"Not today! Shoryuken! (禁じ手! 昇龍拳! Kinjite! Shouryuuken!?)"

The Forbidden Shoryuken (禁じ手・昇龍拳 Kinjite Shouryuuken?, "Forbidden Hand Rising Dragon Fist") is a special attack that made its debut in the Street Fighter Alpha series. It usually appears as the result of a 'missed' Shin or Metsu Shoryuken by Ryu.

The move is later introduced 'proper' as a Super Combo used by Gouken in the Street Fighter IV series.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch
Gouken 345


Kinjite comes from a term used to describe a move forbidden in sports such as sumou, go, shougi, and the like.


The Forbidden Shoryuken is simply a multi-hitting Shoryuken, with Gouken's version delivering the most at eight. These give the user the opportunity to utilize it as an anti-air of sorts, especially if they should mistime their Super/Ultra Combo.


The move possesses a significant recovery, much longer than that of a fierce Shoryuken, making the move very punishable.


Gouken 5-frame Safe Jump after SC00:57

Gouken 5-frame Safe Jump after SC

A Gouken player combos a throw into a Forbidden Shoryuken.

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