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Khyber (カイバー Kaibā?) is a yellow shock trooper who works for Shadoloo.


In his Street Fighter V profile, he is a dangerous heavyweight assault soldier. He has a pair of gauntlet-like flamethrowers on his wrists that are connected to a Napalm tank on his back, and a flaming weapon hidden in his mouth. He also has a short temper, being prone to burning things he doesn't like.[1]


Khyber specializes in pyrotechnics and is equipped with a flamethrower hidden inside his mask. He uses special techniques that resemble the ones used by Dhalsim (a character who was not featured in the game) such as the Assault Fire, Assault Flame and Assault Blast.

Khyber can be fought as a secret boss; if the player is in the Dungeon stage and achieves a perfect victory in the first round, the platform in the center will descend. Pressing the start button when this happens will initiate the fight against Khyber.


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Khyber's moves in Street Fighter: The Movie (arcade version)


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