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Juli SFA3 Juli
Juli, as she appears in Street Fighter Alpha 3.
Birthdate Unknown[1]
Birthplace Flag of Germany Germany[1]
Height 5' 4 ½" (164 cm)[1]
Weight 108 lbs (49 kg)[1]
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Blood type B[1]
Fighting style Shadaloo Elite Forces training[1]
Likes Unknown[1], M. Bison (formerly) , World Domination (formerly), Juni
Dislikes Unknown[1], M. Bison, Shadaloo
Rival(s) T. Hawk, Cammy
Skills Unknown[1]
Moveset Falling Arc, Spinning Arrow, Cannon Spike, Axle Spin Knuckle, Reverse Shaft Breaker, Spin Drive Smasher, Psycho Charge Beta, Psycho Roll, Death Cross Dance, Psycho Charge Gama
Alignment Bad (under control of Shadaloo)
First game Street Fighter Alpha 3
English voice actor(s) Michelle Ruff (Super Street Fighter IV OVA)
Japanese voice actor(s) Akiko Komoto (Street Fighter Alpha 3, Namco X Capcom)
Sachiko Kojima (Super Street Fighter IV OVA)

Juli (ユーリ Yūri?), whose real name is Julia, is a video game character from the Street Fighter series. She made her debut, along with her partner Juni, in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as a brainwashed female assassin belonging to M. Bison's Elite Guard, The Dolls. Her name is German for the month July.



Juli is similar in her build to Cammy, albeit with a rather more busty figure. Her hair is styled into a bun at the back, with long, thick bangs at the front. She wears the Shadaloo Doll uniform, like Juni: a tight navy blue thong leotard with an open back, a small yellow tie attached to the front, a navy blue cap, navy blue tights, red gauntlets and black boots. On her left arm she wears a brown armband.


Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

In the arcade version of Street Fighter Alpha 3, Juli and Juni are a pair of sub-bosses whom the player face prior to the final battle against M. Bison. The player faces Juli and Juni at the same time in a two-on-one fight similar to the Dramatic Battle mode in the original Street Fighter Alpha. The two characters are unlockable in the arcade version, but they have no storyline in the actual game.

From a design perspective, the characters are actually head-swaps of Cammy (who previously appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold and X-Men vs. Street Fighter), with the explanation given that Cammy belongs to the same unit as Juli and Juni. However, the characters have their own special and super techniques. They are the only members of Bison's Elite Guard (aside from Cammy and Decapre) to appear as playable characters in-game.

When Alpha 3 was ported to home consoles, the designers made Juli and Juni part of the default roster and gave both characters their individual storylines and endings, with Juli assigned to track down Cammy and Juni assigned to track down Ryu.

All of the Dolls were teenage girls of around 16 years old who were captured by Shadaloo and brainwashed to be M. Bison's assassins and bodyguards. They were completely loyal to Bison and acted and talked like robots and they were high-ranking members in Shadaloo, only lower than Bison and the other Grand Masters: BalrogVega and (now former member) Sagat. One of them, Juli, was originally a girl named Julia from T. Hawk's tribe, whom T. Hawk searches for in his storyline.

After her kidnapping, Hawk vowed to find her. Eventually, one of the Dolls (Cammy) broke free from Bison's mind control (apparently with help from Dhalsim) and Juli was assigned to track her down and eliminate her. Cammy resisted and defeated both Juli and Juni.

Bison was then defeated by Ryu and Charlie.

Super Street Fighter IV OVAEdit

After the apparent fall of Shadaloo, Seth uncovered a plan to have the Dolls assassinate him and sent Juri to the Sosna Research Facility, an old Shadaloo mountain base, to capture them instead. After all the other Dolls are defeated, only Juli and Juni are left and stand to face Juri. However Juri overwhelms them and, after knocking both unconscious, loads them onto a plane to take back to S.I.N. HQ. Cammy and Guile attempt to prevent this but are only successful in rescuing Juni; Juli is taken with the rest of the Dolls to Seth's Secret Laboratory where he plans to experiment on them until they expire.

Super Street Fighter IVEdit

Eventually, Juli is somehow saved. In T. Hawk's ending, Rose tells Hawk that Juli is now a shell of her former self, but that she will tell Hawk where Julia is if he insists. Following Rose's directions, Hawk finds Juli in a near-catatonic state in a cabin in the wilderness, being cared for by an elderly couple. As Hawk draws near, Julia shows no sign of recognition and continues to stare into space, (although a raindrop falls onto the window and drops beneath her eye, possibly meaning a tear).[2]

Other appearancesEdit

UDON comicsEdit

In UDON's Street Fighter II comics, Juli is still sought after by T. Hawk, along with Noembelu. Here, she is the daughter of a German doctor who provided care for the Thunderfoot Tribe. The doctor was found murdered, and Juli disappeared.

In Street Fighter II Turbo #12, it shows that Juli is freed of her mind control, and sets out to restore the Thunderfoot village, along with T. Hawk and Noembelu.

Gameplay Edit

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  • The designers of the home versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3 originally intended for Noembelu, a non-playable member of the Dolls, to be the girl that T. Hawk searches for, but Juli was used for this role instead.
  • Juli's hairstyle is very similar to that of Street Fighter EX character Blair Dame.
  • Juli is one of the eleven playable Street Fighter characters who are in a romantic relationship or are married.
  • In her appearance in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos, her name was mispelled as Juri, not to be confused with a character later introduced in the series also named Juri.
  • Juli, along with Juni and some other Dolls, can be seen in capsules in the background of Decapre's USFIV promotional art. They also briefly appear in her prologue.

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