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J (ジェイ Jei?) is a character from the Final Fight series, where he is a member of the Mad Gear Gang. J and his palette swap Two. P are common enemies fought in Final Fight.



J is a punk with upright blond hair. He is dressed in dark blue baggy pants and a yellow jacket with the text "bad" and an atomic biohazard symbol on its back.


J is a man with autism, so it is hard to know what he is thinking. He prefers to eat healthy food such as salads.[1]

Fighting styleEdit

J is a straightforward fighter who delivers basic punch attacks. He is one of the weakest members in the Mad Gear Gang, but he moves fast and tends to strike enemies from behind.


J appeared with Damnd and Mic in Super Street Fighter #1, where they eat in the Chinese restaurant owned by Yun and Yang. Damnd refuses to pay the bill, saying that asking him to pay is an offense and menacingly ordering another free meal to calm him down, resulting in him being beaten by the twins and knocked over J and Mic.





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