The Knee Bazooka (二ーバズーカ, Niibazuuka), sometimes Bazooka Knee, is one of Charlie Nash and Guile's unique attacks.

All appearances Arcade-Stick-Right(or Arcade-Stick-Left)+Sf3 kick light

Description Edit


Executed by holding either forward or backward and pressing Light Kick, Guile performs a jumping knee strike.

Charlie's version in earlier editions of the Alpha series tend to share many of the properties of Guile's version while also covering slightly more distance. In Alpha 3, however, the attack is modified into something of a command dash while also retaining its attack properties.

In Street Fighter V, this move returns for both Nash and Guile.


The move executes quickly, and is ideal for closing space. Due to the Knee Bazooka being executable with back and light kick, it is especially useful for allowing one to maintain a backwards charge while approaching the opponent via applying pressure on block as well as opening them up to frame-traps on hit or block.