The Jaguar Tooth (ジャガートゥース Jagaa Touusu?) is one of Adon's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

All appearances Arcade Stick HCB + Arcade Button Kick



Jaguar Tooth hits Sagat in Super Street Fighter IV.

Executed by performing a half-circle backward motion and pressing kick, Adon jumps backwards to the edge of the screen and shoots down with his leg extended, striking the opponent.

The attack distance is determined by the kick button pressed: light kick version travels the shortest distance, while heavy kick version travels the farthest distance, with medium kick version being somewhere in-between.

The EX Special version introduced in Super Street Fighter IV knocks down the opponent, travels nearly the entire length of the stage and has armor breaking properties, but is notably weaker than the non-EX versions of the attack.


In the Arcade Edition update, the EX Jaguar Tooth also has a slightly slower jump to the screen corner than in SSFIV.


Due to its long startup time, the move will never completely catch the opponent by surprise, thus being best used to punish missed attacks or dizzy opponents; however, the fast wall jump is quite effective at getting Adon rapidly out of danger (and also adding to potentially punish a whiffed attack).

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