The Kongoshin (金剛身 Kongoushin?, "Diamond Body") is one of Gouken's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter IV series.

Input (all appearances)
High/Mid Counter Arcade Stick RS + Arcade Button Punch
Low Counter Arcade Stick RS + Arcade Button Kick


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The different variations of Gouken's counter move.

Executed by performing a reverse Shoryuken motion? and pressing either punch or kick, Gouken will "parry" an incoming attack. The move gives Gouken something akin to Super Armor for a brief instant. However, it does not absorb both high and low attacks; instead, the ability to counter depends on the input.

If the punch button is pressed, it can absorb one high or mid attack, while pressing kick allows it to absorb one low attack. If the parry is successful, Gouken will say "It's no use!", and then counter with a stomp of repressive force, which negates the damage and sends the opponent spiraling backward. The EX Special version will counter from all three directions at once.



Gouken's counter move upon being activated.

Aside from normal moves, it can also counter several Super and Ultra Combos. Save the button/height-based limitation, the parry is capable of absorbing anything that normal Super Armor can.

This means that it cannot absorb throws or attacks with an Armor Break property, nor can it absorb more than one attack; however, the speed of the counter renders this a moot point. Of course, due to the other weaknesses that Kongoshin shares with most counters, timing is of the utmost importance.

Upon activation, Kongoshin can be Focus Attack Dash Canceled, allowing for juggles afterwards. Kongoshin can also be Super Canceled into the Forbidden Shoryuken to deal a good amount of damage.


SF4 - Gouken Kongoshin defence02:23

SF4 - Gouken Kongoshin defence

Gouken's Kongoshin used against various Super and Ultra Combos.


The term Kongoushin is a Japanese term that can come to literally mean "Vajra Body", as in a body indestructible and impenetrable to harm, but also the name for the internal etheric body of Qi found in Taoist lore.

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