Karin activating Kanzuki-Ryu Guren No Kata.

The Kanzuki-Ryu Guren No Kata (神月流 紅蓮の型 Kantsuki-Ryuu Guren no Kata?, "Kanzuki-Style Form of Crimson Lotus") is Karin's first V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.[1]

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Karin channels her inner ki to unlock the true potential of the Kanzuki fighting style, giving her access to the Guren Ken attack, which in itself possesses over half a dozen different follow ups and variations. After the initial Guren Ken, she is able to transition immediately into an overhead attack, a low sweep, a flying throw, another quick set of strikes, or even a backdash to bait out counterattacks. This gives her immense flexibility in controlling the flow of the fight, ensuring that she comes out on top.

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