StreetFighter EP11

Keeping the Peace is the eleventh episode in the first season of the Street Fighter TV series.


A small city near Shadaloo is in chaos as diamonds have been found to be rich in the region. Sagat and other warlords are lurking about, and each faction wants a piece of the pie. Guile is asked by Escher to check out the situation on behalf of the Street Fighters. Meanwhile Sawada has taken over Guile's former position in the AN and is currently in charge of the military presence. Hostilities run high as Guile as to defuse several bombs in the area, with the help of his Sonic Boom attack.


  • The name of the fictional region Sierra del Fuego in this episode is a combination of the names from the country Sierra Leone and the province Tierra del Fuego, a simple pun which originates from the fact that both got initial words that also rhymes.
  • The A.N. forces in this episode use actual firearms, in spite of the show's censorship policy which either omitted guns or replaced them with laser weapons.

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