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The Kanzuki Family is a rich family from the Street Fighter series. The daughter Karin Kanzuki is the head of the Kanzuki Zaibatsu.


The wealthy Kanzuki family's mottos are "All you need is victory" (also interpreted as "Be the winner in everything") and, alternately, "The worst we'll ever be is the best" (a bonus short in the Street Fighter III: Ryu Final manga takes this further with "Victorious, therefore Supreme! Supreme, she is Karin Kanzuki!").

Her family's private estate covers 200 miles of land, and not only has its own geographical features, but its own climate. The Kanzukis are even wealthier than the Masters, so rich that they have their own satellites, one that is called "Red Spider-Lily" and another "killer-satellite" which is capable of unleashing a devastating laser from orbit which supposedly destroyed the Psycho Drive in Karin's ending in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Karin was given a son's upbringing because her father always wanted a male heir to his conglomerate as well as being put through harsh trials to cement her family's ideals in her head and to test her worthiness of inheriting the family fortune.

Known membersEdit

Karin KanzukiEdit

Main article: Karin

Karin Kanzuki (神月 かりん Kanzuki Karin?) is the daughter of Daigenjuro and Nadeshiko, and the supposed sole heir of the Kanzuki family.

Nadeshiko KanzukiEdit

Main article: Nadeshiko Kanzuki

Nadeshiko is described as being more lenient and caring towards her daughter than her husband is. However, she has never made any official appearances yet. However, on her husband's official Street Fighter V bio, it is stated that Daigenjuro still loves her a lot despite her having birthed a girl instead of a boy. She also runs the household while her husband's at work in the Zaibatsu. Karin learned most of what she knows from her mom, who apparently is able to bewitch 500 men at once with a single glance.

As part of her pre-wedding qualification test, she had to charm 50,046 gentlemen, including Daigenjuro.

Daigenjuro KanzukiEdit

Main article: Daigenjuro Kanzuki

Daigenjuro Kanzuki (神月 大厳十郎 Kanzuki Daigenjūrō?) is Karin's father and former leader of the Kanzuki Zaibatsu.

Karin's GrandfatherEdit

Main article: Karin's Grandfather

Karin's grandpa, presumably a practitioner of Kanzuki Style Martial Arts, fought against Oro for a grand total of three days, a hundred years ago.


  • Although Karin is usually depicted as an only child of the Kanzuki family in most Street Fighter media (this is even stated as much in Sakura Ganbaru!), in the Ryu Final manga, she has three unnamed sisters.[citation needed]


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