"

Bison: "Ngh"


Ingrid: "Hmm. Well, this vessel's certainly cheery."

Kage Maru: "Did she just jump down from all the way up there? What excellent form."

Natsu: "I'm not even sure how to process that."


M. Bison: "Who are--Hm? I know this power..."

Ingrid: "That uniform... And that twisted face! There's no mistaking him! Bison! I'm going to seal away your Psycho Power forever! So return that power now! You can't just take what you please!"

Majima: "Whoever this broad is... I like her already."


Morrigan: "Ingrid? Ingrid, is that you?"

Ingrid: "Oh hey Morrigan. I see your showing yourself off as much as ever."

Akira: "Do you know this strange girl?"

Demitri: "She's seen quite often in Makai... Though I've no idea who she is."

Ingrid: "It's not gentlemanly to go prying into a woman's identity. Let's just say I have a certain mission that keeps me on the move an awful lot. The rest is on a neat-to-know basis, as in, I bet you think it'd be neat to know! Hooh-hoh-hoh-hoh!"

Xiaomu: "...It's hard to preserve your mystique when you make such terrible jokes."

Ingrid: "Hm? Say, aren't you agents for that Japanese special ops unit, Shinra?"

Xiaomu: : "How did you know that? And who are you, anyway? Are you trying to pilfer my cool-mystical-girl vibe?"

Reiji: "Easy now. There's room for two."

Ingrid: "Me, swiping from you? That's a laugh, you silly fox-girl. I've been around as long as you have. Probably longer."

Xiaomu: "Oh, that does it, missy. If it's war you want, it's war you'll get!"

Ryo: "Wait, from what Morrigan and Demitri said, it sounds like she's on our side. Shouldn't we be fighting Bison now?"

Ingrid: "You must be the bearer of the Phoenix Mirror, Ryo Hazuki. Very responsible for such a young age!"

Ryo: "You know who I am?! Wait... I'm the Phoenix Mirror's what?"


M. Bison: "Enough of this nonsense. ...Ingrid, was it? You! Your seal! Your fate is linked to the Psycho Drive!"

Ingrid: "You can never master that power! Return it before you get hurt!"

M. Bison: "Heheh... Who do you think you are? You've just sealed your fate!"

Reiji: "Here he comes! Ingrid, you better fill us in on what's going on later!"

Ingrid: "Very well. A girl needs some secrets... But I'll tell you a few things."


Ryo: "Bison! Give me back the Phoenix Mirror!"

M. Bison: "Foolish whelp. Did you honestly think I had it with me?"

Ryo: "What?!"

Ingrid: "In other words, your "Psycho Drivel" isn't here, is it."

M. Bison: "..."

Ingrid: "Which means neither is what you took from me. I'll just have to catch you and make you cough up where they are. While I'm at it, I think I'll turn you over to the constabulary. Hooh-hoh-hoh!"

Ryo: "Constabulary?"

Xiaomu: "She means the police. Not that common of a term these days."


Ingrid: "I see. You Japanese special-ops folks sure get mixed up in some messes, don't you."

Reiji: "This phenomenon where different worlds collide... It's not the first time it's happened."

Xiaomu: "The problem is that there are those out there who keep trying to use the occurrence for nefarious ends."

Hotsuma: "In this world, the ones leading those efforts are Bison... And Ouma."

Morrigan: "Ingrid, do you know anything about the gold chains? We even saw them in Makai."

Ingrid: "That's still under investigation. All I know right now is that Ouma is involved."

Demitri: "You really don't know? I don't trust you."


Ingrid: "Myself, I'm on a certain job that involves trailing Shadaloo, but I can't say any more than that."

Hotsuma: "Psycho Drive, was it? What is it anyway?"

Ingrid: "I've never seen it in person, but I know it enables him to amplify his Psycho Power. ...And he's using something to do it. Something important to me."

Ryo: "And the Phoenix Mirror he took from me is there too?"

Ingrid: "I'm certain he's using it as well. There's another mirror just like it, right? If he'd gotten his hands on that one, too, he would have been a far more formidable foe."

Ryo: "You mean the Dragon Mirror? How do you know about that?"

Ingrid: "I know everything, kid. As for WHY I know everything... Well, we'll leave that a mystery."

Xiaomu: "So cryptic! So intriguing! No wonder she's so popular. Well, I'll show her! With... With something from my DARK PAST THAT I CAN'T DISCUSS--"

Reiji: "You really don't need to compete with her, Xiaomu. Ingrid, we're going after Bison too. Will you help us?"

Ingrid: "Hmm. Representatives from Japanese special ops, a commando team, the Striders... Sure, might be nice for you to owe me a favor. Oh, I certainly shouldn't forget the future king of all Makai..."

Demitri: "Heh heh... Now you're speaking my language, Ingrid. Very well, I'll place my trust in you."

Majima: "Well, SOMEONE'S a pushover."

Ingrid: "Of course, I pay my respects to the Dragon of the Dojima Family and the Mad Dog of the Shimano Family as well."

Kiryu: "You've heard of us, too? You're craftier than you let on, little girl."

Ingrid: "Hoooh-ho-ho... I'll take that as a compliment. (Although I'll thank you not to call me a "little girl", kid, given that you're barely 40 years old...)"

Xiaomu: "By the way, Ingrid. That airship up there... Isn't that the Air Inn?"

Natsu: "Air Inn? You know that bird-machine, Xiaomu?"

Ingrid: "Oh right, I almost forgot! Hey, Miyuki! Can you hear me?!"


Miyuki: "So Ms. Ingrid, about the bill..."

Ingrid: "Hm? Oh, right. I'm afraid I can't actually pay. But I got you some great exposure, didn't I?"

Miyuki: "..."

Ingrid: "O-Okay, okay, don't worry! These nice Shinra people will buy something from you, I'm sure of it!"

Reiji: "What?"

Miyuki: "Thanks for your business! Welcome, new customers!"

Chapter 11: Boulevards of BelligerenceEdit

Majima: "You've all been down here disarming bombs? Nuts, I woulda been all over that!"

Ingrid: "For a yakuza, you've got some strange hobbies. You want your fingers and/or everything blown off?"

Phoenix: "Well, now they're all safely disarmed, so... Wait, who are you?"

Chun-Li: "Ingrid? Ingrid, is that you?"

Ingrid: "Oho, the so-called "strongest woman in the world". I see you're still hard at work, Chun-Li."

Xiaoyu: "Wow, everyone's doing the twin-circles-in-your-hair thing now. Chun-Li, do you know her?"

Chun-Li: "I've seen her a few times during my investigations. She doesn't seem to have aged a bit. How old are you, Ingrid?"

Ingrid: "Asking a woman her age? You ought to know better than that, dear."

Ryo: "Bison stole something from her, just like he did from me."

Chapter 12: One Big Questionably Happy FamilyEdit

Fiora: "But now the gold chains are planted all around it. There's got to be something going on there."

Haseo: "Agreed. I bet the level designers put an event trigger there."

Xiaomu: "Maybe one that makes Ingrid old and wrinkly. A crone-o-trigger!"

Ingrid: "Children these days think life is just one big video game. I weep for our future."


Axel: "Whoa, what are those things?"

Kiryu: "I'm not sure. Puppets?"

Morrigan: "No, they're demons. I've seen them in Makai before."

Ingrid: "Interesting. Looks like the rumors of the door leading to the demon world were true then."

Maya: "Maybe it's related to the gold chains. We saw something like this in Makai too, right?"


Ryo: "They just keep coming. What's going on with this castle?"

Ingrid: "A door to Makai, golden chains, demons, and Ouma... And the Mishimas are acting strange on top of it."

Dante: "Some party this is. No pizza, no booze, and the girls are ten kinds of weird. What's the next surprise? It'd take something big to knock my socks off at this point."


Vergil: "...So to you guys, I'm past-Vergil, is that it?"

Natsu: "Don't worry about it. I came from even way longer ago. It's cool."

Ingrid: "Some of us are from seven years in the future; others are from several thousand."

Zero: "There must be a way to return to our own times. The last time this happened, we worked it out."

Chapter 13: The Second Coming of ValkyrieEdit

Dante: "Won't last much longer? Is he about to be, uh, digested?"

Ingrid: "I guess that's what "absorbed" means. How much longer do you think you can last?"

???: "About 8 more minutes! Any more than that, and I'm a goner!"


Majima: "All right, more babes with some class! What's your name, sugar?"

Ingrid: "Oho, so this is Marvel Land's famed servant to the heavens... The angel Valkyrie."

Haseo: "Angel? So like, the opposite of a devil?"


Morrigan: "My guess is the gold chains. They're awfully mysterious, after all."

Ingrid: "Just like a bunch of chains to go tangling things up."


Reiji: "First, we should head back to Shibuya. That's where the gold chains seemed to be clustered."

Morrigan: "Which means we'd need to get back to Makai from this dimension..."

Kiryu: "Then go from Makai to Kamurocho, and finally back to Shibuya."

Maya: "And here I thought taking public transit was complicated..."

Ingrid: "Hmm. I've no objections to that route, but shouldn't we do something about this demonic dimension first?"

Valkyrie: "I will seal off this unstable space. I cannot allow the Fracture to fall into the wrong hands. Besides, once this matter is resolved, we'll likely need to come back here."

Chapter 14: Renaissance of FateEdit

Ingrid: "Oho, so this is The World! Pretty. I see the appeal now."


Kiryu: "It's got lots of other crazy junk besides. I think it even had some arcade games I played when I was a kid."

Ingrid: "Hooh-hohoh! That sounds even better than I thought."

Ryo: "There's one that spins around 360 degrees! You gotta check it out."


Vile MK-2: "At last it's complete. Pricier than I'd care for, but the cost included the information fee, so I guess I can't complain. Prepare to die at the hands of the world's most advanced Ride Armor--the new "Goliath"!"

Phoenix: ""Ride Armor"? Didn't we hear that recently? As in, VERY recently?"

Ingrid: "Information fee? Vile, don't tell me you bought the information from..."

Dante: "Sylphie."


Vile MK-2: "And that ends that. Still, the Goliath held up quite well. Sylphie's reputation for quality weaponry seems well-earned."

Ingrid: "Even though we just blew up your beloved machine."

Vile MK-2: "As long as I have the data, I can recreate it as many times as I need. Isn't that right, X? Zero?"


Ingrid: "Damn you, Sylphie... There's such a thing as being too neutral."

Reiji: "Well, she did send us right to the vehicle. Maybe we can let her off with just some mild punishment."

Chapter 15: Echoes in EternityEdit

Reiji: "Good deal. So we finally made it back from seven years in the future."

Ingrid: "Apparently that bugged-out level sent us back to our own time somehow. What is going on with cyberspace?"


Haseo: "I'm not a little kid! And it doesn't work like that. He's data, not medicine."

Ingrid: "At any rate, there's no way out but forward! We'll round up Tri-Edge and Skeith in one fell swoop!"


Maya: "Where'd the little girl come from?!"

Ingrid: "Well, isn't she cute! Not as much as I am... But close! Is this Aura, then?"

Chapter 16: Thicker than WaterEdit

Valkyrie: "Where are we? A lake?"

Xiaoyu: "Um... I think it's a dam?"

Fiora: "Hmmm... The Doctor DID talk about floating in a dam reservoir, but..."

Ingrid: "Looks like the whole swimsuit idea will have to wait for another day."

Ulala: "Oh no! A heartbreaking last-minute cancellation for the First Annual Dragonturtle Women's Swim Meet!"

Chapter 17: Road CombatantsEdit

Alisa: "You there! It's dangerous here! You need to evacuate immed-- Huh?"

Ingrid: "Hmm. Is everyone else seeing a girl in a lamentable state of undress?"

Ryo: "Can't you at least close you shirt?"

Alisa: "Th-this is the only size they had that-- Hold on, I know some of you!" ---

M. Bison: "I thought I'd sunk you with everything else on that ship... Persistent little cockroaches."

Axel: "I've got loads of practice with raxine bombs. You should've come up with something more creative."

Ingrid: "It just means that the gods are watching you. And they're not happy!"

Ryo: "You're not getting away this time, Bison! Get down here!


M. Bison: "I am immortal. And in order to stay that way... I need you, Ryu."

Ryu: "What?!"

Ingrid: "Well, that was unexpected. The Ryu/Bison shippers are going to be thrilled, though."


Vashyron: "Maybe his Psycho Flower thing is controlling Miss Birthday-Suit Bunker-Busters here, too?"

Ingrid: "I don't think so. She doesn't seem hostile... I sense a different kind of motive in her. What's really on your mind, woman? Go on, lay it all out!"

Leanne: "I-I think she already IS laying it all out..."


Xiaomu: "Well, that's unexpected. Bet the Ryu/Bison shippers will be thrilled, though!"

Ingrid: "For the record I already made that joke."

Chapter 18: Escape from the Gangs of New YorkEdit

Ulala: "It's a dance battle!"

Ciel: "This has to do with that Dance Energy we were talking about, correct? What exactly do we have to do?"

Haseo: "Just fight like you always do. That counts as dancing, somehow."

Ingrid: "Really? What a pity. I was all set to show off my belly-dancing finesse."


Vergil: "What's going on? I sense... Devils?"

Ingrid: "Demons. Same thing, I suppose. Are they carrying what I think they're carrying?"

Dante: "Yup. Big ol' bombs. Looks like they're not playing around."


Nana: "Ooh, what should we do first?"

Ingrid: "Wow, what happened to resting up?"

Leon: "All this crazy stuff, and it's still faster than a jet plane. How does she do it?"

Chapter 19: The Call of the EveningEdit

Ryu: "You really believe in your friends, don't you, Sakura."

Sakura: "Of course! Ogami will be just fine! ...Although that ultimately depends on Erica."

Ingrid: "Let's just hope Gemini's right and the situation's trivial enough to joke about."


Demitri: "...Did she really just summon her partner Saya?"

Ingrid: "Not just her. Apparently our own sage fox prefers the company of demons and fiends."

Xiaomu: "Hmm, maybe I do, maybe I don't! Truth is a mystery, unraveled by the candles' flames."


Pyron: "Heh-heh-heh... You mortals are many things, but boring isn't one of them. Good. Otherwise, I would have come for nothing."

Ingrid: "This is gonna be one heck of a summon battle. I'd be lying if I said it didn't look fun, though."

Pai: "It's like some kind of open-air show. If only it were just a Chattes Noires event."


Vashyron: "Heh... Count yourselves lucky, ladies. You're about to get a ride on the Trusty Magnum!"

Ingrid: "What's that supposed to mean? Need I remind you that many of us are members of the constabulary?"

Axel: "Man, you're going on SO many lists."

Dante: "Put the handcuffs down buddy, he means a real gun for once."

Chapter 20: The Power to Change FateEdit

Phoenix: "He said "more" work. Does that mean they've already collected the gold chains?"

Akatana: "Oh yes! We collect with Byakuya X! But it took the too much longtime."

Ingrid: "So you got there ahead of us after all, huh? But I'm afraid we're not handing this gate over to you. We're going to seal it off."

Dokugozu: "Oh yeah? Just try it! Hahahahh!"


Jill: "They look like zombies!"

Valkyrie: "No. These are called Risen!"

Ingrid: "You know them, Valkyrie?"

Valkyrie: "I saw them in the world that was connected to Marvel Land... Grotesque monstrosities that should not exist!"


Valkyrie: "This creature is Kamuz, a demon I once defeated in Marvel Land."

Ingrid: "Evil French bunnies, Ouma's talking livestock, and now a demon? Way to challenge the non-human stereotype, guys."


Reiji: "Chrom, why don't you come with us? I swear we'll find a way to return you to your people."

Ingrid: "If we return to the demonic dimension, I bet we could make use of the Fracture there... But now might not be the time."

Chrom: "We must see this battle through to the end. Clearly the war spans far beyond our world alone."

Chapter 21: You Must Play the Sega Saturn!Edit

Flynn: "Lady Estellise! we're coming to help you!"

Ingrid: "But how are we going to free her from the Psycho Power? Are we going to have to track down M. Bison himself?"

Xiaomu: "She just needs a little shock to the system. Go ahead and attack her! It'll be fine, I bet!"

Chapter 22: The Demons WithinEdit

Flynn: "What are those gold chains?"

Xiaomu: "Part of some scheme cooked up by Ouma--our enemies. Shadaloo is involved somehow, too."

Valkyrie: "Wherever they appear, space-time itself grows unstable."

Ingrid: "They must be why both we and Sanshiro showed up in this world out of nowhere."


Axel: "I'm just glad the elevator still worked. Climbing the stairs all the way up here would not be my idea of a good time."

Ingrid: "I don't even want to think about it. It'd be immoral, asking that much of an elderly lady."


M. Bison: "Blastia, was it? What fascinating toys. If used properly, they might even be able to augment the Psycho Drive's power."

Ken: "So, what, you're planning to steal yet more technology from other worlds?!"

Ingrid: "Knock it off! You stole a thingie from me, a whatsit from Ryo, and it STILL wasn't enough for you?!"

Yuri: "I've never seen this guy before... But I'm picking up subtle hints that he's kind of a jerk, yeah?"


Chun-Li: "Bison! Stop! How much evil must you commit before you're satisfied?!"

Ingrid: "Forget it, Chun-Li. The only solution for a man like him is to put him away for good!"

Chapter 23: The Shade of the NightEdit

Dante: "He's been acting strange since the last time we saw him. Like someone's controlling him."

B. Hayato: "Controlling me? Don't be ridiculous, you fools! I'm my own person!"

Ingrid: "He seems to be doing better now, that's for sure. I mean, look at him go."

June: "Maybe... Maybe Bison is controlling him, like he did to Princess Estelle?"


Pai: "A shop?! It does say "COME IN" in enormous letters..."

Ingrid: "Yeah, it's a store that flies. We've shopped there before. Nicely done, Doctor."

Miyuki: "That's right. Once I got the call from Ms. Urashima, I set off right away!"


Ulala: "With the help of Ms. Miyuki's tremendous suction power, everyone made it off the airship safely!"

Ingrid: "Though if we do that again, I suggest a few of us first change out of our skirts."

Aty: "L-Let's not talk about it..."

Vashyron: "That's right! Let's just savor the memories of what we saw!"

Chapter 24: Beautiful Dangerous Wood SpritesEdit

Ogami: "Phew, so we ARE airworthy. I was worried for a moment there."

Ingrid: "I suppose it makes sense that the Air Inn would specialize in aircraft parts."

Urashima: "Hmm... Well, yes and no."


Leanne:: "And then, maybe a taste of the bizarre... Xiaomu and Ingrid."

Ingrid: "Bizarre? Oh, that's rich, coming from the girl with makeup on her face an inch thick!"

Xiaomu: "Yeah! We're just fine without that junk!"


Garigliano:: "Ah. I see. I've found the cats! (Erica & Felicia) I've found the ninja! (Hibana and Natsu) I've found the old ladies! (Ingrid and Xiaomu) I've found the robots! (Fiora and KOS-MOS) I've found Segata!"


Urashima: "Cool your jets, they gave us a key. And... Voila!"

Ingrid: "Something just came out! What is that?"

Leanne: "Nnguuhhh, THIS again..."

Lucina: "My goodness, Leanne, someone appears to have made a statue of you! It's... resplendent!"


Juri: "Hey! The rest of you, get out here!"

Ingrid: "Statues in bronze, silver, stone... What the heck kind of studio IS this?"

Akira: "Don't forget the gold chains everywhere. Artists would probably get off on this... But I don't."


Majima: "And again, even the cart's made outta gold. Artists. Frickin' weirdos."

Ingrid: "They must have used the same mold for each statue."

Xiaomu: "Hmm! If we had enough gelatin mix, I bet we could make a big ol' wobbly gelatin statue!"


KOS-MOS: ""Right now... I am bound to this world. Through the power that pierces dimensions.""

Aya-me: "..."

Ingrid: "I'm not totally clear on this... But does that mean she'll be freed if the chains go away?"

Ogami: "(Is that why you're investigating Ouma, Ayame? Is that why?!)"


Urashima: "Our Dragonturtle Mk. I's nearly back in business. But before we melt them down, the women shall pay our proper respects."

Felicia: "Oh! Mother Leanne!"

Ingrid: "We art unworthy of thy blessings."

Erica: "You shine like the spirit of God Himself!"

Lucina: "Your celestial radiance humbles us all, Lady Leanne..."

Leanne: "Aaagh! No! Stop that!"

Chapter 25: ChristmasEdit

Hibana: "Akujiki? ...No, it couldn't be. What sort of fragments are those?"

Ryu: "That we don't know. But we do know they're related to the chains somehow, and Ouma's goons were collecting them."

Ingrid: "They don't look like chain fragments. Is this the target of their "salvage" operation?"

Majima: "But it was s'posed to be Ouma monsters they was diggin' up. Ya think these bits are, like, part of one of 'em?"

Chapter 26: The Terror of Death ApproachesEdit

Urashima: "Oh there was never any danger. I've got mad skills, driving-wise."

Ingrid: "Skills? All you did was aim straight ahead and floor it."


Captain: "I see what you mean. That bug data is like scraps of cyberspace itself... Clusters of pure energy!"

Xiaomu: "If they get even one foot inside... KABLOOIE!"

Ingrid: "We didn't come this far just to go kablooie! Everyone, come on! We need to keep this hunk of junk safe!"


Urashima: "And these shards are almost identical to what was used in Kyuju Kyu's body."

Reiji: "...I didn't want to believe it."

Ingrid: "So their true goal is to collect the parts for this final weapon of theirs?"

Chapter 27: A Summation of MaliceEdit

Ryu: "Let me guess, Captain. You want us to do something about the AIDA and the chains here, right?"

Ingrid: "Are those yellow egg-looking things a new type of AIDA? I'll go take care of them!"

X: "No, wait! Those are Miru Toraeru! They defend cyberspace from threats! Don't touch them!"


Valkyrie: "Wait a moment. Sylphie, would the location of that vortex happen to be..."

Sylphie: "Indeed. It materialized in the exact same airspace as the hijacked Space Symphony."

Ingrid: "Well, now it all fits. They want to launch an attack on another world, and they needed a new airship to do it with."

Chapter 28: Angels with Burning HeartsEdit

Estelle: "Um... What's so special about Makai fire?"

Ingrid: "...Very soon, it will grow to consume this entire ship."

Gemini: "And the Space Symphony will become a Space Sympherno!"


Lucina: ""Burning Ranger"? Is that a combat class? Do they shoot flame arrows?"

Captain: "No, the Burning Rangers are a group of firefighters who specialize in disaster relief."

Leon: "That's great, but we've got no way of contacting anyone outside this ship, nor the time to wait for them."

Ingrid: "And yet, there's no telling what the flames of Makai may do to this world if we don't stop them."

Segata: "... In that case... We ourselves shall become the Burning Rangers!"


Miyuki: "Hi, everyone! Good work getting the hijacked spaceliner back! Just so you know, I've got some great prices on fire extinguishers. Limited time only!"

Leanne: "That's OK, we're done fighting fires for a while... Wait, could this be an enemy trap, too?"

Ingrid: "Miyuki?! What are you doing here? This is the future!"

Miyuki: "I was just on my way home from a business excursion to Shadaloo!"

Chapter 29: The True Dragon FistEdit

Metal Face: "Eh, whatever. I was itching for a good fight anyway! And if we make a good fracas, it'll be something they can't possibly ignore!"

Ingrid: "WE certainly noticed. Unfortunately for you."

Jin: " Wait, weren't you guys with Chris and Jill's group?"

Kiryu: "Oh, they wandered off on a side route. I guess they found something interesting."


M. Bison: "Heh-heh-heh... Well done. You've made it further than I expected."

Ingrid: "Bison! I just knew Shadaloo was causing trouble here! What did you do to Ken and the others?!"

M. Bison: "I merely baptized them with my Psycho Power. This "Ken" of yours had a gaping mental weak spot. I just couldn't help myself."


Axel: "We've finally found you, Bison!"

Ingrid: "Ryu! And the real Axel! You folks were chasing after Shadaloo?"

Chris: "Yeah, they were working together with Ouma. We wound up getting into a tussle..."


Fiora: "Bison! What have you been up to?!"

M. Bison: "Procuring technology that will enhance my Psycho Drive. The Phoenix Mirror, the crest... At last, everything is in place."

Ingrid: "What do you mean, in place? You cut this out right now, or we'll knock you silly!"

Ryo: "We've already done that over and over... But he never learns. Do you, Bison?"

Chapter 30: Way Beyond Good and EvilEdit

Dokurobo: "Yeah, but look at how much fun the swimsuit girls are having down by the shore!"

Zephyr: "Swimsuit girls? Guys, did he finally snap under the shock of being abandoned by his evil cohorts?"

Chrom: "It may be too late for us to save him. A pity."

Pai: "The shore? Hey, look!"

T-elos: "Heh-heh-heh..."

Unknown: "..."

Estelle: "Oh, so that's who he meant!"

Ingrid: "Hey, those aren't swimsuits! One of them's even stark naked!"


Zagi: "Ryugu Castle? Like I care one bit about that place. "Sigma" or whatever can have it if he wants!"

X: "Sigma? You were there with Sigma?!"

Ingrid: "I bet Vile introduced them. He and Zagi got surprisingly chummy."

Zero: "So we know that Sigma, his Mavericks, and the phantoms and demons of the Flower Division's era are all in Ryugu Castle."

Chapter 31: Turnabout DanceEdit

Lucina: "But if they're still here, what about the Golden Seed? Do you think it's secure?"

Ingrid: "If they'd actually gotten their hands on it, I doubt they'd be sticking around."

Alisa: "Wait! Over there... Is that a boy? What's he doing here? It's not safe!"


Jin: "I don't know if it's related, but the air in this castle feels strangely... twitchy."

Reiji: "Hmm... A convergent flexure, maybe?"

Leanne: "A converted flaxer? What's that?"

Captain: "A convergent flexure is a one-way distortion of space."

Ingrid: "A spatial engineering technique. You can use it to give a location only one entrance or make it inescapable."

Nana: "What? Then... Then does that mean we're stuck in here?!"


Chun-Li: "Juri! Tell us what Bison is up to!"

Juri: "Picking his nose and watching cartoons. Hell if I know, dumbass! I do what I want, and that's all!"

Ingrid: "Looks like we'll just have to ask Bison ourselves."

Ryo: "Yes. We'll do everything we can to set this right... And then return to our own times, Ingrid."

Ingrid: "Heh, little brat. A few battles under your belt and you're already talking like a grown-up."

Chapter 32: Arisu in Marvel LandEdit

Ogami: "Thank you, Princess Otohime. This was actually a lot of fun."

Otohime: "I'm glad you enjoyed it. We've honestly never had so many guests at one time before."

Sakura: "I could learn a lot about hosting parties from this princess...)"

Ingrid: "The food was great, and you've got such a drink menu! This was just what we needed after all that fighting."

Ken: "Phew, I haven't gone out for adult beverages like this in a long time. Too bad Eliza couldn't be here."


Otohime: "Quite certain, yes. I sent them directly to Marvel Land, just as they requested."

Tarosuke: "Huh. Hope you're right..."

Ingrid: "Otohime, you beautiful crazy bastard."

Majima: "She was a darn fine hostess... But the girl's kinda sloppy about everything else, ain't she?"


Ken: "So you finally get it, huh? Now go back to your grave, abra-cadaver. We're busy here!"

Lord Raptor: "Sure, I'll go back... after I've shown you to some cozy graves of your own! Yaaaahahahah!"

Nana: "Whew, that guy's something else... Where do zombies even get all that energy? You'd think science would look into this!"

Ingrid: "At least now we know what Kamuz is up to. And that the seed's seals are still unbroken!"


Lucina: "Father!"

Chrom: "Lucina... It's OK. I won't stop you. If you go, I will follow you..."

Segata: "You never know when you may need to jump onto an airborne missile. That's why... you must play the Sega Satuuurn!"

Leon: "I worry about those three..."

Ingrid: "All right, I'll handle the timing. This is so much fun! It's like a children's game."

Chapter 33: Dance with the DevilEdit

Chris: "Then it's settled. Once we're done checking things out, we'll catch up with you."

Valkyrie: "...Very well. Take care."

Ingrid: "Don't let the pressure get to you, Valkyrie. If you spot Kamuz, try not to lose sight of him, OK?"

Kazuya: "If it comes to that, trust me, we'll take care of him before the rest of you even get there."


Sakura: "Collapsed into one world? What do you mean by that?"

Ingrid: "If every world is linked, it wouldn't be crazy to think of them as one large, interconnected world."

Phoenix: "So, phenomena like that AIDA incursion we just saw... They're happening everywhere, with Makai as the focus?"


Fiora: "You're wrong! Each and every world is already the way it ought to be! Perfect the way it is!"

Ingrid: "She speaks the truth. For one who would rule the multiverse, you still fail to grasp that important point, Pyron."

Pyron: "In that case, you people are an obstacle to my plan. You will have to be removed."

Chapter 34: A Door in TimeEdit

Fiora: "But, um... How are we supposed to get through that gate? It's sort of floating up in midair."

Urashima: "If the Dragonturtle Mk. I were here, we could all fly up there in a jiffy... *sigh*"

Ingrid: "Maybe one of the boingy-spoons could get us up there."

Leon: "And what would we do if it missed? The construction's pretty medieval. There's no way it'll have the same arc every time."

Chapter 35: Justice EnforcedEdit

Akira: "Kamuz! We've finally found you! Along with Vile... and Shadaloo?"

Ingrid: "Shadaloo's after the Golden Seed, too? Haven't you criminals already stolen enough?!"

Juri: "Seed? Do I look like I'm starting a garden, moron? All I care about is that girl over there. The conked-out one."


Ryo: "Wait, that girl's not even human? And she's thousands of years old?!"

Tiki: "Zzz... Thousands of years YOUNG... Zzz..."

Ingrid: "What does Shadaloo want with an oracle who can't even be honest about her age?"

Juri: "Hah! Think about it yourself, sweetie, I ain't talking."


Juri: "Hmph, guess this is the end of the line. See ya, suckers, I'm out."

Heihachi: "You're out? What do you mean, Juri?"

Juri: "I mean that Bison's plans are almost complete."

Ingrid: "Do these "plans" have anything to do with Ryo's mirror, and what you stole from me?"

Juri: "The answer you seek can be found deep in the mystical caverns of Go Screw Yourself. Later!"


Ryo: "What's been going on in Japan while we've been off traveling across dimensions?"

Ingrid: "Now that we've got the Golden Seed back, it may be time to return and find out."

Dante: "If that's where we're headed, then let's hurry to the Outrealm Gate and meet up with the Shinra team."

Chapter 36: The 99th FragmentEdit

Ogami: "The Outrealm Gate leads to an outdoor bath? It must have amazing health benefits."

Xiaomu: "Yes, I think we determined it was... "Softer skin, tighter tummies, slimmer waists, bigger busts.""

Ingrid: "Wow! In that case, what are we waiting for?!"

Leanne: "Agreed!"

Erica: "Let's hurry!"

Alisa: "Come on! All men, out through the gate!"

Chapter 37: Cypher PunkEdit

Axel: "Hey, here they come. Were you eating in there?"

Ingrid: "Yet another layer of polish on my ethereal, eternal beauty. I'm no less than the Goddess of the Bath."

Xiaomu: "Yes, yes, we're very impressed, Bath-rodite."


Gemini: "Unbelievable! Will ya look at that!"

Estelle: "I... I can sense incredible power! It's almost enough to make my head spin..."

Ingrid: "The dimensional distortion has commenced. I hope we're making the right connection..."

Ulala: "Wait! The Space Detector is pinging off the charts! Something's coming from the other side!"


Kazuya: "Is this it? What is this place?"

Ingrid: "What an opulent manor! Whoever lives here must be rich indeed."

Morrigan: "Hmm? Isn't this..."

Reiji: "This mansion belongs to the family that runs Koryuji Holdings, one of Japan's largest corporations."

Chapter 38: Undying SoulsEdit

Kite: "Is this the Millennium Tower? That's the tallest building in Kamurocho, right?"

Kiryu: "That's the one. If anything's going down, this is where it'll happen. Though I don't notice anything too unusual..."

Valkyrie: "I do, Kiryu. There's a feeling here... Something that makes my spine shiver."

Ingrid: "Yes... I feel it too. There's some kind of power swirling within this building."

Morrigan: "Odd. It almost feels like the energy that permeates Makai."


Phoenix: "It feels like forever ago. Oh my gosh, we've been through so much since then... I'm getting dizzy."

Majima: "Don't think about it, Prof, or you'll go nutballs. But what's this whole suckin'-the-energy thing mean?"

Chun-Li: "I think I know... The Psycho Drive."

Ingrid: "This must be why Bison teamed up with Ouma and the future-villains."

Valkyrie: "He means to acquire all of Makai's power for himself?!"


Ryo: "If the Psycho Drive is inside this building... Then the Phoenix Mirror must be there, too."

Ingrid: "Along with what you stole from me! Imagine, an artifact like that hidden in this little island country..."

M. Bison: "Heh-heh-heh... I'll give them back, if you like."

Ken: "What? Scared for your life, are you? It's a bit late to beg for mercy!"


Chris: "You're going to use energy from other worlds to enhance your Psycho Power, aren't you?"

Ingrid: "Bison! Concentrating energy from different worlds into one location... What are you thinking?!"

M. Bison: "If you'll shut up, you'll get to see for yourselves. If you can't... then die!"


Kiryu: "He's up to something. Let's hurry inside and get to the top ourselves. Then we'll settle things, up there on the roof... Just like we always do."

Ryu: "I'm coming as well. He must be defeated at all costs."

Ken: "Me too, of course. I still owe him for making me his Psycho Power puppet."

Majima: "Payback, huh? Now you're speakin' my language. Well, what are we waitin' for?"

Ryo: "I'm coming too. I have to take back the Phoenix Mirror."

Ingrid: "You little scamps. Guess I'd better come along, be your adult chaperone. Besides, I've got something I need to take back, too... Take care of things down here, everyone."

Chris: "Got it. Normally, I'd vote for a full-court press here... But we can't let the B.O.W.s escape."


Kiryu: "We've got you now, Bison. It's time to pay for everything you've done."

M. Bison: "Impudent fools... When will you learn to stay out of my way?"

Ingrid: "Th-This energy is incredible! His Psycho Power is going haywire!"

Ken: "Those things around him... Aren't they from The World?"

Ryo: "AIDA! Bison, what are you doing with those things here?"

M. Bison: "With the Psycho Drive enhancing my Psycho Power, dimensional walls are as porous to me as tissue paper."

Ryu: "You mean you can open a door to other worlds all by yourself? Impossible!"

Ryo: "Now I see... So that's what Shadaloo's been after!"

M. Bison: "I no longer need Ouma's assistance to cross time and dimensions... Soon I shall rule all worlds. And the device that grants me this power is none other than... the Psycho Drive."

Ingrid: "You've been keeping it inside this tower, haven't you? How long have you been planning this?"

M. Bison: "Kamurocho, with the dark miasma that enshrouds it, and a portal to Makai just underneath... What more perfect locale could there be to slowly nourish and grow my Psycho Drive?"


M. Bison: "You dare take such a tone with me? You mistake recklessness for bravery..."

Kiryu: "You're through, Bison. Your days of terrorizing our town are over."

Ingrid: "Sorry to break it to you, but you're not needed here! Or anywhere!"

M. Bison: "Rgh! If only my Psycho Drive were complete, you'd all be piles of ash by now!"


Ryu: "...It's done."

Kiryu: "Ingrid, can you tell what happened to his Psycho Power?"

Ingrid: "It looks like Bison was serving as a kind of relay point. Now that he's down, it's all but stopped. The door to The World has been closed, too."

Ryo: "Phew, thank goodness... He had the Psycho Drive stashed in the basement, right?"

Ken: "All right, now that we're done here, let's destroy the Psycho Drive and get all your stuff back."

Majima: "Works for me. Let's beat down the dirtbags left on the roof and then head downstairs!"


Chris: "It's over. Ryo, Ingrid, did you find the Psycho Drive?"

Ryo: "Yeah. It was in the basement, sure enough."

Ingrid: "Along with our precious stolen goods! It sure took long enough to get them back."

Leon: "There was also a bunch of equipment for growing and regulating B.O.W.s."

Chapter 41: The 101 Embryo PlanEdit

Estelle: "Huh... What is that green thing?"

Ingrid: "It looks like a storage unit for some kind of super-condensed energy. Could be a capsule, or the top of an egg."

Reiji: "I'm worried about this, but we'd better check it out. We may need to seal it off."


Sheath: "Hmm... So confident Shinra desu. Maybe that confident is getting you very very hurt!"

Ingrid: "Just try it! All that energy that was keeping your machine safe is gone now!"

Ogami: "That's right! It won't be long before we defeat you!"

Chapter 42: Arisu in DestinylandEdit

Hotsuma: "Yes. That "Byaku Shin" thing... I don't think it's been fully activated yet."

Byaku Shin: "..."

Ingrid: "Hmm, true. It's not making a peep right now."

Xiaomu: "It's shut off! It must not have been ready yet!"


Saya: "Ahh... Cold down to the... very end... I'll see you... someday... Reiji."

Ingrid: "The energy that was being fed into Byaku Shin has stopped."

Hibana: "...No time to be emotional."

Reiji: "..."


Urashima: "The next problem is what to do about those of us from a few years in the past or future..."

Reiji: "Not to mention those from a more distant alternate past, like Ogami and Gemini."

Ingrid: "Leave that to me. Now that I've got my crest back, that kind of temporal fiddling is a timepiece of cake."

Ryo: "You can really do that? Who are you anyway, Ingrid?"

Ingrid: "All this time and you're only just asking, Ryo? Well... Best to just think of me as a mysterious beauty who briefly graced your life."

Xiaomu: "Oh no, please, go on. We're all just DYING to hear your rich, complicated backstory that TOTALLY exists for real."

Reiji: "I don't think there's time, Xiaomu. Ingrid, thanks, we appreciate the help."


Before sending everyone back to their own time

Ingrid: "This took up more time than I thought. I need to get back to my real job. Perhaps I'll show up again someday, if you're lucky! Hooh-hoh-hoh!"


Chrom: "There's much to learn from this place. I must share it at the next military council."

Ciel: "That's true. The more we understand each other, the better we can work together."

Ingrid: "...Or just as likely, the more we learn, the less we'll actually like each other. Hooh-hoh-hoh!"

Xiaomu: "It's quieter here, but I feel like the race and the fight were healthier somehow."

Reiji: "Either way, this is a damn fine feast over here. Puts the other tables to shame."

Ingrid: "Well, it IS a party. When are you gonna drink the good stuff, if not now?"

Chun-Li: "But these bottles look ridiculously expensive. I didn't even know you could get this kind of liquor in Makai."

Reiji: "Morrigan and other Makai residents visit the human world quite a lot, actually. You'd be surprised how much Earth junk shows up here."