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Arcade Button Kick
The kick (キック) is an extremely basic type of attack seen in the Street Fighter series.  There are three types of kicks; short (light), forward (medium), and roundhouse (heavy).

The kick button is usually 'tied' to attacks performed with the lower half of the body. As with the punch button, it is the basis of many special attacks, such as the Flash Kick and every type of Tatsumaki attack.


  • Sf3 kick light A light kick, also known as a short kick, is usually angled downward and very fast. Crouching light kicks are easily chained into combos.


  • Sf3 kick medium Medium kicks, also known as forward kicks, are typically angled straight forward.


  • Sf3 kick hard Heavy kicks, also known as hard kicks or roundhouses, are usually angled upwards and are very powerful. When used as a crouching attack, they trip the foe. In most cases, the user spins around while delivering the blow, hence the "roundhouse" nickname.



  • Dudley's and Balrog's movesets lack any actual kicks, as both characters are boxers.
  • Elena's moveset is based in Capoeira, and thus consists entirely of kicks.
  • Juri's moveset consists mostly of kicks, with a few punches available.

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