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The Jaguar Kick (ジャガーキック Jagaa Kikku?) is one of Adon's signature special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

Input (ground version)
Most appearances Arcade Stick RS + Arcade Button Kick
Street Fighter Alpha 2 only Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Kick
Street Fighter Alpha 3 only Arcade Stick RS + Arcade Button Kick in A-ISM and V-ISM
Input (airborne version)
Most appearances Arcade Modifier Air Arcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Kick
Street Fighter Alpha 3 only Arcade Modifier Air Arcade Button Kick in X-ISM



Jaguar Kick in Super Street Fighter IV.

Adon somersaults forward while whipping his leg around. The kick causes a slashing shockwave to form along the arc his kicking foot follows. The distance and altitude of the arc are determined by which kick button was used. In the Street Fighter IV series, the move can break armors.

For the ground version, light kick has the longest horizontal distance with low altitude; medium kick makes a more balanced slash in both horizontal and vertical ranges; and heavy kick makes an almost immediate slash with extremely vertical but nearly no horizontal range.

For the midair version, light kick travels the least horizontal distance and heavy kick the most, with heavy kick also having a longer slashing arc; this makes it easier (though far from certain) to hit an opponent no matter the timing.

The EX Special version introduced in the Street Fighter IV games not only delivers two hits but also knocks down the opponent. It has the long horizontal jump of light kick version with the middle altitude of the medium kick version and the high slash of the heavy kick version at the end - basically combining the three versions in one single strike. The midair variant travels approximately the same distance as the light kick version, but has very little startup, equally knocking down and hitting twice instead of only once.


The move is a general choice for closing distances and hitting enemies quickly. The ground heavy kick version has good use as a reversal or (if timed exactly) as an anti-air punisher. The airborne versions are generally better at rapid air approaches, though they can also stop Adon from landing into an incoming enemy attack or being hit out of the air.


  • In the Resident Evil series, along with Tiger Uppercut, the series' antagonist Albert Wesker possesses a move with the same name as Adon's Jaguar Kick in his moveset, but it is also known as the Hairyuukyaku (背流脚? "Stature Flowing Leg").
    • This also carries in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as the followup to his Jaguar Dash AKA his Jinsoku Idou (迅速移動? "Swift Speed Movement"). However, both Jaguar Dash and Jaguar Kick here are incorrectly used as the names for his Collide and Knee Cannon respectively, with the Japanese names for those techniques being the same regardless; Knee Cannon's Japanese name is Gouhou Shitsu (轟砲膝? "Booming Cannon Knee").



Similar movesEdit

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