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Joe Joeportrait
Joe, as he appears in Street Fighter.
Birthdate November 7, 1963
Birthplace United States United States of America
Height 6'1" (185 cm)[1]
Weight 179 lbs (81 kg)[1]
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Fighting style Kickboxing
Rival(s) Ryu, Ken, possibly Mike
First game Street Fighter
"Okay, baby!"
—Joe, Street Fighter

Joe (ジョー) is a non-playable character from the Street Fighter series who only appeared in the original Street Fighter game as one of the ten computer-controlled opponents.

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

Joe is a tall, young fellow who has short, spiky, blond hair and wears red pants with white shoes.

Story Edit

Joe is an American kickboxer who entered the first World Warrior Tournament but lost to Ryu. He fights in a train yard, and very little is known about him.


  • Many fans believe that Joe is the blond character in the intro to Street Fighter II who punches the African-American character who is often speculated to be Mike.
    • However, other fans believe that the blond character is Cody because Final Fight was originally planned to be a sequel to the original Street Fighter titled Street Fighter '89 and the intro was going to be used for the game.[citation needed]
    • The train yard stage in Street Fighter Alpha is reminiscent of Joe's train yard stage.
    • In Final Fight: Streetwise, Kyle faces a Kickboxing fighter in Little Italy's fight club named "Ghost", who sports the same pants and hair style as Joe, leading some to believe that Joe and Ghost are the same person.
  • Joe was originally planned to be in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as the "escaped prisoner fighter" but was later replaced by Cody.  This implies that he was probably supposed to be a feisty, impulsive individual, not unlike Cody.
  • Joe is loosely based on the late Kickboxing legend, Joe Lewis.
  • Aside from the original game, Joe and Mike were the only fighters never to be officially featured in any other Street Fighter related media.

Stage ThemeEdit


Sprites Edit



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