Jessica Haggar (ジェシカ・ハガー Jeshika Hagā?) is a non-playable supporting character from the Final Fight series who is the young daughter of Mayor Mike Haggar and the ex-girlfriend of Cody. Her kidnapping by the Mad Gear Gang triggers the events of the first Final Fight game. Although not a major character, she has made several subsequent cameo appearances with both her father and her boyfriend.



Jessica is young woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes and black (previously red) shoes. She wears a red dress that exposes the shoulders and the back and a frilly white ruffled lace strapless bra (shown in the opening of the Japanese version of Final Fight). In her appearance in the Street Fighter cartoon, though, her dress is purple.


Slam Masters seriesEdit

In the Slam Masters series of wrestling games, a 18 years old "Pretty Doll" Jessica appears whenever Mike "Macho" Haggar wins a match, walking up to the ring to celebrate with her father.[2] Although the international versions of the Slam Masters games established the series to be set after the events of Final Fight, the Japanese versions (titled Muscle Bomber) actually established the series as a prequel to the events of Final Fight, with Haggar beginning his campaign for Mayor.

In an anecdotal back-story to the game, Haggar once fought Lucky Colt (the character known as Gunloc in the English versions) for trying to hit on Jessica (which happened before she began dating her childhood friend Cody in Final Fight).[3]

Final Fight and Street Fighter seriesEdit

In Final Fight, Jessica is kidnapped by the Mad Gear Gang in order to coerce her father Haggar, now the Mayor of Metro City, to relinquish his campaign against crime and corruption. Instead of submitting to the gang's demands, Haggar sets out to vanquish the gang and save her with the help of her boyfriend Cody and his training partner Guy. The three succeed in rescuing Jessica at the game's end.

Jessica made several cameo appearances through many subsequent games after the original Final Fight. In Final Fight 2, she can be seen in a photograph with Cody, Haggar, and Guy at the beginning of the game. The game's opening intro states that she is taking a vacation with Cody during the present events of the story.

In Street Fighter Alpha 2, Jessica can be seen cuddling her boyfriend Cody in the background of Guy's Metro City stage. Whenever Cody decides to shift his attention from Jessica to another female fighter, a jealous Jessica will slap Cody in the face to get his attention back.

Final Fight Revenge (which is chronologically set between Final Fight and Street Fighter Alpha 3) would center around Haggar's and Cody's searches for Jessica after her disappearance during a string of riots that occurred in Metro City following the defeat of the Mad Gear Gang. Her whereabouts are never resolved in any of that game's endings. The Street Fighter Zero 3 Secret File Book would later establish that Haggar was able to rescue his daughter from danger, leading to Jessica's departure to Europe from within the events of Street Fighter Alpha 3.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Jessica became estranged with Cody after he got involved in too many street fights and was subsequently arrested for aggravated assault. Not much is mentioned about Jessica in the game's back-story, other than she has left Metro City to study abroad in France.[4][1]

Other appearancesEdit

Street Fighter cartoonEdit

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Cameo appearancesEdit

Jessica and Cody also made another cameo in the Mall Madness stage in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. She also makes another appearance (along with Haggar and Carlos) in Alex's Capcom Fighting Evolution ending.


  • In Final Fight: Guy, the second SNES version of Final Fight (which featured Guy in the place of Cody), it is shown that Jessica considers Guy a close friend.
  • Jessica is modeled after Diane Lane's role as Ellen Aim from the 1984 action movie, Streets of Fire. Like Ellen, Jessica was kidnapped by a street gang and Cody had to rescue her, which is a reference to the movie.



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