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"Better get ready! Ougi: Kachofugetsu! (覚悟して!奥義: 花鳥風月! Kakugo shite! Ougi: Kachofugetsu!"

Kachofugetsu (Clear Cut) is Ibuki's Critical Art in Street Fighter V.


Ibuki slides into her opponent's legs and kicks them into the air, performs a motion of hand signals and gathers ki energy in her fist before punching her opponent and releasing the energy, blasting her opponent towards the ground while shouting the attack's name. The move does 43 hits, the highest amount of all Critical Arts.

Tactics Edit

Like many Critical Arts, this one is good if used as a combo finisher. The most common way for it is to use Juggle with the Kazekiri or V-Trigger. However, the timing is crucial in order to use it.


Video Edit