This is a list of quotes used by Ken Masters.

Street Fighter II series Edit

Street Fighter II Edit

  • "Attack me if you dare, I will crush you!!"
  • "Get up, it's too early for you to be defeated!!"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Edit

  • "Well, at least you threw a punch..."
  • "You are not bad, but not good either."
  • "If that's all you got, it must be embarrassing for you."
  • "I need a better workout out than this... where's Eliza?"

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Edit

  • "All right! I've got that burning feeling in my fists again!"
  • "Wipe that look off your face, already. You only have yourself to blame!"
  • "Whew, I'm outta breath! You really had me on the ropes!"

Street Fighter: The Movie Edit

  • "I am the man!"
  • "Damn! You wrinkled my clothes!"
  • "Sorry, but I had to impress the ladies."
  • "Next time, put some money on the line."
  • "Looks, speed and strength. I’ve got it all."

Street Fighter Alpha series Edit

Street Fighter Alpha/Street Fighter Alpha 2Edit

Win quotes Edit

  • "Don't tell me you're actually unconscious."
  • "Next time I won't be so easy on you!"
  • "Now you see the difference between us!"
  • "You're better than you look. Try harder."

Rival Dialogues Edit

Street Fighter AlphaEdit

Ken: You're a hard man to find, Ryu. Everyone's talking about you now.

Ryu: Long time no see. Still training?

Ken: Still good enough to beat you.

Ryu: We'll see about that!

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Edit

vs DanEdit

Dan: Hey, Blondie, here's a quarter. Get your own moves.

Ken: Who are you? Do you know the art of fighting?

Dan: Let's get ready to rummble.

Ken: After you, ladies first!

vs RyuEdit

Ken: Where have you been?

Ryu: Why? Need some more schooling? ...Like the lesson I gave Sagat?

Ken: Sure, let's see your moves. Show and tell!

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Fights like this bring out the best in me!"
  • "Go back! I think you left your ego on the battlefield!"
  • "I need a better workout than this! Where's Eliza?!"
  • "In the heat of battle, the blood of the true fighter runs hot!"
  • "Rivalry can often inspire one's skill to become its best!"
  • "Strong fighters such as yourself make it worth staying in shape!"
  • "True strength is something money and credit cards cannot buy!"

Rival Dialogues Edit

vs. KarinEdit


Karin: You seem troubled, Mr. Masters.

Ken: Long time no see, girl. Sorry, have no time for autographs.

Karin: You don't sound like the US martial arts champion... I'll show you who is the champion! Get ready!!


Karin: That was impressive... I didn't think I would lose again...

Ken: By the way, how is your rival doing, kid?

Karin: I hope both she and I find our next fight worthwile. That's why I'm training hard day after day... I'm certain Sakura feels the same way.

Ken: You go, girl! I hope your next fight is exciting.

vs. SakuraEdit


Sakura: Ken! Please fight with me!!

Ken: Sure... But I thought it was Ryu you were interested in...

Sakura: I'd love to fight Ryu, of course, but... ...I'd like to find out how much progress we've made... Both of us... you and myself!


Sakura: Thanks a lot, Ken! Whenever I fight a strong foe, I can't help but think... happy I am to be able to fight like this!

Ken: Yes... you're right... What have I been thinking...? I can fight with "him"... That's what I need... You woke me up! Thanks, kid!

vs. M. BisonEdit


M. Bison: Ken Masters... the US martial arts champion... and Ryu's rival...

Ken: Who the heck are you?!

M. Bison: I'll see for myself how much difference there is between the two of you!

Ken: Don't get me wrong, I'm different from him... I'll defeat you in my own way!

Street Fighter EX series Edit

Win QuotesEdit

Street Fighter EX2/Street Fighter EX3Edit

  • "What's wrong, I am serious!"「どうした、俺は本気だぜ!」
  • "Don't be like that!"「そんなんじゃかてないで!」
  • "Come more and more attack!"「もっともっと攻めてこい!」
  • Eliza, I will come soon!「エリザ、もうすぐだぜ!」

Capcom vs. SNK series Edit

Capcom vs. SNK Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "You'd better go back to your basic training rookie!"
  • "Humph! I wish you were here Eliza..."
  • "Next time you should think about watching my hands!!"
  • "Where would you like me to sign?"
  • "My last name is Masters. That should've been your clue!"
  • "Your moves are weak and your style is a joke!"
  • "Ha! You can't compete with me!"
  • "How was that? Did you feel the power of my Shinryuken?"

Ending Quote Edit

  • "This was another great battle for me to enjoy!"

Capcom vs. SNK 2 Edit

Before Finals Edit

  • "The Pan American Champion is ready for this fight!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Ha! You can't compete with me!"
  • "How was that? Did you feel the power of my Shinryuken?"
  • "Humph! I wish you were here, Eliza..."
  • "Ha! You had better go back to your basic training, rookie!"
  • "Maybe next time you should think about watching my hands!!"
  • "Your moves are weak and your style is a joke. What were you thinking?!"
  • "My last name is Masters. That should have been your clue, loser!!"
  • "I know you want my autograph. I just don't know where you'd like me to sign!"

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos Edit

Pre-battle Dialogues Edit

Capcom Edit

Vs. Akuma

Ken: "With you as an opponent, I'd better get serious. You're going down, freak!"

Akuma: "Nonsense. With a spirit like yours, I'll shatter you!"

Ken: "Conversely, it may be you who'll be shattered."

Akuma: "Babble on, bozo! I'll destroy you!"

vs. Balrog

Ken: "Hey, ya bum! Preparing for another Vegas loss!"

Balrog: "Shut up! Gambling's my life!"

Ken: "Oh...So you put the money on your losing?"

Balrog: "I'm in a bad mood. You'll regret p'ing me off!"

vs. Chun-Li

Ken: "Hey, there. I see your training as usual, huh?"

Chun-Li: "Fancy meeting you here. What a surprise!"

Ken: "I suppose so. How about mixing it up? For old time's sake."

Chun-Li: "Sounds good to me. If I don't have to pull my punches, OK."

Ken: "Then it's a plan!"

vs. Dan

Ken: "Yuck!"

Dan: "Hey, USA fighting champ! Fancy meeting you here. Hey, why do you back off?"

Ken: "Ah, hey. How're you? Oh, look at the time. Gotta run. Later."

Dan: "Hold on. Don't run away. Ha, ha. I get it. Up against awesome me, it's only natural."

Ken: "Yeah. Yeah. That's it. You terrify me. You're awesome. Bye!"

Dan: "I said, hold on! I'm not buying it...! I'm going to show you my true strengh! Here I come. Hee-yah!"

Ken: "He's got me... What can I do? I'll kill him quick!"

Vs. Demitri

Demitri: "Oh, ho! You... Looks like I'm blessed with a worthy partner. I smell a sweet odor."

Ken: "Huh? You mean Eliza?"

Demitri: "Eliza? ...A sweet name. I swear I will use her as my servant."

Ken: "Huh? Fangs...? No way! A vampire?!

Demitri: "You just realized this? Whatever. Tonight will be sweetly spent..."

Ken: "We'll see, won't me? I'm going to drive my fist through your heart!"

Demitri: "Ah, ha, ha, ha! You amuse me. Bring it on, mortal!"

Vs. Dhalsim

Ken: "Greetings, Yoga master. Care for a bout?"

Dhalsim: "Excitable as ever. But your conceit may be your undoing."

Ken: "Enough sermonizing! Have you tarried in your training and forgotten Yoga's secrets?"

Dhalsim: "I'm always training. I entrust all to Agni, god of fire."

Vs. Guile

Guile: "...You can't trick me."

Ken: "So, you got me. Way to go, Guile!"

Guile: "Long time, no see, Ken. You've still got it!"

Ken: "As do you. How about seeing how tougher we've got?"

Guile: "Hold on a sec!"

Ken: "What's up? You can't chicken out, you're a major now, right?"

Guile: "...I gotta set my hair!"

Ken: "...Get the lead out!"

Vs. Hugo

Poison: "Hmmmm... A little too conventional. Make his face up, give the guy a cape, that'd do it, you think?"

Ken: "Hey. Hey! One look at me, and talk like that?"

Poison: "Hey, by the way, can you spit poison? Ever hit someone with a metal chair?"

Ken: "...."

Poison: "You're useless. Oh, well. I'll learn you. Oh, Hugo! Crushin' time!"

Hugo: "If you lose to me, You gotta join us. You got that?"

Ken: "That sounds fair. I'm going to beat you silly, anyway!"

Vs. M. Bison

Ken: "Hey, Shadawloo CEO guy! You're not up to anything fishy again, eh?"

M. Bison: "Hmph. What's it to you? What can you do, bug?"

Ken: "I can do more than you! I'll plant pain on that big face of yours!"

M. Bison: "You cretin! Traveling so far to die."

Vs. Ryu

Ken: "You're terrible!"

Ryu: "You're a tyro!"

Ken: "...Hmph. Ryu, that's the stuff. You can still take it."

Ryu: "And you can dish it out. That was close."

Ken: "Well then, let's keep it going, Ryu!"

Ryu: "Bring it on, Ken!"

Vs. Sagat

Ken: "The kick boxing emperor! You'll make a formidable opponent, I hope."

Sagat: "I have no time for you. If you see Ryu, tell him I'm looking for him."

Ken: "Yeah, I'll tell him. I'll tell him that I kicked your butt!"

Sagat: "Don't monkey with me!"

Vs. Tessa

Ken: "Trick or treat! Ah, brings me back."

Tessa: "I get it, a joke! Your stupid humor's not lost on me... These clothes are much more than a passing fashion, you know."

Ken: "Huh? Really?... You gothic guys are getting out of hand."

Tessa: "...A typical reaction. Now you'll learn all about supra-sorcerology."

Vs. Vega

Vega: "Golly, you're ugly. Why is it that all others pale to me?"

Ken: "Yeah, right! I'm going to plow your beauty into dirt."

Vega: "Impossible. The ugly can not defeat the fair...It's a law of nature."

Ken: "I never studied law! Prepare yourself, creep!"

Vs. Violent Ken

Ken: "Who are you? ...Me?"

Violent Ken: "Ooh-whoaaaaa. There's one more me..."

Ken: "What are these vibes of homicidal intent? It's not me. But... (Do I wish this...? Somewhere in my psyche?)"

Violent Ken: "Oooh-ohhh!"

Vs. Zero

Ken: "Hey, you're about as big as my boy back home. That gives me pause."

Zero: "...Enough. ...I am no child."

Ken: "...OK. No guilt here. Let's do it, sonny! I'll teach you that it's a good idea to be polite to elders!"

Vs. Shin Akuma

Ken: "We haven't yet met, and I'm sweating like a pig! I can tell this guy's going to be tough."

Shin Akuma: "You've no taste for murder, I see. Die!"

Ken: "I can't do that. I'm a man. Sorry, but I'm staying."

Shin Akuma: "...Then suffer my rage!"

Vs. Red Arremer

Ken: "Hunh? Where am I..."

Red Arremer: "Gyah-gyah!"

Ken: "Hey! Hey! This is one realistic theme park, isn't it?"

SNK Edit

Vs. Choi

Ken: "Hey little geezer. Care to spar?"

Choi: "Who, me, buddy boy? You're a rude one!"

Ken: "There's nothing like mixing it up with a freaks like you!"

Choi: "Eee-ya! You'll be sorry when I make sashimi of you!"

Vs. Earthquake

Ken: "Hey, pal, you should cut down on the fat. Don't you think?"

Earthquake: "Snort. Snort. Another thin toad croaks his mind!"

Ken: "I'm light my feet, but being called a toad by a pig...Agh!"

Earthquake: "Pipe down, toad, and let me stomp you!"

Vs. Geese Howard

Ken: "Huh? You... I can tell you are one wicked dude!"

Geese: "Kiddo, if you want to die, try someone else."

Ken: "They turned me down. You're the only one who looked promising. Geese."

Geese: "Oh, so you've heard of Geese Howard, have you? Very well. I'll kill some time...And you, too."

Vs. Genjuro

Ken: "You're quite a fancy pants, aren't you?"

Genjuro: "...Be off with you."

Ken: "Well, I didn't know you Samurai types were such wimps!"

Genjuro: "...You wish to die?"

Vs. Goenitz

Ken: "Just who are you? You're no saint, huh?"

Goenitz: "Greetings. I am Goenitz. I wish the honor of observing your power."

Ken: "No biggie with me, but don't complain if I beat you silly."

Vs. Iori

Ken: "...What do you want?"

Iori: "Hmph. I don't talk to flies like you... I swat them!"

Ken: "You don't see kids like you around these days. Come, learn something."

Iori: "Hmph. It'll cost you your life."

Vs. Kim

Ken: "Karate, you say? No, that's not right. Tae Kwon Do, isn't it?"

Kim: "That's correct. The pride of my land. The ultimate martial art!"

Ken: "How do you know it's the ultimate?"

Kim: "Well, then, let me prove it to you now. Start warming up."

Ken: "You're quite a gentleman. There'll be no need. I'm always warmed up!"

Kim: "Such diligence! Then let's do it!"

Vs. Kyo

Ken: "You got spunk, kiddo. Who says kids these days are wimps?"

Kyo: "Who're you calling "kid"?"

Ken: "Oh? You're not a kid?"

Kyo: "Unh! What's it to you?!"

Ken: "Chill out, buster. I'll give you a bout to show you I'm sorry. ...With a kid's discount."

Kyo: "You'll be sorry when I scorch your buns, pops!"

Vs. Mai

Ken: "...Gag!..."

Mai: "Gag?"

Ken: "Are you a geisha?"

Mai: "How rude! Can't you tell right away from my clothes?"

Ken: "Sorry. Sorry. It's just... I... Well... What the..."

Mai: "You scraggly rogue. It's time to teach you some Japanese manners!"

Vs. Mars People

Mars People: "Boop bap beep bop!"

Ken: "Hey, give me a break!"

Mars People: "Boop beep bap!"

Ken: "Huh? A land octopus?"

Mars People: "Boop! Beeeeeep!"

Ken: "W-what? Is it angry?!"

Vs. Mr. Karate

Mr. Karate: "Think those limp wrists can possibly beat me? You got to be kidding!"

Ken: "Bring it on, big nose!"

Mr. Karate: "Then attack and learn!"

Vs. Orochi Iori

Iori: "Oooooh-ohhhh!"

Ken: "Fudge! What're you doing?"

Iori: "Oooooh-ohhhh!"

Ken: "Aw, nuts! Why waste my breath?"

Vs. Ryo

Ryo: "If you're going to wear those duds, you must further temper your mind."

Ken: "Who are you to talk like that to me?!"

Ryo: "That's it...I'll make tomato paste of you!"

Vs. Shiki

Ken: "(She's no Eliza, but she's cute.)"

Shiki: "...What?"

Ken: "Nothing in particular... But if you're free, care to spar with me?"

Shiki: "...You may not survive."

Vs. Terry

Ken: "You and I share a similar smell, eh?"

Terry: "For sure. I was just thinking the same thing as you."

Ken: "Up for a fight?"

Terry: "OK! Let's go wild!"

Vs. Shin Mr. Karate

Ken: "The air quivers... What power! This guy's...Tough!"

Mr. Karate: "Oh, ho! You realize that, huh? You've a discerning eye. You may go home. Train 'til you're ready. Then drop by again."

Ken: "You flatter me too much. Are you saying that I cannot defeat you?"

Mr. Karate: "Kah kah kah kah. That's the spirit, kiddo. Bring it on!"

Vs. Athena

Ken: "Huh? H-hey! What's going on? Where am I?"

Athena: "You're in heaven. Sadly, your presence is not allowed here."

Ken: "So this is heaven? Looks like all my good deeds paid off!"

Athena: "I told you, didn't you hear me say you can't stay here? ...Very well. Face your punishment!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "A thin line separates us. I call it 'talent'."
  • "Get on your feet! That can't be all you got!"
  • "Whoo hoo hoo. That was intense! You're good!"
  • "Sorry, but I win this time."

Marvel vs. Capcom series Edit

X-Men vs. Street Fighter Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Get a life, pinhead!"
  • "I know Shotokan like the back of my hand!"
  • "It's just soooo over you."
  • "Only one is as good as I am... No, not even him!"
  • "Together, we can crush any opponent!"
  • "You need to learn more moves to stand a chance."
  • "You're not bad, but you're not good either."
  • "You're unconscious? At least you're safe now."

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Handsome and cheap... Can you compete with that?"
  • "I had better challenges back in the day..."
  • "I've beaten the best, and you're not even close!"
  • "My feet need exercise... Get up!"
  • "So, now you know what it feels like to be a loser!"
  • "Washing my boat would've been a better workout!"
  • "You had no chance against me, but maybe Sean...?"
  • "You've got a lot to learn before you beat me!"

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Edit

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Street Fighter III series Edit

Street Fighter III: New Generation Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "That was too easy!"
  • "It's losers like you that make this game boring!"
  • "I thought you had at least a little bit of potential! It seems I was wrong"
  • "I had an extremely good sense of how the fight would go!"
  • "It's the fighting sense that matters. Time off will never dull my instincts!"
  • "What a reckless man you are! Don't try to execute a jump-kick on me!"
  • "It was already decided that I would win!"

Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact Edit

vs. Dudley Edit

Dudley: "I'm looking for my dad's car. Do you where it is?"

Ken: "No... But if you like mine, how about fighting me for it?"

vs. Ryu Edit

Ken: "Ready to go at it one more time, old friend?"

Ryu: "Through all the years, you still remain my most worthy opponent!"

Win Quotes (generic) Edit

  • "That was too easy!"
  • "It's losers like you that make this game boring!"
  • "I thought you had at least a little bit of potential! It seems I was wrong"
  • "I had an extremely good sense of how the fight would go!"
  • "It's the fighting sense that matters. Time off will never dull my instincts!"
  • "What a reckless man you are! Don't try to execute a jump-kick on me!"
  • "It was already decided that I would win!"
  • "The flame of my fist won't be put out so easily!"

Win Quotes (Super Art Finish) Edit

  • "Shinryuken!! Sometimes it's more important to have a stylish victory than a quick one!"
  • "The "dragon" within me is always ready to strike! You should know from the experience."

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

  • "Please don't fight so desperately! Keep your hands off of me!"
  • "If you want a rematch, you're going to get more than just a scratch!"
  • "I'm the only the true "Man of Flame!" By the way, do you get wet around the middle?"
  • "You're welcome to fight me anytime!! You're fun to beat!"
  • "Looking for a student? You should be looking for a master..."
  • "It's time you settled down and raised a family. Maybe I'll help you, my friend."
  • "You must defeat Ryu to stand a chance!"
  • "So that's what you can do with your "Iron Body?" How wonderful!"
  • "Naughty boy! To beat me, you'll need more than flashy moves!"
  • "Your Kung Fu is improving, kid. You might become really good... someday."

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Edit

vs. Urien Edit

Ken: "You're not quite what I expected... But, you sure do have the face of a fighter!"

Urien: "Behave yourself... I am destined to become the king of the next century. You should thank me for using you as my entertainment!"

Ken: "Keep talking like that, and I'll do much more than just entertain you!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "That's the spirit! Fight fiercely every moment of the battle!"
  • "I wish you good luck!"
  • "Look forward to the battle! Live for the excitement of the fight!"
  • "Whether you are reckless or brave, use the style that suits you best!"
  • "I will fight with style and finesse, no matter what the outcome may be!"
  • "Thanks for helping me to show Mel who has the world's strongest fists!"
  • "Maybe my kid should practice sparring with you!"
  • "Hey, they might make an action figure out of you too, someday!"

Street Fighter IV seriesEdit

Street Fighter IVEdit


  • "I'm ready for ya. Bring it on!"

Personal ActionEdit

  • "Dude, you alright there?"
  • "If you can't hit me, why bother attacking at all?"
  • (yawns)
  • "Get in the game, man."
  • "Get serious..."
  • "The fight's just begun."
  • "Ugh... is that really all you can do?"
  • "Come on, man. Take this seriously!"
  • "Come on, show me what you're made of!"
  • "You can still win this, if you don't give up."

Rival DialogueEdit


Rufus: "So, Ken Masters! At last we meet! This is gonna hurt like nobody's business!"

Ken: "Hm... This could be interesting. Bring it on, meatball!"

Rufus: "Why, you!!!"

Finish Quotes:

"This is loss of time."

(Super Combo Finish): "So, want to do that again?"

(Ultra Combo Finish): "Know ya know how the best fights. Satisfied?"

Other Quotes:

(Match Start): "Let's do this."

(Ultra Activation): "Open your eyes!"

(First Attack): "Nice to meet ya."

(Level 3 Focus Attack): "I know that hurts!"

(Rufus gets hit by Ken's level 3 focus) : "I was just practicing until then..."

(Full Super Meter Gauge): "Time to mess with the pickups!"

Win QuotesEdit

Round WinEdit

  • "Alright!"
  • "Challenge me after some practice."
  • "Yeah!"
  • "That's right!"
  • "I knew I'd win!" (Time Over)

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "You'd be a lot cuter if you smiled once in a while, kiddo."
  • "Weren't you supposed to go back to China and be just a regular girl or something?"
  • "That was fun! Next time, forget your business and concentrate on the action!"
  • "Sorry to beat you up so bad. Shoulda known you wouldn't put up a fight..."
  • "No matter how many times I see it, your limbs really freak me out, man!"
  • "You should stick with Lucha Libre and leave the real fighting to us big boys!"
  • "I guess I should be the big star instead of you, huh?"
  • "M-Master?! What are you doing here? Why now?"
  • "If you wanna go around braggin', you gotta beat me before runnin' your mouth!"
  • "Well, now you've fought the best America has to offer. Satisfied?"
  • "Looks like I came out on top this time! Better luck next time, friend!"
  • "Well, if that's all you've got, Ryu won't have any trouble beating you, too!"
  • "It's good to see you're doin' good, kid. Say, have you fought you-know-who yet?"
  • "It takes more than a pretty face to make it in the ring, pal! Try working out!"

Versus ModeEdit

  • "I just love easy wins!"
  • "Defense will only get you so far against me. You gotta be more aggressive!"
  • "Ha ha! A win like this is bound to make me even more famous!"
  • "Sorry to disappoint you, pal, but I'm not seeking apprentices right now."
  • "Knowing when to quit is not a good quality for a fighter to have, pal."
  • "C'mon! I'll take anyone on! I'll knock you all out one after another!"
  • "A quick K.O. is no way to please the crowd! You gotta get 'em worked up!"
  • "I know what you wanna say, "You're so cool! You rock!" That's it, right?"
  • "The ring is no place for thinking! Your fists should be faster than your brain!"
  • "As soon as I fight him, I'll get outta here. I can't keep Eliza waiting!"
  • "I did it again!"

Super Street Fighter IVEdit

Prologue Edit

"Yeah. Everything's going great. What about you? How'd the tests go? Great! Listen, take it easy, OK? When you go down steps, make sure you-What? Oh, I read it in a baby book. OK, OK. I'll back off. I love you too, Eliza. I'll call you again later."
*hangs up*
"Just think -Me, a dad! It feels like I'm dreaming. I guess it'll all feel pretty real once he's born, though. You and I used to just be plain old fighters, didn't we, Ryu? Then I up and got married and now I'm on the road to fatherhood. I wish I could say I felt the same way now as I did when we trained together, but things will definitely change from here on out. I'm feeling pretty strange here, Ryu. Change is good, but it can be scary too. I wonder what advice you'd have for me... Guess I'll just ask you in person!"

Ending Edit

  • "He's so small... Congratulations, mom! We were waitin' for ya, kiddo! Welcome to the Masters family!"

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "You've got potential, but you need to keep your head in the game."
  • "I knew walking into the ring that I'd humiliate you! And I did it my way!"
  • "You can bite and shock me all you want. In the end, I will still walk away the champ!"
  • "Just who do you work for anyway? Keep in mind your answer will have consequences."
  • "Don't look so mad, kid! You're cuter when you're smiling!"
  • "Anyone ever say that you're a workaholic? Take a vacation once in a while!"
  • "I'm always up for a rough and tumble fight, dude!"
  • "You've really deepened my appreciation for boxing!"
  • "It'll take more than Sumo to take away my American title, friend!"
  • "You're getting too old for this. Have you thought about retiring?"
  • "You're not mad at me are you, master?"
  • "Don't get me wrong. I really like red. I just don't like it suits a ninja."
  • "Dude, you're looking a little crispy. I guess my moves don't mix well with oil."
  • "Alright! Alright! I won't treat you like a kid from now on. Happy?"
  • "Your days as an evil overlord are over! Don't show your face around here again!"
  • "What? No, it's me. Seriously. Just a stunt double? Gimme a break!"
  • "You have to come over for a visit once my kid is born!"
  • "You've gotten a lot stronger! I can't let my guard down around you anymore!"
  • "The chance to meet interesting people like you is why I can't quit fighting!"
  • "Haha, I like it! You got power, kid! Let's do it again sometime!"
  • "You didn't give it your all, did you? Were you afraid of my Hadokens?"

Ultra Street Fighter IVEdit

  • "It's not that I don't like dancing. It's just that fighting suits me better."
  • "Your size just makes you a bigger target, pal."
  • "Pro wrestling? No thanks. I prefer to take my kicks from bare feet."
  • "If you want to beat me, better bring a helicopter next time!"

Versus Mode (SSFIV)Edit

  • "See? The strongest fighter always wins! As easy to understand as a flowchart!"
  • "I could really improve if I could find someone strong enough to beat me!"
  • "Get back up and I'll just knock you down again!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Got it!"
  • "The whole American champion thing seems petty. I should aim even higher!"
  • "Uh-oh! I'd better check with Eliza!"
  • "Not bad! Looks like I just earned myself a new rival!"
  • "You know my moves, don't you? Why'd you just walk into 'em like that?"
  • "Natural ability is great, but it takes work to use it!"
  • "Phew! I bet that would make for one exciting replay!"

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit

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(paired with Ryu)

  • (Ryu):"Feels good to fight side-by-side again, right?"
  • (Ken):"Sure does. Oh yeah, you guys are going down!"

(Paired with other)

  • "If you don't take this seriously, you're gonna get hurt!"

Arcade Intro (Paired with Ryu) Edit

  • Narrator: "News of the Pandora has reached Ryu, thanks to Chun-Li as she tracks Shadaloo's movements. The reports of ordinary people displaying unimaginable power due to the influence of the box has Ryu worried."
  • Ryu: "The box seems to have a power over people. It creeps in, and makes them lose all sense of self. Is it possible that Pandora's Box is connected to the Satsui no Hado...?"
  • Narrator: "Ryu sets his sights on the Antarctic to discover the true nature of the box. Ken, worried about his friend, decided to accompany him."
  • Ken: "Guess there's no reasoning with you on this one, huh? Okay. I suppose I might as well tag along for the ride."
  • Ryu: "Thanks, Ken. I have a feeling I'm going to need your help."

Round Win Quotes Edit

  • "'re never gonna beat me like that!"
  • "I knew I'd win."

Rival Dialogue (vs. Kazuya and Nina) Edit

  • Ken: "Whoa...what are the chances, huh?"
  • Kazuya: "Apparently you haven't learned to stay out of my way."
  • Ken: "C'mon...why do you have to be such a pain? So...what do you think we should do about these two? Maybe we...?"
  • Ryu: "Hmm? You say something, Ken?"
  • Ken: "No. Nothing, nevermind..."

Win Quotes Edit

Street Fighter Edit

  • "You still haven't found your family? Is there anything I can do to help?"
  • "Like I'd lose to you. I wouldn't be able to face him again.
  • "If you wanna just slug it out, I can do that too. Though I'd rather just show off my skills!"
  • "I'm sure the jungle is pretty severe, but have you ever tried to take on the corporate world?"
  • "You always look so pissed off. You'd be cuter if you smiled more."
  • "Maybe you're a little overworked? You seem more sluggish than normal."
  • "Nothin' wrong with getting a little down and dirty! I used to be like you back in '82."
  • "Spitting fire is a cool trick. Mind teaching me how it's done?"
  • "I like your cheerful attitude! That's the spirit! Hope we can fight again 10 years from now!"
  • "You should go home and be a family man!...Hey, I guess that applies to me too!."
  • "Love the shoes! Are they custom made?"
  • "You need to work on your footwork. You're not going to beat me by just power alone."
  • "You should concentrate more on the fight! Maybe you'd have a boyfriend if you won more!"
  • "I'm not into girls who are all talk and no show. Besides, I'm married anyway."
  • "If you wanna impersonate me, next time you'd better remember to include the strength!"
  • "If you want more money, you should first work on figuring out how to save it."
  • "Geez, who talks like that? I thought war movies went out of style ages ago."
  • "Man you're persistent. Are you one of those guys who gets angry when I don't answer your fan mail?"
  • "Now we know who has the better Shoryuken! This is just the start of my win-streak buddy!"
  • "Well Mister King, if you cant beat me you certainly aren't going to beat him!"
  • "You're gonna have to drop the pretty-boy act if you wanna fight me for real."

Tekken Edit

  • "Holy smoke, what else you got under there? You'd be cute if not for the chainsaws."
  • "You have to think with your head and not get too carried away. Remember that for our next fight!"
  • "You're a lot faster than you should be. Is that just a suit full of air or something?"
  • "You picked the wrong guy to start a fight with. I'm the one who always ends them."
  • "You've been old for, like, forever. What's the deal?"
  • "You remind me of the cartoons my son likes to watch. Don't you shoot lasers out of your eyes?"
  • "If you have time to play around here, shouldn't you be taking better care of the Mishima Zaibatsu?"
  • "You pack one helluva punch sister. I'd hate to get on your bad side."
  • "Been to busy with business to keep up with your training? Learn how to multitask, man!"
  • "I can't see your eyes under that mask, so can you tell me if you're conscious? Yes? No?"
  • "Hey, a bear. Eliza does love stuffed animals..."
  • "Are you cosplaying the Mighty Warrior Bokori man? My son loves that show!"
  • "It'll take more then that to beat me. Aren't there any more cool stunts you can do?"
  • "Be careful not to bite off more then you can chew. Your father must be worried sick about you."
  • "I really thought you'd be stronger than that. Is that huge body just for show?"
  • "Greed will be your downfall...Read that on a fortune cookie once."
  • "You're an assassin hired by the Mishima Zaibatsu? Maybe they should ask for a refund..."
  • "Maybe if you'd take those sunglasses off you could see better?"
  • "You sure you're a ninja? You stick out like a whale in a goldfish pond."

Others Edit

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Street Fighter V Edit

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Being Selected Edit

  • "Hey! I was waiting for ya!"

Round WinEdit

  • "I did it!"
  • "Not bad, that's what I was looking for." (20% or less health)

Round Loss Edit

  • "I was... careless..." (chip KO)

Intro Edit

  • "I'll show you some hot moves!" (Language Change)
  • "Come on, let's turn up the heat."
  • "Hey! You ready to do this?" (Training Mode)
  • "This sorta thing is really important." (Training Mode)

Taunt Edit

  • "Hey, you! Show me a real attack!"

Missed Grab Edit

  • "Not bad!"

Grab Escape Edit

  • "So easy!"

When Hit Edit

  • "God suck it!"

V-Reversal Edit

  • "Too easy!"

V-Trigger I Edit

  • "I hit my boiling point!"

V-Trigger II Edit

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "Say, you're not too shabby! Granted, I still won this one..."
  • "Does it sting? That's the power of a martial arts champion!"
  • "I'm dedicating this win to Eliza and Mel!"
  • "If it's revenge you're after, come and get it any time!"
  • "I did it!"

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "Just gotta kick the big ones until they fall down... That's part of the fun of fighting."
  • "You've got some pretty sharp moves. Of course, I still beat you..."
  • "You'll never close the gap on me if all you can do is go berserk."
  • "It's best to beat some sense into those who fight with raw instinct before they gain too much momentum!"
  • "Ever consider fighting more relaxed? You're even making me feel tense!"
  • "Wow, those were some sharp kicks. But when it comes to raw power, mine are stronger."
  • "You know, losing once in a while might change your whole outlook on things!"
  • "If you wanna fight fire with fire, you'd better bring the heat!"
  • "Not bad for a rookie! But you still got a long way to go before you can challenge me."
  • "You've got some moves, but there's more to fighting than just running the numbers, you know!"
  • "Whatever technique you choose, you just gotta win before you're beaten!"
  • "You'll never win a fight if all you do is wait around!"
  • "You're not closing in with any conviction. Focus on the fight!"
  • "I can't fault you for bluffing, but you're not as strong as you look."
  • "Come to think of it, doesn't your butler usually show up about now?"
  • "Looks like you can copy my moves, too bad you can’t copy my power."
  • "You're one ice-cold chick! No wonder you and my blazing feet didn't get on!"
  • "Your throws are great! Not that I want to experience them again..."
  • "How many times is this? No worries. I never get tired of kicking your butt."
  • "Who cares about fate, or whatever. Just go with the flow!"
  • "Man, you've changed. Looking a little rough around the edges these days..."
  • "I've got a family to protect. I can't lose to a monster like you."
  • "A little breeze like that just fans my flames even more!"
  • "You sure have grown! I guess thinking about the future is part of growing up, after all."
  • "You didn't win, but you came close! You're more than just a big mouth."
  • "You think you're the prettiest, huh? Take a look at yourself now."
  • "Heh, over already? Guess those big muscles don't help much after all!"
  • "Changing up your attack patterns was pretty interesting! Is that what ninjitsu is all about?"

Character Story ModeEdit

Stage 1: Apprentice AlleyEdit

Fight 1: RyuEdit

Pre-Fight InteractionEdit

Ken: "Hehe, check this out, Eliza!"

Ryu: "Hah."

Post-Fight InteractionEdit

Ken: "Looks like I'm winning!"

Ryu: "I'm gonna win the next one!"

Stage 2: Kanzuki EstateEdit

Fight 2: BirdieEdit

Pre-Fight InteractionEdit

Ken: "Huh? Haven't I seen you before?"

Birdie: "What? Who sodding cares?"

Post-Fight Interaction Edit

Ken: "I could swear I've seen you around somewhere before. Well, give or take two-hundred pounds."

Birdie: "Hargh, you gate crashin' piece of rubbish!"

Fight 3: KarinEdit

Ken: "Okay let's see what you've got!"

Karin: "I'm sure to enjoy this. Fighting a man of your prowess"