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Japan Sumo Cup ~Yokozuna vs. Street Fighter~ (ジャパンスモウカップ〜横綱VSストリートファイター〜) is a rhythm browser game released by Capcom in 2015 to promote the Japan Cup. The game's site was closed in 2016.

The game contains real life Yokozuna (high rank sumo fighters) and Street Fighter characters taking part of a JRA horse race.


Hakuhō Impact
Deep Impact
Dosukoi Jet
Haruma Vista
Buena Vista
Oshidashi Dash
Buchikamashi Boost
T M Opera Ryu
T M Opera O
Shinku Hadoken
Playable (unlock)
Round 1 opponent
Dhalsim & Kodal
Yoga Teleport
Round 1 opponent
Jungle Blanka
Jungle Pocket
Rolling Attack
Round 1 opponent
Round 2 opponent
Golden PheaGuile
Golden Pheasant
Sonic Boom
Round 2 opponent
Epiphand Honda
E. Honda
Sumo Headbutt
Playable (unlock)
Round 2 opponent
Vega Lando
M. Bison
(ベガ, Vega)
Psycho Crusher Attack
Round 3 opponent
Gouki Teio
(豪鬼, Gouki)
Tokai Teio
Wrath of the Raging Demon
Playable (unlock)
Secret opponent
Necalli Doates
Mairzy Doates
Torrent of Power
Dosukoi Spurt


  • Dhalsim rides his elephant instead of a horse.
  • Necalli was added on November 25, 2015. Kitanoumi was added around the same time.


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